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Revitalizing the PERSIAN EMPIRE - new silk road. [Copy link] 中文

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The Persian empire is a ancient large civilization. It became prominent during the heydays of trade between Europe and China especially silk materials and other high quality ancient merchandise.

At the moment, only ABADAN, BANDAR ABBAS are the main possible cities to be made into COMMERCE HUB in the NEW PERSIAN EMPIRE. However European and American powers has been very active in the region to protect their interest.

The NEW PERSIAN EMPIRE should rebuild the ancient SILK ROAD....

It could be CRUDE OIL and GAS pipeline to join the networks in CENTRAL ASIA STATES oil network into the growing oil consumption in CHINA. In fact, it could forstall blocking of the HORMUZ by Amerikan tomfoolery.

As the oil routes are the main transport, a "Electrified Rail route" could be another way to circumvent SANCTION by the sea route at Abadan and Bandar Abbas!

Green Dragon
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Green Dragon:

I like many of your posting and thought you are knowledgeable. Regarding the posting of Revitalizing the PERSIAN EMPIRE - new silk road, do you foresee Iran will do well in the next few years? Do you see there will be a lot of trading between China and Iran?


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if a new silk road should be only please. i dunt like oil and gas.
and i like persia. it is like my childhood dream. there r so many fairy tales happened in persia. and i think it a magical land......fancier than disneyland.
round about midnight. where theres venus and sunrise, theres home

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Reply #1 greendragon's post


This is a very important and interesting topic! I think a new persian empire will be a good idea, let's walk through our ancient  silk road again to help rebuild the persian empire.

It will be a great way to shift the Chinese economy from overly dependent on US to the east again!

Russia has already been working hard on it, China should too.

Have you heard that Chevaz just went to Iran? They are strong allies now.

Let the people who cherish peace work together around the world. The world will be far better.

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Zaban-i-Farsi migoftid?

Hal zaban-i-Farsi nagoftid, ya chizi nagoftid?

Can you speak Persian? If not, how do you intend to build relaitons with Iran?

Perhaps it's time for the Chinese government to give Chinese middle school students more language optoins besides just English.

A good combinaiton might be:

All of China's domestic languages, Arabic, Persian, English and Esperanto.

Among China's ethnic languages include Russian and Korean. russian can help students learn other Slavic languages, and Korean can help to learn Japanese. Other ethnic languages of China are Uighur and Kazakh, which are similar to Turkish.

English could give China the ability to continue to communicate with the US, Ireland and the Commonwealth.

Arabic could help to learn other semitic languages.

Persian could help to learn other Indo-Iranian languages.

So clearly a Chinese populaiotn which could choose between such diverse languages in middle school would be well-prepared to communicate with the world, including the Silk-Route region.

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Oh, forgot to mention, among China's ethnic languages, Zhuang is also spoken in Northern Vietnam.

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Some learning of FARSI would be a good move!

The center of trade seems to be around Abadan, and Tehran....
and with export of crude oil and gas around 200 M tonnes annuallly....
and with more exploration, it could be a wealthier PERSIA...

a Wealthy PERSIA would need a lot of products...
and there would be a lot of opportunities to invest in PERSIA...

as the ECONOMIC HUB of Persia is INLAND...
a ELECTRIFIED HIGH SPEED TRAIN using cheap electric energy...
could spur transport from Bandar Abas and Abadan still need overland route...and population in Central Asia and Tehran is not small!!!!!!

in the meantime...yes...we should have PERSIAN LANGUAGE people in China..
to encourage trade...


didn't you guys receive the GO AHEAD CUE from PERSIA a few days back?
PERSIA wants to popularized PERSIAN AGAIN!

Green Dragon
Third Force

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