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Amerikan home prices falls in September... [Copy link] 中文

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I doubt Amerikan Regime PRESS lies about domestic events!

ha ha ha

Mr. Jetsam, you are carrying the joke too far!
I doubt Amerikan Regime press would LIE about something as serious as HOUSING PRICE, housing startup slump? (unless paid by PUBLIC RELATIONs companies employed by INTERESTED PARTIES)

Already, PROJECT INCREASE IRAQ oil production is in place....
Some increase exports of crude oil could be up and running earliest JANUARY 2007 by just repairing and upgrading the oil wells.....
a US$50 per barrel oil would do some wonders to Amerikan Economy!

In addition there is also possibility that ANGRY ARABS, PERSIANS, KOREANS, MALAYANS, HONG KONGERS, CHINA might SELL US$ IN MARCH 2007.......TO FORCE US$ INTEREST rates......and deepen the Amerikan Regime recession.....

THE BEST THE AMERIKAN REGIME can hope is to maintain its GNP!
2% growth predicted for the Amerikan economy is difficult!....i think...
The said increase in CRUDE OIL CONSUMPTION by Amerikan think tanks, and British Petroleum Economist is ERRONEOUS.....what with VENEZEULA's threat...

The BEST THE AMERIKAN ECONOMY can do is to increase GASOLINE production via HYDROCRACKERS, help the MID WEST with increase use of BIOFUELS....

ONly in such a situation, plus increases in IRAQ OIL PRODUCTION would the US$50 per barrel be possible!

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the house value in the usa is kept artificially high by conspirator otherwise the whole banking sector of the usa will collapse.

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House value is one sector...

......and by JANUARY 2007, when all those HIGH PRICE commodity is sold in the RETAIL sector...either in new REPACKAGED FORM (to hide higher prices) or rebranding..

You'll have Joe Duhhh yelling like crazy.....
and then the John Duhhh, the congressman will be screaming.....

So, The Amerikan Think Tanks now are working overtime to solved the current problems.....
Likely solution.....

(1) Start another war, probably PAKISTAN to catch "eyeballs"...(rather difficult but a possibility)
(2) Another 911 in the United STates...
(3) Or Just pacify the regions around the CRUDE OIL WELLS in  IRAQ and get the US$50/barrel oil via additional supplies in the market....

maybe go below US$50/barrel to get an economic booost!

ha ha ha

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Another Amerikan tool, "STAR" economist, Joseph Stiglitz.....

...he mentions several key points. (Mr. Stiglitz is a professor of economics at Columbia University in New York)

(1) Trade imbalances cannot go on forever between USA and the world.
(2) Strenghten Yuan will cause farmers in China to hurt? and US$ reserves loose value to China's economy?
(3) USA reduce its government defisit. (he calls for a increse tax on the rich, and reduction of the same to the poor in the USA).

Green Dragon comments
(1) As long as International trade continues to grow, and USA currency remains the major FOREX reserves, USA will be able to continually mint the money. Nations that imports, needs to have at least 6-7 months of retained imports reserves.

Until there is a possibility of the RMB to replace the US$ in 2030, USA will retain the minting rights that the POUND STERLING and the SPANISH SILVER DOLLARs used to have in the past!

If International trade is around US$6 trillion per annum. Reserves around the world would need to be around US$4 trillion....meaning USA can mint that much additional money.

(2) Strengthen Yuan will increase China's national wealth, reduction of RESERVE VALUE will not impede the greater growth of wealth when Yuan in revalued upwards.

The total liquid wealth is value of Rmb + value of securities in Rmb will increase at a rate that exceed the lost of  Reserve forex value.   

The agricultural portion of the GNP is 13.5%, China is targeting a population of 25% being rural and dependent on agriculture; farmers income per capita will rise. It is impossible for China to import from overseas without causing international grain prices to "rise through the roof" many ways, China's size, its demand will determine prices!

(3) Reducing Amerikan minting will reduce its defisit!

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An interesting point...

The bombers on 9/11 were making a protest. They were NOT terrorising.

Remember that most people believe the attacks could have been stopped with normal hightening of security like the Libyan assassins were discouraged from attacking President Reagan in summer 1981.  So the real terrorism isn't from al Qaeda.  Al Qaeda will fly an airplane into a building on any day of the week.  The real terrorism is from the American government, which may again allow Jihadists to strike.

When the interest rate was 1% in July 2003, the REAL interest rate was actually negative.  The government was giving away money because inflation, even though a modest 3% then, was three times higher than the interest rate charged to banks.  So if you borrow 100,000, you have to pay back 101,000 at the end of the ear, but inflation will erode the spending of the original sum to 97,000.  So you borrow 100,000 and pay back 97,000+1,000=98,000.  The government was giving away money -- to its wealthiest constituents.

The USA has more financial restructuring to do as time goes on.  After years of cheap mortgages, working people now find themselves paying a higher percentage of their incomes out in housing costs!  When mortgage costs were decreasing, housing prices were soaring.

Still the overseas borrowing of the USA continues, but at a rate that is unsustainable.  And in the words of a famous economist, "If it is unsustainable, then eventually it will stop."

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Reply #19 matt605's post

It's just a matter of inflation....

As long the MINTING RIGHTs is available with the WORLD'S LARGEST ECONOMY; it can print more money!

The domestic market in the USA can have inflations in HOUSING, MEDICAL CARE, SERVICES etc. expanding the SERVICES component of the Amerikan economy!

but it is not going to last forever!

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Reply #14 jetsam's post

Mr. Jetsam, The Amerikan Press do tell a lot of lies....

The CBS news on the "shooting star" economist, Mr. Kim indicates HOMEBUILDER stocks will rebound within 12 months?

That I got to see!

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