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Amerikan Propaganda shouts out USA options! [Copy link] 中文

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heard the news lately. american F22 WHICH COST 300 million apiece was ajudge as a failure in 4 test for fighting skills. this means the us military can only produce 3 plane for their lousy billion dollar. talk about corruption in the grandest scale.

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There is no oil in China.

There is only tea and flu China.  America needs oil.  That's why we support Israel and encourage its belligerence.  So long as Israel makes war with its neighbors, then America can invade any oil-rich Muslim country it chooses.  Don't be trapped in the anti-semitism/ pro-semitism propaganda.  America is out only for itself.


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I'm so happy that you have noticed that, you showed yourself a smart man,a man who are good at observation and independent thinking. yes, just as you mentioned, "America is out only for itself", Afghanistan,former Yugoslavia,Iraq...American army massacred common people without scruple, there's no democracy,there's no hypocrisy, there's only undisguised evil exposed in the sunlight. i'm so happy to your words, this shows that there's at least one sincere american live in the world.

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Quite true, Mr. Matt.....

Amerikan Regime (before that British Empire) has been playing the same game. As usual, it is MINDs and HEARTs of your citizens that matter more than what foreigners think!

Nothing works without cooperation of your OWN CITIZENS.

In this VERY SAFE forum, far from the PRYING eyes of the Amerikan Sheep AND in the language of English, far from the eyes of the CHINESE CITIZENs, very honest exchanges can be made.

We could even INFLUENCE decisions!

ha ha ha

Green Dragon
Fair Judge

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Reply to # 12, ricbon's post...

The answer to your question is disrespect for another nation and culture.

It would be like another forum member to continue to use 'Chinko' instead of China.  The problem with this is that readers always remember the slur, but not the message.

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Caught you "eyes" right?

There are reforms that USA needs to do in the years ahead otherwise, it would mean a very DANGEROUS USA that could cause damage to the world as we know it!

(1) Amerikan Addiction to CRUDE OIL.
(2) The end or marginalization of Amerikan Minting rights.
(3) The possibility of melting of the Antartic ice cap creating sea level rise.
(4) Greenhouse effect, creating even worse storms which causes a lot of damage to our collective Super center cities.

The high oil prices would probably help the world to help American nation to wean itself out of crude oil. Unnecessary use of plastics, fibers in consumption could be replaced by natural available materials...such as timber, glass, wooden floorings, stainless steel!!!

Higher use Naptha in hydrocrackers could produce more fuel with reduction in crude oil imports. In addition use of low cost bio fuel....would help subsidize farmers while reducing crude oil imports.

Greater tapping of the hydroelectricity would reduce need to use so much coal..USA ranks 2nd to China is the use of coal in electricity generation.

Improve efficiency in homes, would reduce heating oil use.......could be replaced by better insulation, home designs, choice of materials.

BUT I GUESS, the Amerikan Regime would probably do more to PUMP OUT THE OIL in IRAQ! ha ha ha

There is a call for increase in Amerikan Troops in Mesopotamia....
I reckon a guess....

(3) and as we know that OPEC only exports less than 30% of available oil...or around 20 - 22 mbd.....any increase of oil production from Iraq would have dramatic consequences.

Invasion of the PERSIAN EMPIRE is a joke!

Green Dragon
Global Analyst

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Reply #15 ricbon's post

Hey buddy,

I just read the latest issue of Forbes.....

iT'S now a IVY LEAQUE area of study!

ha ha ha

Actually, in my opinion, it is just an extension of "fishbone" and "mind mapping" methods. Quite a complicated system! Well 7 year itch will be up in about 1.5 years time....and i'll be "free of debt" and be "in the cash again"....and i will start again on some new ventures to make BIG BUCKS!  


Green Dragon
Having some fun

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