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AUTOMOTIVE growth in CHINA.....

I feel the figure for growth in CHINA is VERY VERY BRIGHT!!!!!!

now the estimated figure of AUTOMOTIVE POPULATION and sales in CHINA.

Year............2005...2012.....2019......2030  = CHINA becomes No.1 but still humble!!!
Auto poln...60mil...120mil..240mil...500mil
Auto sales.05mil...12mil......24mil....50 mil

Fuel mix
Liquid fuel
needs.........150m T..280m T..500m T..900m T
Crude oil--300m T.400m T..400m T..600m T
petrol(oil)--100m T.200m T..200m T..400m T
diesel-------.50m T..100m T..120m T..100m T

biofuel-------10m T..30m T.....50m T...100m T
coal fuel.........1m T..10m T....100mT....200m T
recycle fuel.....0.........0.............50 m T....100 m T

If we are careful, we have a very clean enviroment and maybe not need to have more than 600m Tonnes of crude oil or 12 mbd....of which 5-6 mbd can be within China, another 4 mbd from our African friends in Angola and Sudan...(China must be build a large NAVY to protect the oil routes)....and..2 mbd from Central Asia, Russia and Middle East Moslem nations.

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Technologies introduced that "helped" China!

Look at what new technologies could help China..

eg. i can only talk about South China because i was in close contact with the developments there.

No.1 development - liquid display invention by a Hong Kong scholar gentleman. It allowed Hong Kong to become a leading watch production center in the world..and created a lot of jobs for the unskilled in assembly.

No.2 - small size batteries - GB battery group, this is also the world's largest battery company but it created small battery in that watch created by the "liquid display" unit...and the higher value toys could be made...

No.3 - we copied the American inventor of the "brushless motor"...nobody would support his idea...and created the world largest micro motor that was used in toys and then in automotive etc. etc......more jobs and higher value goods....

No.4 - Mr. Jiang in Guandong (he he he) invented the CD, VCD which took away the monopoly of the Japanese, Holland in video and sound reproduction systems..and created a revolution....vcd piracy was possible....

and more more poor people could have jobs!

this poor people spends money....

when they spend money, restauraners makes money....

when buyers from all over the world (not USA) buys from those toys, watch, VCD players...we could build hotels, logistic companiese etc. etc....

..and now we have become rich enough to buy cars..... we need those technologies...and we are going to get it to help our people!!!!!


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Well..simple - code is BATTERIES!

But now batteries is expensive - need to develop light weight and high storage capacity.

as for is in need a lot of "cooling"....large vehicles like trains -

Maybe that idea of using MOTIVE energy of the INTERNAL COMBUSTION energy could be a very TERRIFIC IDEA, you do not need the large array of expensive and poisonous battery..but convert it to a "catalytic converter" unit with a small water and hydrogen store!...

Anyway, the best way now is using "light weight" materials for your car. You can make a car "looked big" by using metals in structural area, and use light weight alloys, plastics in other parts......look luxurious but sips petrol or diesel or synfuel or blended petrol/syn/biofuel....

ha ha Nowadays European petrol stations look like a supermarket shelf with so many kind of blends....

One big advantage of such diversification is the creation of more fuel companies and destroying the MONOLITH Anglo-American control of the fuel business for automotive industry.


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The side effects of the original "LCD screen" introduction...

well we had small size batteries and watches... needs PCB boards, it needed semiconductor.....

....all that needs assembly workers, large industrials...which Taiwan, Singapore help provide....

...with capital...South China also copied the successful Japanese Mecha the cassette player...

by 1980, South China was the world largest producer of radio and cassette radio.....and plastic that Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Malaya produced were needed by the hundred of million tonnes!

