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An independent California? [Copy link] 中文

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ha ha ha

we do have a lot of fun recently....
ha ha

i heard the bird flue is coming your Fish....
have you got your hispanic serf to clean your aquarium....

Green Dragon

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Sorry to tell you this...

.... I am the hispanic serf of sorts down here is SW Florida. Rich people all around. Money
grows on tree's...but not in my back yard.

Can you tell me where this last version of bird flu has come from? It does look like it came
from China but details are fuzzy. Most articles say Asia....
...what do you think?

Yes we are seeing it on the News more and more. People are starting to gather food
in the basement and water. Some Employers are setting up plans that if anyone can
work from home they are making it possible.

The word on the street is this fall the bird flu will hit. When the birds start coming south
for the winter. We have many many birds here is SW Florida. I hope we will be safe from
this Chinese bird mean Asian Bird

....or is it Avian Bird flu?

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Avian is another word for bird-related.

Avian is to bird as Asian is to Chinese.  The -ian part makes it a ajective instead of a noun.

The last big flu epidemic was in 1958-59.  So there are many people who are approaching retirement age who have not survived and beaten a killer flu.  There was a very bad flu season in 1966 in America too, as I recall.  I had that flu as a child.

There is also an unexplained phenomenon of schizophrenia among the Dutch for children born in those flu-ridden years, which attacked the Netherlands heavily.  So some believe that schizophrenia, which is a type of mental illness that attacks mainly young adults, is caused by a combination of pyshchological factors coupled with a virally-induced genetic predisposition to develop the illness.  So some people who were fetuses when their mothers suffered a particular type of flu would have a genetic weakness to developing schizophrenia if they have a troubled childhood.  Of  course, maybe the Dutch just tagged a lot of people as schizophrenics during the years when the 58-59 cohort came of age for becoming schizophrenic.

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Matt...thank you are a wealth of good information... times.:)

Now this flu popped up in Asia in the last couple years....

....what city did you hear was first report?

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Reply #18 iluv2fish's post

I THINK it was Hong Kong.....

Mmmmm ha ha ha

heard that AMERIKAN REGIME spies planted the first victim in hotel room 911, in Shenzen....a border city next to Hong Kong..Bird Flu became an international event after it hit HONG KONG......


hey, how about some comment about DENQUE FEVER in Singapore and HANDS, FOOT and MOUTH disease in your King's Cross gang in Singapore and B0rneo....



Green Dragon

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You tell us to "PREPARE FOR THE FLU...."

But was enough done by China to stop this spread? It is spreading he world.... you have the Cure Little Lizzard? Pills....a shot...

...tell this Yankee what the cure is.

Where do I get the Cure?

.....HOW MUCH?   $$$$$$$$$$$

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I tell you how to get a cure....

when the flu hits USA......
and gets its victims during winter....

It's like silent death....
you cough, cough...catch a cold....get a fever...
and the netherworld....

there you meet the GOD OF HELL, JESUS, MOHD, or whoever you believe will see....
and judged you.....then off to your next life....

ha ha ha

Green Dragon

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