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Who's telling the truth - A game for us to play! [Copy link] 中文

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As usual, i am trawling for "interesting news" of our STARs around Asia.

Story A
The PMO indicates "son of the soil" corporate share in 2005 is 18%
(it appears that this figure is based on PAR VALUE of listed companies. It does not include nominess company such as those from government bodies! That would mean Khazanah, EPF)

A NGO think tank, studying the KLSE bourse indicates the share of corporate wealth is 45%.
(This figure is obtained from MARKET VALUE of the corporation. Many company owned by "son of the soils" are monopolist or licenced, so have bigger market value)

Mr. Lim Keng Yaik, a non Malay leader of GERAKAN says it's all nonsense. It's rich people fighting for more CRONY profits.


(note: All 3 are correct,  depends on how you count em - CORPORATE SHARES.)

Story B

Andy Xie resigns from Morgan Stanley  "says Singapore gets its wealth from Indonesian Tycoons running away from their homeland" and Singapore is a haven for law breakers from Indonesia.

Singapore government refuses to rectify an "extradition treaty" with Indonesia. This is due to defination of a criminal.

Andy Xie was mention as a STAR from Morgan STanley in CD BBS, as such become less valueable to Morgan Stanley in creating business for itself in China. Many Chinese media organization also indicates the same.

(what could be the real reason)

Story C
The Edge magazine indicates that SHIN CORPORATION would probably not get 3G telephone. It is spreading information that the Thai Government would allow Mr. Upatkoon and Temasek Holding to keep its share of the largest mobile telco in Thailand. This company also have satellites, TV stations and even an airline.

Hong Kong media has been given 3G phones bad press. The "STAR" celebreties thinks that 3G prevents PRIVACY and feels the technology will fail. However, the Whampoa company is BIG in 3G around the world. Why would it differ in opinion from "Superman Li"

(is Hap Seng and Temasek hoping to retain the company with its 2G business?)

What a big gamble. Temasek is worth S$50 billions, supposed to earn 18% per year but have not been able to give good returns to CPF, the provident funds that contributed the funds to the mutual fund company. It lost US$1.6 billion so far.......if it flops, the full losses would be in region of US$4.0 billion over!

Wonder how they do the books in Singapore?

Just sharing my observations!

Green DRagon

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Some new trawlings!

Top Goldman Sach's economist for Asia....a Korean named "Mr. Ban"..has this to say last month....

"Chinese Yuan (Rmb) will continue to rise 6% in the next 12 months"

Can you really trust Goldman Sach's calls.
Now that Crude Oil prices has stabalized, the need for appreciation of Rmb has reduced. As China's continuing urbanization depends "partially from exports", drastic increase in Rmb value is not needed as it squeezes the profits of exporters on trade made when Rmb was lower in value!

The Sun newspaper today reports more from Malaya!

Mr. Muhayuddin further "opens the can of worms".....he mention PMO report is a study of 600,000 companies. This would include many family owned Private Limited companies. This is troubling, as the majority of companies are owned by Chinese families.

You could divert PUBLIC LISTED company share to "Son of the earth" mutual funds, like EPF, ASN, PNB, Khazanah etc., how you do that with FAMILY OWNED companies, some 550,000 or more companies?

Inadvertantly, Mr. Muhayuddin has "attack" the MIDDLE CLASS of Malaya? CRAZY?

If it is still at PAR VALUE, then i would think CHINESE SHARE would be closer 60%, and "Son of Soil" would correctly be 18% as almost 80% of private companies belongs to MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES!!!

Mr. Lim Keng Yaik suggestion of the RICH looking for CRONY profits is getting hotter....Is Mr. Muhayuddin "hitting his head on the wall"?

How can  MONOPOLIES like ENERGY, BANKS, UTILITIES, AIRLINES, AUTOMOTIVE, PORTS be valued at PAR value versus a low margin Chinese company doing Fish Balls, Ornamental fish....maybe even the low margin Steel product company?

The RIAU ELITE rich getting GREEDY?


Just sharing my observation

Green Dragon

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Andy Xie's comments often contradicted to MS's deed.
He's out-spoken perhaps sometimes with moral mind to judge . that's independant thinking.

Do you have observation on thin film photovoltaic industry or other solar cell --how's the future? Know any big corp in China besides Suntech Power?
what's your observation on Euro, GBP to USD ?

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Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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Reply #3 amyamy's post

Andy Xie mind......I am wondering

Independent thinking, or just "speaking to gain praise of Morgan Stanley Controllers". I have SERIOUS doubts about American banks. Goldman Sach is just as ridiculous, making "bets" on what is OBVIOUSLY unrelated to Science, closer to FUZZY.

Our Chinese banks, East Asian banks should quickly build up the BOOKMAKING, MARKET ANALYSIS, MEDIA MANIPULATION "STARS" to compete with the American giants!

Critical thinking, Trend making STAR spotting should be a SPORT, otherwise we become targets of predators without our own defense.

