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The Great Persian Empire Vs Amerikan Regime negotiations. [Copy link] 中文

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It is timely that the GREAT PERSIAN EMPIRE starts negotiation with the AMERIKAN REGIME EMPIRE.

As the main topic on the table is
(1) Amerikan regime fascination with OIL REGION domination.
(2) Amerikan excessive use of hydrocarbon, 5% population producing 25% of all hydrocarbon emission.
(3) Amerikan extension of soft economic power over area of Russian and Persian Empire territories.

The GREAT PERSIAN empire should start talks and emphasis...
(1) Amerikan Regime Empire should do more enviromentally safe use of energy. Persians must encourage Amerikan regime to utilitize more nucler, hydroelectricity and bio fuels to reduce the "global greenhouse effects". This will allow the GREAT PERSIAN EMPIRE to assist poor regions of the world such as Africa, South East Asia and South Asia in their economic development via development of GREAT PERSIAN EMPIRE's oil and gas resources.
(2) Amerikan Regime should give up claims on the SHIA nation of BASRA, the GREAT PERSIAN EMPIRE would protect BASRALAND and all SHIA lands.
(3) The NUCLEAR FACILITY of the PERSIAN EMPIRE is to help against global warming and it has to continue due to the IRRESPONSIBLE AMERIKAN REGIME EMPIRE energy policies....

The New Middle Kingdom welcomes talks between the PERSIAN EMPIRE and the AMERIKAN REGIME EMPIRE!

Green Dragon
Grand councillor to the Persian Empire

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Great Historical Role of the Persian Empire!

This is the opportunity for the PERSIAN EMPIRE to contribute to the world community...:)

and get the Amerikan Regime on the negotiation table!!!!

We are all footing for Persia!!!!!

Green DRagon

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The safeguard measures can be negotiated.

The Great Persian Empire main wish must be to protect "Mother Nature" from further abuse via overuse by the Amerikan Regime.

The Persian Empire game is to "ENCOURAGE" Amerikans to increase use of more enviromentally safe energy available in abundance in the United State of America. Hydroelectricity, nuclear programmes in IRAN are all targeted to reduce CO2 emmission......

Which the GREAT PERSIAN EMPIRE has finally got the Amerikan Regime to discuss as an equal power!

The PERSIAN EMPIRE must force the Amerikan Regime to have timeline for CO2 reduction programme via
(1) Reduce use of coal in the USA.
(2) Reduce use of crude oil via conservation and comsumption of more bio fuels.

This way, more hydrocarbons will be available for poorer nations such as South Asian, African, non core ASEAN nation as well as rapidly developing nations such as China, Thailand, and Latin America!

THE GREAT PERSIAN EMPIRE now has a HISTORICAL ROLE to fulfill,  with "soft support" from the Russian Federation, China, Japan, and ASEAN push for a GREEN, SAFER Earth.

Recent, increase in Rain, Hurricanes, snow cap melting is indication of troubles ahead.
In Malaysia, Brazil.....we have LANDSLIDES due to incessantly increase heavier rains.....
while USA is facing increasing DESTRUCTIVE STORMS which wreck havoc on its cities like New Orleans..

The GREAT PERSIAN EMPIRE must put this ISSUES on the table!!!!!

Green Dragon
Grand Councillor to the Persian Empire.

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Topics for the Persian Empire to avoild viz European Union.

The European Union has a traditional fear of a MESOPOTAMIAN EMPIRE that threaten the sovereignity of the European a MESOPOTAMIAN HORDE.

The existence of ISRAEL, LEBANON gives them COMFORT. (IT denies the creation of a mesopotamian power)
The PERSIAN EMPIRE must not threaten the EU, this will help THE PERSIAN EMPIRE to force the AMERIKAN REGIME to comply with a ENVIROMENATLY SAFE WORLD~!!!!!!


It must start on CO2 emmission!
On how Persian Empire seeks to reduce CO2 as its role!
How it will need to develop is main EXPORT COMMODITY of crude oil and gas!

This way, EU will keep quiet....while Russian Federation and China will support the PERSIAN EMPIRE in its quest for a PEACEFUL WORLD.

Green Dragon

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The Amerikan Regime is producing "white flag" propaganda!

The time is ripe to make MESOPOTAMIA a BUFFER STATE versus the Arab nations.

Such a buffer would APPEASE THE ARABs on the intent of the PERSIAN EMPIRE!
ie. no Predatorial intent.

This could include, the creation of a FEDERAL IRAQ..
(1) Shia-stan
(2) Sunni-stan
(3) Kurdish-stan

It would be likely that the Amerikan Regime will DIG IN to control the OIL WELLs in SHIA-STAN. Whether or not Persians intent to make OCCUPATION OF IRAQ costly to the Amerikan Regime depends on the situation of the Amerikan Regime pressure on the Persian Empire!

The Amerikan Regime is unlikely to invade Persia.....
but might find excuse to BOMB Persian Nuclear facilities to SHOW INTIMIDATE.

An invasion is highly unlikely as the Amerikan REgime now knows the cost of fighting a war without indigeneous public support! Moreover, the long logistic lines of an attempt to do a land invasion towards Tehran is a BIG GAMBLE and the PERSIAN ARMY would have figure out and implemented units, technology to harass the Amerikan troops.

Green Dragon
Game Master

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are you muslim by chance?

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Originally posted by mikeghet at 2006-10-25 19:28

How is a person't faith relevant to his ideas?

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