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Gods, Demons, Philosophers and Angels... [Copy link] 中文

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I know a real demon. She looks so pretty but she loves to torment.

Like all demons she never tells a lie but she will deceive you everytime.

Why do I love her so much?

"We know it's weakness, but the weakness is so strong!"

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bahhh, that make it less fun!

ha ha ha

Its roundabout way of discussion, but what i have in mind is....
can you define GODs, DEMONs, ANGELs and PHILOSOPHERs..

and can you DIFFERENTIATE the mindset of a person with or without the 5 senses..
how about the skill worker (who can cook a meal, build a furniture)
or a technicians (who can handle skilled work and have some theory background)
how about a professional with more detail theoritical background..

how would they define the above....


Green Dragon
Love cute Christian gals

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Ah Mr. Pandamonium...

i know exactly what you mean..
those female demons...
they drive you crazy, so beautiful.....smooth skin, sexy style....

but horrible attitude, money digging.

That is one way of looking at a "demon"

ha ha

Green Dragon
Loves talking to online friends
spends less money on entertainment
saves more for that dream holiday

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I'll get to all your OPINIONs later on...
Better still, i'll let you think about it....

good viewpoints!

Green Dragon

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Hi Greendragon

Actually, I do believe in God.  As I mentioned, I was raised athieist, but in spite of that, it always seemed obvious to me that God existed.  When I was older, I began to find that people who were Christians had a real joy in their lives, and love.  I was attracted to this, and began studying the Bible (this made my father a little angry, and he would often criticize me).  Eventually, I became a Christian.  At first, my family was unhappy with this decision, but later they saw that my life was changed for the better, and that the Bible was a source of great wisdom, and they became Christians as well.

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God, Angels, Demons, & Philosophers

God is the creator of the world.  He is a spirit, and He always existed.  As Tao Te Ching says, He is the "Always So."  God loves human beings (in fact, He loves all creatures), but He hates wrong thoughts and actions.

Angels are God's messengers.  I think they are also spirits, but they sometimes take the form of a man.  They are a little higher than human beings, but lower than God.

I think demons where once angels, but it seems they rebelled against God and went to the "dark side."  Now they work in the world to cause harm to people, and to ruin people's relationship with God.

Philosophers are people who try to figure out what the world is all about, what the meaning of life is, what knowledge and truth are, how we should live, and so forth.  Confucius was a great philosopher with a lot of wisdom for behavior and relationships.  Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were great Greek philosopher.  Marx and Engles were great philosophers in the field of socialism.

Philosophy is closely related to religion, because what we believe about God affects our philosophy.  But it is also closely related to science and innovation, to politics, and many other areas of our lives.

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Now this is why...

Originally posted by karenb at 2006-10-7 15:29
2) "You are not concerned whether these followers will be 'evil' Christian or not"

Now here you are dead wrong.  The whole point of spreading the gospel (gospel means "good news") is to help people have a relationship with God.  If one has a relationship with God, then he loves God, and wants to follow the commands of God.  Thus, by increasing the number of people in a relationship with God, the end result are more people with high morality, which is good for any society.  

Now if one is spreading the gospel, but only comes up with followers who "say" they believe in God, but don't demonstrate it through their actions, then the person who is spreading the gospel has failed in the task. ...

What I mean is... do you think that being religious and increasing religion's followewer will make the world a better place? Being religous will create lasting peace and harmony, avoid war and clashes? Certainly not... today's mid-east clashes mostly because of difference in religion or faith. Huntington ever suggest there will be "Clash of Civilizations". Why is that? since your religion ask people goodness and gospel, how could it increase the possibility of war and clashes?

By increasing the number of people obeyed to your god, you broaden your the scope of clashes and widen the difference between faiths.

You actively recruit followers, suggest to help them by bring them closer to your god. At the same time, muslims recruit followers too, let them accept faiths totally different from you. Both of these religions have curses in their sacred text, there will be war and clashes untill your armageddon. How could you suggest that religion could make world a better place? TOLERANCE is not exist in monotheist belief. That is why people like you is dangerous, you can't accept anything than your god, you will go to war if you think your god ordered you so.

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