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Help for the bureaucrats:

Dear Friends,

Tips for the case it may become useful for your efforts for the reformation
(evolution) of this Earth generation.

If you like to help ** bureaucracy to become free from the grip of bankers
(money) you need to educate them a little. The simplest way is to describe
to them "what the wealth is" and "what the the money is".  With this **
bureaucracy I meant every governmental scroungers inclusive of military,
security & police forces also justice department.

(1)         The wealth is what the Nature produces and provides for everyone, plus
       honest good people's efforts to harvest it and make to things and bring
       them available to everyone. The money is just a convenience to represent
       the wealth which should be delivered to everyone equally.

(2)  The money, for obvious reason, must be issued by the government for
       the people of the place to represent the total wealth(productivity) of
       the Nature and the people. Private money issuers or banks can never be
       lawful entities as they never could produce any wealth to be represented
       by the issued money or numbers in their banking system, as printing
       paper money or casting metal coins neither typing numbers onto banking
       or financial computing systems never produce any wealth so that they
       never have right nor reason to claim the ownership of the wealth the
       issued money supposed to represent.

       The money and numbers the private banks issued are the private banks
       to be responsible of but not the people who have never given the consent
       to the banks to issue the money for that people to be responsible.

(3)  The Land and it's productivity never should be claimed as personal
       property as they are of the Nature's Own which none of us can produce
       nor grow any of it. One can plant seeds but never can produce nor grow
       any bit of the vegetations nor of the minerals. "The Nature Exists and
       Produces to Provides the everything with the Wish everyone to be happy
       in sharing the everything in peace".  

If the people in the bureaucratic duties are educated with these few facts
and listened to the ** "Aryan+Rabbi" things should start to move fast.  
Some reference for the defining of the concept "God" and "life what it is"
you can find at "Tenpage" site.

** Aryan+Rabbi

With respect to your eternal life's chance,---toru
The most positive thought: "Tempage"  by Otomakas
"No one have to die. You are not suppose to die...",

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[If there is a ship.....]

:) Dear Freinds,

Why people have no need to be responsible for the money private
banks issued is obvious to you? It is because the wealth the money is
to represent is not the private banks possessions. If the government
signed the paper says, in effect, people is to be responsible for it then
whoever signed on to the paper(contract) to be responsible. If those
are the representatives of the people then it is obvious treason as it
against people's interest. The contract is a fraud. The representatives
are guilty of treason against people. The document is the evidence.

You can not claim the ownership of the wealth the money suppose to
represent by printing paper nor casting coins? You can not. You must
not. Money is just a convenience.

It is them who must pay back the true wealth that they stole by this
fraud in the past so many years. The numbers on the bankers and their
collaborators accounts are null and void but the evidence of their frauds
and criminal activities. It is null and void as their personal possessions
but it is the stolen credit of the people. They are also responsible for all
the people's credits, received in exchange for their good efforts, in their
bank accounts as payable with the true wealth.   

The ones who claimed the ownership of the Land and it productivities
and put price on them to steal people's efforts are treasonous criminals
as any one can see clearly?  And there are ONES who have made up such
fraudulent rules and laws then placed those kings, queens or royals as
the claimants of the ownership of the Land and it productivities to hide
behind them.  


The true needs of anyone's living is the "least part" of what the God
provides to everyone with the productivity of the Land. Ones who have
nothing but themselves are the ones who have only took the least needs
of livings, who can never be in debt of anything to anyone.

If there is a ship it is a belonging of all of who put their efforts to make it
actually possible to be build and ones actually build it. The same can be
said in the case of every buildings of all kinds...bridges, railways and trains,
roads and houses and all kinds of machines...etc. The materials are provided
by the Nature. The Earth and it's productivity only can be the belonging of
the Nature itself that Makes and Keeps it Exist to Produce all the things for
everyone on Earth. It is to be shared by everyone on Earth. It is the wealth
of all the people of the Earth. Everyone can understand the factual truth?
The truth is everyone can recognise as true and no one would bother to
argue with?

With respect to your eternal life's chance,---toru

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