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The Squeeze is on! [Copy link] 中文

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Just made a few inquiry around the world......

do you know it cost
(1) US$0.8/litre to buy petrol in Mauritius. (and to rise to US$1/litre soon)
(2) US$1.4/litre to do the same in India....

and do you know the "order is out"....for Christian church expansion.....

now, what can we do about this new interesting events....

ethanol, new nuclear plants...ha ha ha
The best solution...use coal!!!!!!!
and increase nuclear electricity generation!!!!!

ah! It gets more Malaya....the rebel san has put out poster..."London Slimming Center"...ha ha ha how ironic.....even Fah Lun Gong our small little Malayan government is quiet...

THIS IS WHAT MR. FISH is talking about....containment of the New Middle Kingdom.

Inflation, more off shore China oil and gas exploration, higher salaries for Chinese people, more services industry, use more coal, fuel conversion centers...i think it is silly to waste the Forex reserves on oil and gas imports beyond what is reasonable...

Green Dragon

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Little Lizard....coal is bad advice

".... noted that of the ten most polluted cities in the world, seven can be found in China. Sulfur dioxide and
soot caused by coal combustion are two major air pollutants, resulting in the formation of acid rain, which now falls on about 30% of China's total land area. Industrial boilers and furnaces consume almost half of China's coal and are the largest single point sources of urban air pollution."

Little Lizard....think of us in the rest of the world.....China is not an Island!

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Reply #2 iluv2fish's post

we have developed so many new way to use coal energy problem..

eg. coal bed..methane source..hydroelectricity..etc.etc...
maybe Amerikans can use more nuclear and less that we can burn more..

Mr. Fish.........we let Amerikans think for the rest of the world....ha ha ha

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Yes ...we will hlp China...again

"like use more nuclear and less coal...."

A good stock tip and research for you.

Check out GE (General Electric).....Nuclear.....they are helping China big time.

That is what we people.

As our religious leaders have taught us....Everyday is the Lords day.:)

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Reply #4 iluv2fish's post

Yeah......and how not to build more nuclear units in the well....

we'll keep our coal...ha ha ha..its cheaper and more productive...

ha ha ha

Green Dragon


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Yes, i agree with increasing nuclear electricity generation because it will be a good way to keep price stable...

Firstly, available adoption of nuclear power by the industrial countries will reduce demand pressure on the fuels it displaces. It will have helped to restrain the world market price of oil and coal.

Secondly, one characteristics of nuclear power, and also of renewables, is its small post-construction operational costs, compared with the fossil-fuelled options.

Thirdly, the adoption of nuclear power can reduce significantly the economic impact of disruptions in the supply of fossil fuels because of security of supply.

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China will choke us all (COAL)

If the Chinese government does not care about it's own people and pollution....

...please think of us in the rest of the world.

The winds blow through China and choke us all. The countries downstream of China are alarmed
at the pollution coming out of China.

I hear they are doing a special on Nuke Power Plants this week....

...for China we have a special deal.:)

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