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Does the younger generation know best? [Copy link] 中文

Post time 2007-6-7 08:37:41 |Display all floors
Does the younger generation know best?

Arguments (Pros)

1. The young are better educated and more broad-minded.
2. The young enjoy a lot more things than the old: they have money to spend; they are less dependent on their parents; they grow up more quickly; and they enjoy more freedom.
3. The young question the values and assumptions of the older generation and they are right.
4. The young enjoy more freedom and have a stronger sense of responsibility.
5. The old tend to settle differences by conventional politics and violence.
6. Some old people do not have noble ambitions and only strive for material possessions.
7. The old are unable to keep away from the rat race, in which they have lost touch with the most important things in life.
8. The old can learn from the young. Young people are more devoted to their friends.
9. The young know how to enjoy work and leisure and not to be inhibited.
10. The young live in the present rather than in the past or future.

Counter-arguments (Cons)

1. The young do not assume their responsibility; they evade it.
2. The young have too much money and they are spoiled.
3. The young are only interested in themselves.
4. The young seek material possessions like clothing, cars, etc. They do not wish to work for them.
5. The young should feel grateful to the older generation, who have created a good life for them.
6. The old provide the young with a good education and money to spend.
7. The older generation fought in the two world wars. They faced real problems, but the young have an easier life.
8. Young people have too much freedom and have no sense of morality.
9. The older generation is too kind and soft with the young. A tougher policy is needed and might work wonders.
10. Young people's outlook on the world is very bleak and they are sceptical of everything.

What about your opinions?
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Post time 2007-6-7 19:58:47 |Display all floors
Young people have the potential, so I chose option 1. However, there are a lot of youngsters who fail to see their responsibilities. Younger people just have to learn to be humble and realise that the world doesn't revolve around them.

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Post time 2007-6-7 20:29:16 |Display all floors


Some of both are true obviously but the younger generation becomes the older generation much quicker nowadays, obviously hehehe!

Reality is a state of mind and your reality is not our reality.

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Post time 2007-6-12 19:30:13 |Display all floors
The younger generation, especially the pre-teens, know how to make the best of

They have grown up with China's modern face, and are relaxed within their own
age groups.. Just observe their interactions while doing the malls. They are at
ease with their methods of dressing, and shopping.

Not at all uptight like their parents. Boys and girls speak as equals. Observe them, they are the new China.

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Post time 2007-6-25 20:33:51 |Display all floors
They may be worth a try, it seems like the older generation has run out of ideas.

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Post time 2007-6-26 00:10:40 |Display all floors
Again we see the generation gap! When can generations learn to respect each other and reach more understanding?

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Post time 2007-6-26 20:03:27 |Display all floors
There is a element of truth in both of these pictures.:)

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