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Reforming Amerikans - the model minority [Copy link] 中文

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America needs REFORMATION!

Amerikan needs to change....
It needs the MODEL MINORITY to help it change...

look at what the model minority American.
- he is humble
- he works hard
- he starts with a niche business..nobody else wants..the laundry
- he take discrimination with humble stoic attitude
- he only defends when he is attacked
- he is self sufficient...

- he slowly builds his community..
- from laundry to that little "healthy oriental food" corner store....
- and he builds bakeries, oriental supermarkets, runs sweatshops, jewelry store
- he works hard, study...
- he fills the scientific alumni, and becomes the creme de la creme of America
- he starts to have real estate and construction companies..
- he start the "small businessman" bank
- he helps to establish his brothers...

- he revitalizes inner cities all over the world
- he does not harm his neighbours.
- he teaches his brothers to be practical and productive.
- those that are not "brainwashed by pyramidist" does not preach but are good and loyal brothers.
- he show the circuitous to be a better man



and rescuing America from fiscal troubles...

Green Dragon
Lord of the code
Council of Elders
New Middle Kingdom

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... or form Triad gangs, become snakeheads, sneak illegal immigrants into their adopted country, deal in drugs, terrorise their own communities, form gangs at high schools, keep entirely to themselves... yes, a model minority indeed.

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...gangs and the ying aspect of life...

Mr. Long, i guess you must be another one of those "knuckleheads".....

Sinic overseas community has always been given "bad press"....
Let me help you out.....

Bankers of today...what were they yesteryears..
(1) Money lenders...or loan sharks...
(2) From money lending to securitizing of commodity, real estate and products..
(3) To Money speculation and creating BILLS OF EXCHANGE or currency notes!
who are they, but gangster...with good PR, and practises...

Illegal immigrants..ha ha ha
(1) Is that the reason why they despice the Hebrew Semite in Europe?
(2) How about the illegal Irish immigration using Tammany Hall?
Didn't the self help association - doing the illegal immigration, created the GREAT POLITICAL PARTIES OF USA....

naw! Mr. Long, you discriminate against yellow, brown, blacks....and celtics

Keep to ourselves....
(1) We settle our own INTERNAL FAMILY BUSINESS...there is no need to wash DIRTY LININGs in public especially with respect to the territories of business. We do not need to advertise to protect our economic rights!

and you know the concept of gangs...
It is a group of brothers...working together to form business network, learning a mason skill......and helping each other avoid poverty...

you mean, you want the MODEL behave like the rest...waiting for handsout from the GOVERNMENT..who is controlled by BIG TIME THUGS!!!!! who monopolize all the economic activities...

are you a MORON mr. long?...are you stupid?

Green Dragon

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The Amerikan Regime thugs....

..did illegal immigration.....

and started an illegal state...the lone star state or TEXAS...many many moons ago..

Then the TEXAN gangsters created an incident with the MEXICAN government....
sparking a USA-MEXICAN war.....
which resulted in the ILLEGAL ANNEXATION  of California, Texas and New Mexico..

what are you talking about Mr. Long....

by the way....Sinic immigration is mostly LEGAL...
you have been brainwashed by your AMERIKAN REGIME..


Green Dragon

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America is made from immigrants thats why its called the great melting pot .But minorities today in America are far from models to say the least. You have not spent any time in America to make your statements .

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Originally posted by greendragon at 4-19-2006 13:33
America needs REFORMATION!

Amerikan needs to change....
It needs the MODEL MINORITY to help it change...

look at what the model minority American.
- he is humble
- he works hard
- he star ...

But wait!!  What happens after his business is no longer small and he doesn't have to work as hard for his money, is he no longer the 'model minority'???

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Greendrag, you talk crap as usual. Poor little fellow, so blinded by your own hatred, so addicted to Chinese propaganda sites, you could not recognise the truth if it bumfucked you, dear friend.

A gang is a gang... not a brotherhood. When whites or blacks get attacked for being in a Chinese area, when groups of Chinese attack Chinese homes and businesses for... yes, financial gain... you call that a good, sincere group of brothers? Ha ha. Now who is the moron?

Keep to yourselves... yes, calling fellow Americans "foreigner" in their own country. Refusing to integrate, or learn the language, or make friends with people outside the Chinese community, or be civil to non-Chinese, or take part in volunteer work that benefits the wider community. Yes, keep on going like that. Gee, you wonder. Why do they dislike us?

No-one, minority or majority, is "Model". You raise idiot analogies. That wasn't my point. I'm simply refuting the bullshit about Asians being so wonderful.

Why import trouble when you have enough of it at home?

Now go jerk off, little man. Bye bye, now.

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