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汉英翻译练习(Just for fun) [Copy link] 中文

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                                          浪    漫






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A young man loved a girl in his mind . the girl is his colleague and they they in the same office.
The lad is a introvert ,so he can't express his love feeling.

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One young man was secretly in love with a girl, one of his fellow-office workers.

“……他的同事,他们在一个办公室里工作”。这部分的翻译不宜这样:“...colleague, working in the same office”。

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2. “至于直接了当地告诉女孩子说“我爱你””,我认为不宜用directly,这个词常指表达意见、提出批评时“不拐弯抹角”,建议用a face-to-face confession of love (当面倾吐爱慕之情)。

3. 后文讲述到小伙子已经结婚,这里应该用过去时态。文章结尾处,作者对浪漫的感言宜用现在时态;

4 “学理工的”,在此处,“理工”译作technology就够。好像“麻省理工学院”、“加州理工学院”的英文原名就是“Massachusetts Institute of TEchnology”,“California Institute of TEchnology”。

5. “满脑子的图形”,“图形”用diagrams 和graphs 。前者指显示机器等工作原理的图;后者指表示数字升降、比较等的曲线图。

6. “表达他的爱慕之意”译为“does not how to say that”,似嫌不够精彩。建议用unbosom himself to his love to her。

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There's a boy who grew on his colleage, but she never knew that. Both of them worked in the same office.

The boy was shy, and ineloquent. He didn't know how to let the girl know that.

Majoring in science, he had been obcessed with the technology, and hardly could scrap together any impressive romantic words for love letter to the girl.

The town was located in the middle of nowhere.  There was even not a single florist's, hence he even couldn't follow the cinematic convention about sending roses to their lovely girls. And he was so timid that he daren't say "I love you" to the girl.

There must have been not a glimmer of hope for the boy. Unexpectedly they knotted their ties one year later. People wondered  how the boy approached it successfully.

He said, " Every morning aftering arriving at the office,  I cleaned her desk, and then fixed her favorite green tea. Knowing she had a stomachache, I often put some medicines for her on her desk. At the beginning, she had no idea who had been doing those for her. As the time went on, she finally got to know. That's it. "

The story reminds me of the word - romance. It would be romantic to write some love letters, or to send 99 roses to the one you love. I am not sure whether those things sound romantic or not, such as to clean the desk, to buy medicine for the someone you love.

There are not any set modes when it comes to romance. Perhaps the genuine romance is the sincere care and devotion, which are the most wonderful flower kindled by the flame of life.

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Originally posted by ilearnabc at 2010-8-5 19:37

The boy was shy, and ineloquent. He didn't know how to let the girl know that.



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