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Do we need a Space Station. [Copy link] 中文

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...very interesting indeed...

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Originally posted by yanyin at 9-6-2006 03:14
The moon belongs to humanity. You can't just go there and take it, just like how you can't take antarctica.

I've made it quite clear on this forum (several times in fact) that international treaties on the matter of space have made it quite clear that no one country can own any celestial body. Remember those gullible Chinese that bought "land" on the moon a year or two ago? Well no one has the authority to hand such things out. And I doubt anyone would be allowed to start colonising planets by themselves.

Anyway our technology is way too backward to allow permanent colonisation. Perhaps they could build the equivalent of the international space station on the Moon, but it would have to be constantly re-supplied (which itself would cost a lot of money) and wouldn't be that useful to be honest.
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You never know.  With fusion technology becoming practical in 20 years, tritium (H3) is going to be worth a lot (much like Australia's uranium growing in price by hundreds of percent).  China, with the lowest cost structure of ALL space programs (even including the Russian program), which is about 10 to 15 times more cost effective than that of the U.S. or Japan, is literally the best candidate for commercial hauling between the moon and the earth.  A huge industry can grow out of that.

Why do you think China is completing the minisun (ultra tokamak) by the end of this year, 10 years earlier than the ITER version to be built in France?  Knowing western schedules, it'd be likely that the ITER project will be 5 years behind and at least 200 to 500% over budget.   You just can't rely on the West to build anything anymore.

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It might be science fiction Mr. Syncman but A BIG POWER like CHINA would be spending some money on least as much PPP as NASA or even maybe double!

Remember, the adventures of the British Club laid the foundation of making it a  SUPERIOR MAJOR POWER (compare to the weaker French) while Amerikan Regime robbing of the native Americans, found it resources probably 50% less than the BRITISH CLUB. The German and Japanese were late in the game and found themselves forced to do war!!!!!! (which they invariably lost!!!!! how can they win without resources)

The MOON is the first land mass which would be critical. Its 1/6 the size of the earth, with smaller gravitation forces. It is possible to send man to mine for the critical ores to sustain a MAJOR POWER on earth...only if we can find COST EFFECTIVE METHODS.

The said SAILING TO THE FAR EAST was a myth..until the Portugese found the sea route to the east. Then the Spanish found The Americas and the SOUTH WEST route WHILE the BRITS tried hard to discover a NORTH WEST route.

Green Dragon

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The technologies that CHINA would be needing!

This game is only for the MAJOR POWERS of our world. This means USA, British-French combine, Russia and China!

The technologies improvement would be
(1) Space launch PAYLOAD/FUEL ratio. At the moment FUEL use per kg of payload is pretty high. The Amerikan Space shuttle programme has been an improvement...but still primitive. We will need to probably utilized new technology like the SCRAM JETS, that would help with the ratio.....and ROCKET LIQUID FUEL to launch into space.

(2) Tokomaks technology to create power plants, to power SMELTERS in a MOON BASE. OTHERwise we would have to invest in a HUGE PHOTOVOLTAIC platform which is cumbersome, expensive and easily targeted by the other powers.

(3) A 2,000 M2 space station construction. It should have artificial gravity...and probably 1 hectare of land that can produce food, 15 tonnes of grain, 5 tonnes of meat, 5 tonnes  of vegetable to help to maintain a full set of 50 working adults in space....

(4) We need that OVEN to smelt and produce the metals needed to build the initial space station and later to construct structure on moon.

(5) Engineers to design catapults that can send mined ORES in moon to be send back to earth.....

and maybe A SPACE STATION around EARTH to protect the catapulted ores and protect the routes....

The NEW worth it!!!!

Green Dragon

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I bet China would have that space station up in about 25 years!

The basic technologies are already in development....
Tokomaks, Scramjets, Electric arc mini smelters...
and improvements in genetics, water recycling, pollution control, hydrophonics technologies...

and we have ROBOTIC development that can reduce the number of HUMANs needed, and their tremenous need for space to produce food....robots are compact and it can consume energy produced in compact power plants....


Green Dragon

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