...then HOME OWNERSHIP, home construction grew and grew.....

nowadays..Korea, Taiwan, Malaya, Singapore consumes around 4.5mbd or 250 m Tonnes of crude oil annually supplying to all those industries in South China (that includes Zhejiang for those numbskulls who thinks Zhejiang is in North China!!!!!)

before the ECONOMY OF SCALE is achieved and CHINA itself is now using 320 m T of crude oil annually....

and those few nation is almost 50% of the United States consumption of fuel....but in the United States, it appears some 250 m Tonnes comes from Synthetic recombinant it appears United States only use about 750 M Tonnes...while appearing to use 1,000 M tonnes by conventional oil refining capacity????? ( i might be guessing here...but this is the impression i get from my oil industry friends!!!!!)


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Mr. GD,

I am sorry to read such racist bigotted comments in your postings.  Hopefully honest, good, smart, thinking Chinese people read such words with a grain of salt.  Racist thinking and bigotted words only serve to reduce the speaker to the level of such individuals as Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden.  You are so well informed on topics such as energy and science.  Why the irrational, tirade against Westerners and people of religion?


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Reply #12 idahonative's post

Mr. is not is called being "street smart"...

how can you let the "Hebrews" control all the TOP UNIVERSITIES....
the professors (look at the KOREAN parable recently - it is a "circular point") just use the work of intelligent young postgraduates......and do editing

in the United States
the "Hebrews" are in control of all the "key" financial institutions.....well that's for self protection for their tribe.....but it could be used with "lethal effect" on non Hebrew institutions...

what i am just saying is....that the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM.....need to be careful not to fall into the RUSE of the Hebrew game.......the Christian part of the cause of this problem in the West.

No doubt, having a weak tribe as the CHEF of knowledge is an advantage in getting DIRECTION....

but THE NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM has 6 x the size and consumption of the UNITED STATES...we cannot afford to have a single direction....

almost everything in CHINA and the FAR EAST points to DIVERSITY and MULTI RESOURCE USE!

mr. Idaho...did you know why AMERICANS have PLASTIC CLADDED HOMES....
...HA HA is because the OIL MAJORS must find a use for all those extra NAPTHA produced by the oil guzzling vehicles Americans were CHANTED into accepting..... simple, it is not anti westerners and definately not anti religion....(for all i can pray to the ROCK)....but we in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM cannot afford such American luxury!


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Reply #12 idahonative's post

Our population is numerous...some 1.7 billion people..about 1.3 billion in China mainland proper, 200 million in Japan, another200 million in Thailand, Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea!!!!!

Just in the automotive industry, look at the various routes being undertaken to "replace or improve black gold's efficiency"...we have

(1) Japan working on hybrid cars, fuel reconstitution from plastic, gas.
(2) Korea, Shanghai and Singapore working on the Hydrogen car.
(3) Chengdu-Xian, Bangkok-Malaya region creating an economy of scale of vehicle components, and flexi-manufacturing...perhaps you could design a car...using several dozen of platforms on offer from the assemblers...and organizing a relative small lot (let's say 50,000 units) production by organizing the parts from the complete auto component manufacturing available in China.
(4) Even Malaya is supposed to be working on a "hydrogen reinjection" system...if true...would improve fuel efficiency.
and (5) an Electric car based on a simple concept of a light weight car + battery and brushless motor.

This is only  possible in the European Union and THE NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM as we have the market size, economy of scale and sufficient engineers and PATRONS.....

For example, if Chengdu engineers begin to experiment on the LUXURIOUS LIGHTER WEIGHT CAR could be fitted with any design engines that the different centers comes up later in time....

light weight car....
(1) Fiber glass filler instead of metal body..while keeping in steel as the basic body impact structure.
(that'll probably save some plastics???? ). The car remain large sized and look marketable.
(2) Research into the "feel" of a luxury car..example, thick carpets, noise absorbtion, good absorbers....even door  "closing feel"....etc. etc.....

the basic idea...don't let our minds be controlled by THE MANIPULATIVE DEVICES that the Hebrew plant on Americans...and be controlled.....

that's all!

Nothing wrong with being a Hebrew or a long as it does not harm our region of the world.....

My personal feeling is..the Hebrew is pretty smart person...but pretty nasty.....even to the extent of letting their poorer section of their tribe be sacrifized for profits...!!!!


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