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If Amerikan Regime bombs Persia! [Copy link] 中文

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Warshington is a paper tiger without guts

Iran has pronounced that it is successfully enriching uranium.

So, why is Warshington going to do? Bite its figernails?

Obviously Tehran is giving WARshington the middle finger.  Does Warshington have the guts to go into Iran? I don't think so.

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A "paper tiger"? LOL!! tell that to the former leaders of Afghanistan and Iraq ! America will finish the jobs at hand before Iran.

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Americans got balls myfriend its bloody obvious

Paper tiger?? Im pretty sure americans have talk the talk and walked the walk in most of its war operations. Americans are cowboys when it comes to war (if you know what that means) There is nothing rhetorical when it comes to War to the US of A.

Paper tiger my eye~
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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Reply #9 frothow's post

naw..USA is a paper tiger...

If it was serious... would create the situation...
maybe create another 911 situation..
so that they can get the DRAFT and increase the military BUDGET to US$1 trillion..

then USA will withdraw from Japan and Korea....
hoping Japan will threaten Indonesia and Malaysia.......Siberia or China..

(but then if USA, the paper tiger does it....
then Japan, Taiwan and Korea will discard the USA dollar....
making USA unable to buy crude oil....
and allowing Japan, Taiwan and Korea to buy crude oil from Nigeria, Venezeula, Canada and Mexico.)

and destabalized middle east so that Persia blocks the straits of Hormuz....

USA is a PAPER TIGER.....i dare USA to invade Persia.....

ha ha ha ha ha

Green Dragon

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Iran attack?

America does not want to distroy anyone.
However,America will not sit idle while Iran bullies others. Words are cheap,but if Iran test's a nuclear weapon,they become fair game for nuclear attack.

America's law inforcement style is to "out gun" the criminal.
   A man with one weapon is barricaded in a house. Law enforcement surrounds the house with 100 armed police. The criminal has 2 choices; Throw down the weapon and surrender,or stand his ground and die.

If Iran gets a nuke weapon,it will have the same 2 choices,surrender or die.

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go ahead,  USA cowboys!! die for the  benefit of your boss -Uncle Sam.
USA is like a war gamester, you can not help stoping wager, untile comedown.
No matter what's the  response~

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WAR with the USA

I have just finished the "Little Red Book" of Chairman Mou.  In the book as on this thread there are references to the "paper tiger".    I take this to mean a tiger that has no bite.    Being in China I felt reading this would help me understand many things and I guess it did.

I am not a religious man, I do not believe in God but there is an American military  saying, "Kill them all, let God figure it out"

I finally figured out why the last true war America has fought was WWII.  I was involved in Viet Nam, served years in Korea, March AFB in California.   If you don't know why it's because that is the only way they can control the American people with rules and conventions.  Only in undeclared wars are there rules like it was a game.  Even with the events of 9-11 America did not declare war and the world should be thankfull.  God forbid the "sleeping giant" is ever woken up again, the world as we know it will end because the rule book will be out the door.   As an American, I want peace in the world.  Our only hope at survival as a planet is to work together.  

Get on Goggle earth and look at the Nevada Nuclear test site or Bikini in the Pacific ocean.  I have seen the weapons, their real and they function.  No paper tiger here, just restraint in using them.  

A Persia with nukes is a threat to the world.... it ain't gona happen.  The Chinese that are not Muslim must realize that they are Infidels also.   It ain't just me they want dead or converted brother... it's you too.

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