Photovoltaic cells, Wind power, Hydroelectricity, Bio Fuels.....

are all HARVESTER of the SUN power!
China should spend a lot of time on practical FUSION energy.

The so called RENEWAL energy should be chosen based on the most efficient way to HARVEST productively and at lowest cost!

Green Dragon

Vision is the percursor of Action.
Without Vision, there can never be credible Action

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The latest " Temporary STAR" creating from Citigroup!

Just watch, we can see a "shooting star" on CBS new network!

I was watching a clip, yesterday....

Mr. Stephen Kim, an anal(yst) from Citibank Group was "talking up" a rebound in the "stocks of home builders". The Home builders stocks hit ROCK BOTTOM in July 2006 due to lower available incomes from Amerikan Joe Duh, and higher mortgage rates of 6.5%.

It has since rebounded 20% by today!

The Mr. Stephen Kim....make this call....
up to 100% rebound from bottom in 12 months!
Wow! That's interesting call from the anal tract!

The home builders cycle follows closely, probably in step with the commodity, immigration, employment and mortgage rate cycles.

and these are 7 year cycles, nominally 3 year high, 4 year low....

recover in 12 months!

This i got to watch!

ha ha ha


Green Dragon
Game Master

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Mr. Mirzan Mahathir, the NGO ASLI representative....

....decide to withdraw an ACADEMIC OPINION about CORE CORPORATE ownership measurement methods!

Now, this is interesting!

Apparently a ACADEMIC, Mr. Lim has resign as such an interference of academic independence!
Latest news...
Perak Provincial government goes colour-dependent state purchasing!
They have reserved to 4 companies, Riau-owned stationary purchases!

Somebody is going to be rich and charge premium for paper, pencils, pen, printer ribbons, envelops, clips, etc.!

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
Game Master

Malayan news!
The Rich Riau getting greedy again?
This happen every recession!

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DPM Mr. Najib put views in prespective....

On TV tonight, he ask all to be calm, and not to question government figures because it is academic accurate!

He also says that the ASLI academician has academic rights but there is "some problems" arising; so ask for "calm".

Green Dragon comments...

It becomes clearer to me also.....
First i have a copy of PMO 9th Malaysian plan...

It states clearly that 18.9% is the PAR VALUE of "Son of soil" equity holding in the Kuala Lumpur Bourse!
(so, Mr. Muhayiddin was making a mistake!)

And in that report 8% of the bourse at PAR VALUE is NOMINEE companies, owned by the government! So, the debate is, WHETHER NEP 30% meant PAR VALUE or whether it deals with the division of the 8% in STATE OWNED capital? 26.9% at PAR VALUE!

Mr. LIm, the ASLI academic is not wrong also.....
AFter all, how you compare a CHINESE COMPANY such as money losing IREKA BERHAD with par value or M$1.00 and market value M$0.67 to a  MONOPOLY such as TENAGA BERHAD with par value of M$1.00 and market value closer to M$9.80!!!!!!!!!

ha ha ha

But the STATE nominee share is divided by Mr. LIm by 63% "son of earth" and 37% "non Malay" is rather interesting point rather then belonging to a THIRD PARTY independent party!

It just means in my VIEW, that NEP must have achieved its objective.....

The share in MARKET VALUE is between 18.9% to 45%!!!!
Likely to be somewhere near 30%!!!!


Yet, the name Mr. MIrzan Mahathir of ASLI rankles my mind!
Mr. MIrzan is the son of ex-Premier Dr. Mahathir.
This is the influencial MAMAK faction of the ruling party.
They are influencial, because they are numerous in the Super center.
They are also pivotal in the Northern area near Penang.
You cannot dismiss the MAMAK vote, they can litterally give away states in Selangor, Negri Sembilan and crucial northern states!

We know of the story.....i think, at least to Mr. BIn Ladin, Mr. Huang262, Mr. Myfriend and Mr. CaringHK!!!

The scenic bridge incident - cancellation by Rt. Hon Badawi
Then Dr. Mahathir nationwide tour and pepper attack!

Thereafter MAMAK faction attack Son-in-law of Rt. Hon Badawi over BENEFITs of his premiership.
Son-in-law forced to give up a listed company...
Son-in-law in famous MARGINALIZATION OF MALAYs in Penang story...

And Uncle Lee's retort of MARGINALIZATION OF CHINESE (Old man wanted to add gasoline to fire, ha ha)
and Mr. Lim Keng Yaik of Gerakan dismissing it as "Riau Elite Politician wanting more in a economic downturn)......

and the ASLI, led my Mr. Mirzan Mahathir dismissing the marginalization issue and changing story to "greedy politicians"?

Then Mr. Muhayiddin "open the worm can"....stating it was 600,000 company data, not just the Kuala Lumpur bourse company!!!!!!!!! ....which we "highlight here in CD BBS"....ridiculous!

DPM Mr. Najib did the "RIGHT DECISION", everybody is right...
But there seems to be political manovering!


Green DRagon
GAme Master

Malayan politics keeps the masses entertained!
The Rich squabbles over assets.

ha ha ha

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