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The truth finally out! Mr. Bin Ladin...

...time to "eat your words"...

It appears a MASSIVE COVERUP operation has been undertaken by the Riau Government!

My hunch, on the CIMB executive "sudden suicide" case should be quite accurate!

Today, we have an avalanche of news......
Written in a way that does not provoke panic...

"Affin Bank announced NPL reduced from 15% to 13%."
Wow, with capital adequacy ratio of is obvious that AFFIN BANK in undercapitalized and is insolvent!

"Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB) has capital replenished by the investment of Dubai Investment Group (DIG). A 40% stake has been taken up and Rmb2 billion has been invested"
This means that BIMB is also undercapitalized, and finally been rescue by FOREIGN POWERS. I always wonder why the Malaysian government favours foreigner over LOCAL CHINESE investors when it comes to rescue of banks?

Southern Bank case was interesting, apparently it was forced to look for foreign partners due to NPL of 8%, thereby wiping out its capital base. As usual, the Riau government did not allow a CHINESE COMMUNITY RESCUE and got another UNDERCAPITALIZED, high NPL bank to take over.....This is the CIMB bank!

(like Mr. Bin Ladin said, CIMB has Malaysian government ATM access........)

RHB bank is still in a limbo. This NATIVE BORNEO controlled bank has a problem of the RIAU government unwilling to let a large business be controlled by NATIVE BORNEO ELITES. Another TV station, NTV7 was acquired by the government for the very same reason.

Green Dragon
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Malayan politics keeps the masses entertained!
The Rich squabble over assets.

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Now the squabbles becomes Academic Excercise!

Well, let me put in a few words!

This should CALM DOWN everybody! ha ha ha

(1) The Natives of Borneo - has around 1.0 m families, about 5 member average. ON simple "back of envelope" calculation, each family has 2 hectare of land, palm oil worth Rmb100,000 per hectare (1/20 of farm resource production)....that means around Rmb200,000 assets per family!!!! Given that life in rural area is simple, money only needed for durables, so it is similar to a city folk with Rmb400,000!

(2) The Patani of North Malaya - has about 1.0m family, about 4.6 member average. About 2 hectare per family. Average land value...Rmb200,000 also! Yes with same PPP of city folk with double income!

(3) The Chinese Hap Seng - has 1.0million family, about 4.2 member average. They own homes, shops worth Rmb1.0 m. Ooops but they have vices, like liquor, gambling, dance clubs, etc. hardly interest the pious Patani people and the Natives. There is also corporate wealth of Rmb600 billion...but it shared disproportionate heavy with the political elite.

(4) The Indian Hindu - has 0.5 milion family, about 4.5 member average. These grooup is a bit low on the income. They have homes or rent, so i would estimate Rmb240, the moment, beside illegal immigrants, the Indian community has higher criminal activity!

(5) The Riau has 1.0 million families, about 4.3 member average. This group controls all the MONOPOLY, this includes TENAGA, TELEKOM, CIMB (bank), MAYBANK (bank), SIME DARBY, MISC, PETRONAS GAS and that already has market worth of Rmb400 billion....divide this with the families is Rmb400,000 each! In addition, they are mostly industrial urban or civil servants. On average, their homes are around Rmb240,000.  ie. The SUPER RICH companies are in their hands.

(6) The MAMAK riau mimics, are around 0.3m families with 4.3 members. They share with above. In addition, i estimate home, shops worth Rmb1.0m as they control the retail business to the Riau industrial urban areas!

(7) The Singapore and other Hai Sans has 1.5 mil families. Average is 3.8 member. This are the wealthiest group in Malaysia + Singapore! They control large monopoly companies in Singapore, and subsidiaries in Australia and Thailand. Almost Rmb600 billion in glcs, another Rmb400 billion in private equity. Then the expensive properties in Singapore, Patani, Riau cities. But they lived in small homes in Singapore and without entertainment in Patani, Riau regions.

Its seems like FAIR SHARE for all!

Green Dragon
Game Master

Malaysian politics keeps the masses entertained.
The rich squabble over assets has no end.
Its worse as market changes everyday.
How to keep track?
One wonders?
This is just "back of envelope" calculation, rough estimate!
Don't take it seriously!

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The Mamak Faction and the Riau Faction makes peace!

Dr. Mahathir has been quoted to be "ready" to have "peace talks" with Rt. Hon Badawi.

This is good news as "friction" during such an "interesting" period of world political activity, with the potential of 1 super power overtaking another surely would cause strife in strategic regions of the world including ASEAN CORE.

Great news!

Green Dragon
Game Master

Malaysian politics keeps the masses entertained.
The rich begining to accomodate each other.
Moderation is the key.
Relative culture is taken into account.

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The Riau leader agrees to meet the Mamak leader!

This is very good news!


Rt. Hon Badawi agrees to meet with Doc. Mahathir!
Maybe Doc.Mahathir will finally let the "demons" rest and retire in dignity!

Good News!

Green Dragon
Game Master

Malaysian politics keeps the masses entertained!
Moderation is the key!

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Reply #11 greendragon's post

Wow! Doc. Mahathir has decided to take on the role of the "demon"!

This same "demon" has been harassing the late Tun Abdul Rahman...
Expect a lot of entertainment!

I understand Rt. Hon. Badawi has mastered "Zen techniques"...

ha ha ha

Green Dragon

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Now, more of the NEW WORLD.... the Malaysian masses starts to look at machination of their LOCAL GOVERNMENTS.

In Malaya, local governments are in charged of basic services such as WATER SUPPLY, ROAD, provide alienation of land for UTILITIES hook ups, some have libraries, create landscapes, parks, gardens, create sports facilities, some basic medial service structure, private education facilities and do local planning!

(Schools, hospitals, police remains a central government power in Malaya!)

In Malaya, the size of the local governments could be up 50,000 to 1.3 Million people! Budget ranges from Rmb10 million to upwards Rmb4.0 - 5.0 billion! Local councilors are long been "out of the public eyes" even when TERRIBLE CORRUPTION has been occuring, behaving like local GANGSTERs complete with their political party gangs!

At present the PORT KLANG district local government in in the highlights! A local councillor has managed to break laws and even build a MINI PALACE in his district! Gosh! (more demons? misusing local government powers?)

As more and more power goes to NATIONAL LARGE CORPORATION, such as PETRONAS (petroleum fuel supply), TENAGA (electric grid and part power generator), TELEKOM (national fixed line telco).....the last mile approval authority of LOCAL GOVERNMENTs becomes more valuable!

(More and more of the NATIONAL MONOPOLIES are being controlled by Mutual funds, National Pension funds, Central Government Investment funds....that it becomes more of a pension fund and supply of revenue to Central government.)

How do we make sure LOCAL GOVERNMENTs are sensitive to the people's expectations?

Green Dragon
Game Master

Local politics is quite entertaining to the masses!
Yet it is a critical service that determines the success of that community!

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