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1929 Saga! repeated in 2000? [Copy link] 中文

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Okay, all you economic guys.
Now go look for your charts, what is similar between years 1929 and 2000?

Yes, The Amerikan historical stock market Price to Earning ratio!

In 1929 and 2000, it peaked, respectively at around 33-34 and 44-45. In what we call excessive exhuberence. The Amerikan Elite mutual funds, hedge funs, central Amerikan bank playing the same game and taking advantage of the disproportionate CURRENCY NOMINAL VALUE to make more money.

In 1929, the great depression created by the aftermath of the crash caused a "cornered lion", Japan to act aggressively. In 1930, Japan taking the advantage of the downturn invaded Manchuria to gain extra resources for its "resource poor" economy! In Europe, the British, Amerikan Irish and Hebrew factions were busy courting a relationship with the new politician named "Hitler"! Hitler was also anti-bolsheviks, and by 1933 suceeded to became chancellor. He unleash war by 1937...on Poland!

The British obviously hoped to gain OIL Market access and a buffer to the Russian Communist while the Amerikan IRISH hopes to create another enemy to the Yiddish Jews while fighting the British Empire.

The Hebrew Jews? ha ha ha As usual, they just want to make more money.....any way!!!!

Now, we have talk about it.....FAST FORWARD to 2000.
The same situation. This time, it is the USA is feeling TIGHT, and now it is worry of another rising power, CHINA and the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM + BRIC informal grouping!

This time Germany and Japan is its protectorate and are not feeling "cornered".

So, this time...WAR starts in 2003 in Iraq. This is a precursor to the grand plans of invasion of the entire MESOPOTAMIAN region using old Hebrew trick job of a 2nd coming. (this trick has been done so often among Judeo Christian - remember the crusaders! Million dies, Arabs lost their homeland and had to start a new religion to recover lost lands)

Now it is going to be 2007 again, 7 years after the great fall in the stock market........
around the same time as 1937, when Hitler launched the POLAND invasion.
Amerikan Regime Armies are the biggest. It needs another "reason" to recruit AMERIKAN nation MEAT FODDER. The upward OIL PRICES was supposed to be the trigger for another depression, or else maybe a nuke in New York to trigger a MESOPOTAMIAN INVASION and DRAFT!

It's getting interesting now!

What would Amerikan Regime do next!
They did the 1929,  with the "Christian 'Gods', the Hebrew and Yiddish Jews at the controlling box in New York"

Let's all wait and see Amerikan Tomfoolery!

Green Dragon
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Now, The Persian Empire new found influence...

...must be careful with Amerikan Tomfoolery.

Take it carefully, China & the New Middle Kingdom is behind your GREAT NATION! Russians will also support any nation that fights the Amerikan Regime. AFGANISTAN and IRAQ occupation is an encircling of the PERSIAN EMPIRE.

The Persian should keep Amerikan Regime Empire troops OCCUPIED. It should "Fence it", "Bulldog" Hebrew Jews by supplying missiles, artillery and training in tunneling, and manpower in sappers, snipers and commando. This will tie down this ever "willing" DOG of the Amerikan Regime!

The Chihuahua DOG, Singapore has shown unwillingness to destabalize South East Asia. It got its ARSE WHIPPED by the downing of two SIA Boeing planes in just 1 week!

The POODLE DOG, British nation is trying hard to please it's master but is finding way to break free as its club's nation Canada and Australia (a.k.a. Alsation Dog - woof! woof!). Apparently Canada, Australia and Britain are just doing minimal as in Afganistan. Persia should start to support INSURGENTS together with covert help from China to encourage a WITHDRAWAL!

The restart of hostilities in India's border - Pakistan, Tamil Tigers new battles, Myanmar activity.....and now using KURDISH dogs to explode bombs in Turkey is unnerving! The Amerikan Regime is SERIOUS about repeating its 1929 exploits!

Take care!

Green Dragon
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Persian Empire must help us in keeping CRUDE OIL at stable levels.

This is important in making sure nations around the pheriphery such as AFRICA, non core ASEAN, Latin America, Eastern Europe and India not go into un-needed poverty!

High crude oil prices would create many HUNGRY PEOPLE in those nations and create meat fodder in the Amerikan State! This can easily make it easy to create WAR or destabalization around the world!

Keep it stable at US$60 to US$70 per barrel!

Its easy, the New Middle Kingdom traders (1/3 of the world's trading power) and European Union (worried about another world war whipping by the Amerikan Regime) will help!

Green Dragon
Lord of the code

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