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Prediction of movement of Rmb Vs US$, Euro and GPD! [Copy link] 中文

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Watch out for Dumb America

Drifting to future bankruptcy

America Doomed LOL

Kill an economist for KKK
Karl, Kenneth & Keynes

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GPD - Great Britain Pounds! ha ha ha

Looks like the PREDICTION might come true...

First information trickling in....
(1) Mortgage defaults ups the NPL in Amerikan Banks.
(2) Housing market ATM has hiccups.
(3) Increase in interest rates, and downward pressure on the Dollar!

What do you know, Mr. Jetsam..
(1) Gold hoarding by Goldman Sach? Was it?

Well, Your British Government mentions..
(2) Drought in Australia, destroy summer wheat crop this year!

That means, Mr. Jetsam, that wheat prices is to be pushed up by HEDGE FUNDs! Your fellow buddies in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, London, Sydney, Toronto, VAncouver, Paris, Amsterdam...are waiting for the signal to push up the prices!

Wait for more expensive BREAD while expect LOWER FUEL prices!

The TITANs are working overtime!

Green Dragon
Game Master

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GBP you know nothing FWit

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ha ha Now this is going to be fun!

What's that about gold, Mr. Jetsam?
Land Rower is bad investment for China?

What else is so bad and doom in the UK! ha ha ha

Why nothing about AUSTRALIAN DROUGHT....wheat prices should be important, its the staple of Europe and USA! Wheat price rises...has always been followed by CRISIS, and revolution!

Remember France, Germany in the 1800's?

You lost your BEARING Mr. Jetsam! ha ha ha ha ha

Now the trend is........

(1) Wheat price rising, Australian drought (remember the cause of the French revolution and great immigration to America). ie. British government is suggesting problems to the American underclass might occur in 2007!

(2) Gold Price hoarding (all the gold in Fort Knox in insufficient to support current economy) - there is supposed to be around 6,500 tonnes of gold in the USA (Gold price is US$18,000 per kg) or approximately US$120 billion worth! (China is supposed to have around 2,000 tonnes of gold in its reserves)

Your attempt to indicate a shift to Gold Standard could be an Amerikan Regime option is well noted!

(3) All indications on the market condition mentions a "meltdown" in the mortgage and real estate in the Americas. There should be major problems in USA by March 2007. There is talk of continuing rise in the RMB to combat the inflationary pressure of crude oil, and major commodities.

We in ASIA have to be PREPARED for this eventualities.
There could a few possibilities as a result of this trends.

Overall, i believe the BUFFER we have in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM especially expanding urbanization, controlled currency system, a parallel banking system will be able to handle the SHOCKS coming in next year, if it should surface!


Green Dragon
Game Master

Note: Mr. Jetsam, you are such a bummer!
          ha ha but there is money to be made!

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Hey Jetsam! ROEWE car by Geely!

For all your ranting, Mr. Jetsam...

See how China is slowly improving its economy!
Yup, ROEWE 750 offering is much better than the old offerings!
I think this is the HONDA ACCORD platform....
The most successful LARGE SIZE car platform in the world!

Is BRITISH CLUB helping China?
While benefiting by selling gold to pay for all those stuff they buy from China?

Green Dragon
God Of Prosperity

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Post time 2006-10-30 13:14:01 |Display all floors ... &refer=currency
How they see in China's FX reserves diversifying very much or not much.
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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