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Whats Russian food like [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by freakyqi at 2007-1-10 17:34
Originally posted by dostoevskydr at 2007-1-10 16:51
Trust me, its not boring....................
That wasn't your usual helpful self, doc. Tell us about it!

Somehow, I missed this post earlier.

I said, " Its not boring"
Without the companionship even paradise would be boring.

Russian food…What is the Russian food?

Russians eat various dishes and traditional meals aren’t the only ones people like. So, Russian food in general is a set of traditional meals, which most Russians eat not too often.

Russia is a  country with long-lasting cold winter. The food should give  much energy and warmth to survive during the winter time. So, the essential components of Russian cuisine are those, which provide more carbohydrates and fat rather than proteins. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rarely used in food. So, the top five components of a Russian meal are:
Potato (boiled, fried, baked, potato chops, potato pancakes, potato soup, smashed potato)
Bread (bread, toasts, bread-crumbs)
Eggs (boiled, fried)
Meat (pork and beef – chops, stakes)
Butter (usually added in all meals and spread on bread)
Also popular: cabbage, milk, sour cream, curds, mushrooms, lard, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, berries, honey, sugar, salt, garlic, onions.

Russian Appetizers are:
Salted cucumbers (soleniye ogurscy)– small or medium size cucumbers which were kept in the salted water with spices for several weeks, traditional  vodka snack.
Salted cabbage (kvashennaya kapusta)– another vodka snack: the pickled cabbage is being kept in the jar for the several days.with berries, salt and spices.
Herring in sheepskin coat (seledka pod shuboy) – small pieces of the herring mixed with the boiled potato, beet, carrot and mayonnaise.
Fresh vegetables (svejie ovoshy) – the salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. Usually made with vinegar or oil.
Salmon caviar (ykra) – red or black. Traditional Russian appetizer. Black one is far more expensive. Usually served on ice. Russians prefer to eat toasts with butter and caviar.
Medley (vinegret) - pieces of herring, chopped beet, cucumber, carrot, potato and oil. One of the few vegetarian salads in national cuisine.
Boiled beef tongue (yazyk) – slices of the tongue, served with horseradish.

Soup is an important part of every meal in Russia, usually eaten in the afternoon.

Soups are :

Borcsh – the famous Russian soup made of beet and meat, usually served with sour cream.  

Vegetable soup (shie) - the soup made of cabbage, potato and meat. There is also the specification called “shie postnie” –the same soup without the meat.
Fishsoup (uha) – the fishsoup with carrot, spices and potato.
Chiken soup (kuryniy soup)
Mushroom soup (grybnoy soup)
Noodle soup – popular countryside dish made of homemade noodle, potato and meat sometimes.
Cold soup (okroshka)– gold “kvas” with vegetables, potato, eggs and spices

Main courses are eaten at the dinner (afternoon meal) and at the supper (evening meal). Most often they include meat (beef, chicken, fish) or vegetables and are served with various garnishes and dressings.

Main Courses are :

Omelets - usually eaten in the morning
Sausages – usually served two sausages with ketchup  
Chops (kotlety) – made of various kind of meat in various regions
Pelmeny – the small balls of minced meat covered with the pastry
Vareniky – it looks like pelmeny however inside the pastry there is no meat but berries, potato or curds
Steak (otbivnaya) – beef and pork ones are most popular
Beef stroganov – pieces of beef prepared with cream sauce
Kiev style chicken (kotleta po-kievsky) – the special type of chicken chop with butter inside
Potato with mushrooms - favourite countryside meal

Garnishes are usually always eaten with a main course (vegetables or meat) and are served both at dinner and supper. Quite often garnishes are served with different sauces, like mustard and khren.

Garnishes & Dressings are :

Fried potato - potatoes fried in saucepan, sometimes with onion, salt and pepper can be added. Unfortunately, most restaurants serve now french fries instead  

Grechka (buckwheat)
Boiled potato in jackets - traditional meal, usually served with salads and sauces
Baked potato -  
Buckwheat (grechka) - favourite garnish, but of  strange taste, but it's really nice.
Soured cream (smetana) – served with most of the soups and fresh vegetables
Ketchup – most popular sauce for the meat dishes
Mayonnaise – served with many salads
Mustard (gorchitsa)
Horseraddish (khren)

Desserts are usually eaten after the main course or at breakfast.

The favourites are:

Pancakes (bliny) – served with soured cream, honey or jam
Oladi – same as pancakes, but thicker and more feeding.
Pastries (pirozhky) – the pastries with apple are most popular
Honey (med) -  
Tvorog - cottage cheese (or quark), usually served with honey or berry jam
Syrniki - can also be called "tvorog burgers" because they are made of tvorog and fried on a sauce-pan after. Usually eaten with honey, sweet dressings, or jam.

Russians like authentic beverages, like vodka or mors (a berry drink). Also, coffee and tea (with sugar and lemon) are popular.

Kvas – the bread based sweet beverage. The most popular original beverage in Russia.
Medovuha – the honey based sweet alcohol beverage
Kompot - boiled water with fruits and sugar, served cold
Prostokvasha – the milk based acid beverage, served cold
Samogon – home made vodka, with the strong smell
Vodka – most popular Russian brand
Beer – Russian beer in general a bit acid

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your figure very delicious ,i like.
and u might attempt some south korea pickled vegetables.

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dostoevskydr Post time: 2007-1-14 14:13
Somehow, I missed this post earlier.

I said, " Its not boring"

Wow, a good briefing.

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How many ways can you boil cabbage

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