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The ceremony at the White House. [Copy link] 中文

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I personally believe it is a disgrace for the White House Communication and Press Office to issue press I.D. without checking the background of any reporters.

First of all, I am not biased towards any countries and I remain absolutely neutral in analysis of any situation.

But the incident at the White House showed a deliberate planned incident to try to embarrass a foreign leader to visit the White House. (Is this what Bush said in his speech about FREE SPEECH, talk to Cindy Sheehan then)

I don't care if the current U.S. Administration does not grant any State visit status, State dinner to any foreign leaders to visit the White House.

It is very poor taste for the White House Information Office along with other agencies to plant such incident.

Why did I say that and do I have any proof to support my argument ?

The Washington State Organizing Committee  planed for the visit which is headed by the former Governor of Washington State (Did it matter if he was the only f Chinese-American who became the Governor of Washington State ?)

No incident occurred at Washington State. The dinner at Bill Gates home was executed flawless. Even last minute preparation to call for extra Microsoft emloyees to line up at the front gate of Bill Gates  home was a welcoming sign. The planting of extra trees at Bill Gates home also indicated the host really wanted to do a good job.

I do not care what others said in this Forum. The guests lists at Bill Gates were carefully chosen and it was a magificent dinner.

Despite the visit to Boeing was short, but it  also indicated a committment to balance trade. It was carefully planed and executed well except the showing of part of a Boeing to be delivered to the Japanese Government.

Overall, the first two days went well without any major incidents except until the arrival at the White House.

I believe it is a disgrace of any host country whether it is United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Russia to allow any undocumented reporters to come so close to any foreign head and to allow such person or persons to ramble for almosts 2 1/2 minutes.

I watched with dismay that the US. Secret Service Agents did nothing, absolutely nothing to stop the person at all.

Remember, when Ronald Reagon was shot in 1981 outside the hotel, more than 10 Secret Service personels, local D.C. police jumped right in to protect Ronald Reagon. I found it is amazing the US Secret Service agents allowed any persons to speak whatever he or she wants and then "slowly" led the person away.

I am not upset and I was prepared for that and it only showed how poor taste and down low is the current Administration.

Be a sport and treat your guest fair and do not embarrass your guest who come to your House to visit whether it is the White House or not.

I am closely watching the trip to Yale Unviersity tomorrow.

Have a good day !

P.S. The local D.C. Police and State Capital Police and Secret Service Agents arrested ALL the anti-war protestors including Cindy Sheehan in front of the White House and also the "West White House" in Texas.

The local county where the West White House in Texas passed the law last summer barring any protesters or anyone to gather even for peaceful gathering. The fact is the current Administration can do just that and forbid anyone even come close to George Bush if he wants.

So there is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH in America, not in Mississippi, not in Texas, not in Washington D.C. but there is freedom of speech "inside" the White House South Lawn.

You can freely speak in front of thousand of people and only slowly led away by the US Secret Service Agents. There were US troops, special FBI agents, Homeland Security agents and many other  law enforcement agents but to deliberately allow such incident to occur is a disgrace to the host country. Goodbye !

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Despite the apology from President Bush, ..............

It is not an isolated case.

Did Bill Gates and Inc allow anyone to go to his 100 million mansion and walk up to a foreign Head of State ? No

Can any newspaper based in New York, New York with a long history of "odd ball" reporting be allowed into the White House with a temporary "day pass" ? No

Are you aware Boeing has a security system that screens employees far better than the FBI screen their agents ? Boeing employees have to sign a statement of NON-DISCLOSURE and never disclose their nature of work to anyone including their spouses.

I do not believe the White House Communication and Press Office do not know about any New York based newspaper's political agenda.

But I hope this isolated incident would not dampen any head of State visit to United States.

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Americans Just Have No Manners

O.K., Americandave, the American government has no manners, and you have nothing to do with it.  

It is not as bad as bombing the Chinese embassy with 1,000 lb laser guided munition and then blaming it on a bad map, but it shows the same kind of mentality.  

Yes, today you are stronger, America.  But bullying come at a cost.  Nothing is free in this world.  Today, we smile and ignore the calculated insult.  Tomorrow, who knows.  Reaction or no, it is important to see the act as what it is.  It is America the bully's way of stating that it does not respect China.

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This is another pseudo event

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Let me explain to you the conspiracy of XXXXXX/CIA !

I have met some XXXXXX in Chinatown across North America.

They normally hang around near the Chinese markets and set up booth and give out some kind of propaganda information/pamphlets to people who walk by but no one paid any attention.

Then the guy who normally loaded my computer asked me to join the  XXXXX meeting. He even gave me some pamphlets to read.

After very careful reading of the XXXXX information and the incident today at the White House South Lawn, I am convinced  my long-held suspicion that this kind of activities are supported by the C.I.A.

The CIA has planted such activities right in front of the Head of the State and the dignitaries at the White House South Lawn  to try to embarrass the Head of the State. It was approved by the senior administration and might even sign off by George Bush.

There is absolutely no way for a small newspaper well known for its political view and based in New York to obtain a temporary day pass and infiltrated into the press area and caused a minor incidence without the support and training  of the CIA.

It had all the signature of the CIA !

It was a job poorly done in bad taste by the CIA .

What did it accomplish?   Nothing !!

It only reflected the pananoid of the senior administration at the White House.

I have followed Goerge Bush very closely for 16 years way back even before he was the Governer of Texas. Yes, 16 years.

George Bush seldom made many changes in his senior staff for all his political life. He struck  by with his kind and made few changes here and there.

But suddenly one day before a Head of State come to visit, Bush was so busy making all the changes at the White House and felt it was business as usual running a high gear domestic agenda.

What kind of game is going on at the White House prior to a Head of State coming to visit ?

Also  Condi Rice, our beloved Secretary of State was so bored, she almosts fell to sleep and closed her eyes and put her head down during the press conference.

The senior staff at the WHITE HOUSE just wanted to get the day over with and went on to the unfinished business of second round of firing of senior staff ?

I am lost when I watched Bush senior staff lost all the "air" !!

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accredited reporter

The Reporter noted above was an accredited reporter. I wonder, where are you? The reporter was not permitted to be seen on China TV according to CNN. CNN broadcasts in China did not carry the reporter's outburst.

Once again, the Chinese Reporter at the WH had been to the WH on many occasions. It was not new for her to be there, however, she chose to step out of her role as a reporter.

So, how did you know that the reporter was at the WH as all?

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I can understan such incidents always happen.  We can not control what people will behave.  But what puzzled me is that she had a banner with her...which could have been "controled"...

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