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Let the tree of knowledge grow! [Copy link] 中文

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We do know that it is HEBREW Kongfu that has helped to build the Hebrew-Anglo Empire and much more as discussed in this rather interesting CD BBS site.

Part of the power of the HEBREW Kongfu is to "position" Hebrew Scholars in control of "Advertised" leading Educational institution. By having Hebrew Scholars in "controlling and editing" position, ideas from all over the world can be "edited" to their advantage.

In China, we have a tradition of letting "The Tree of Knowledge" grow. However from time to time, we have Chinese Nuts who "manipulate against or trim" "The Tree of Knowledge"!

Example, the idea of fuel for automobile....
- We have been "conditioned" to use cars, trucks either on petrol, diesel. Alternative methods were not considered due to "low cost fuel source" consideration, and the economy of scale considerations.
- Brazil has been "stunted" and unable to become a leading Center due basically to American and probably British complicity in "cost of oil", "control of the technologies of refining and exploration of oil" to control of "region of surplus low cost production". It's growth as a potential world power was also stunted by "use of Uncle SAM" (Secret Agent Man) in destabalizing Columbia, Argentina and practically importing all the Venezeulan oil.....stunting Brazilian growth.

China now is in the "STRATEGIC" slimming project by the Hebrew-Anglo alliance.

Recently i read a new article on vehicle technology....
(1) It appears a Malaysian group of scientist has found another way to improve "fuel efficiency". The HFT technology. This is called the V1 Hydrogen fuel Technology. Apparently the petrol excess energies can be used to "separate water" into its constituent "Hydrogen and Oxygen" components.

It could double the "fuel efficiency" of automobiles. The report indicates use of "nanotechnology and compression"...take away the "double talk" just means "catalyst and motive motion of the internal combustion machine"

This is quite similar but very novel ...similar to (2) Japanese idea of Hybrid cars..of using the "Motive motion" to be stored as electricity.

In that case....if we can really DOUBLE fuel efficiency, China local oil and gas can support double the current AUTOMOTIVE POPULATION, ie. from 60 million vehicle to 120 million vehicles!!!!!

Let the "Tree of knowledge" grow, and let's prevent Hebrew domination and censorship of knowledge....

"INTERNAL STRENGTH" is needed in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM. and the beauty of the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM, we have probably 6 x the population of the United States..about 4x in China proper and 2x in the Little Dragon nations....


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New ideas need "Patrons".

We have the advantage of having 6 Super centers in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM. Economy of scale can rapidly be achieved with new technologies!!!!!

The idea of the PAGODA.

It is a great when we prevent MONOPOLIES to be formed. With the idea of the PAGODA and the DRAGON tribes....we can get PATRONS for new ideas to be implemented with the 6x market size of the UNITED STATES.

Do not be misled by Tomfoolery, tricks of all kinds, from funny religion to funny ideology..

THE ABOVE FRAY MANDARINS, THE GENTRY...please pay attention.

Use our SUPERCENTERS wisely.



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The subtle popularizing of the Jesus Deity is...... make the citizens of the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM...dumb!

It is to control the people by "remote control"....

..and have "traitors" of our civilization to be used by "remote control" or "remote manipulation" to destabalized the basic tenets of civilization in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM....

However, the Chinese have long master the way to "INFILTRATE and NEUTRALIZED" new form of civilization the Jesus Deity..can be made useful........

ha ha ha ha ha

But beware of dangerous forms of viral infection that can make us dumbs...note the dangerous situation in Singapore, where Professors of Science do more religious work then actual scientific endevours...



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Areas to look into - scientific pursuits.

Maybe its time to look into creating or appointing new centers of excellence.

(1) Fuel technology center.
(2) Automotive Efficiency center.
(3) Recycling technology center.

We have 4 super centers in China. We can appoint one center to be the LEAD in each!


Center no.1
Crude oil constituents via refining is (a) Gas, (b) Kerosine, (c) Diesel, (d) Naptha, (e) Fuel oil, (f) Tar.

The crude oil pump up only have 50% of usesable materials and oil companies find ways to dump the rest.

In advanced nations like Japan, Europe..such wastage is minimized.
(a)Naptha can be "catalystic" cracked to produce PETROL. we could use other materials such as glass, fiberboards, particle boards instead of converting so much excess naptha into plastics!
(b)Tar instead of been used to make roads, should theoritically be able to also be "catalytically" cracked to create PETROL and DIESEL.
(c) Gas can be "catylitically" fused to produce KEROSINE or PETROL..
The 300m T of crude oil now produce 150m T can be made to produce 250m negating need to import fuel.

The stockpile of BIOGAS, NATURAL GAS can also be converted into PETROL.
Natural gas can be used for ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION and be converted to USEABLE LIQUID PETROL.

The large coal stockpile in TARIM basin could be converted into oil.
1000 M Tons could be converted to 300 M Ton of fuel.

...more to come

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....continue from above

..we could introduce BIO FUEL as a step to prevent ABUSES by the OIL CARTEL of  ANGLO-AMERICAN or maybe ARAB-MOSLEM in future.


10 million hectare of such in Thailand, and Indonesia will help provide jobs for the MINDLESS MOB of chanting people there and create many new LION KINGS who we can negotiate with.

and in China 10 million hectare of the same can increase the usefulness of highly productive crops and increase the wealth of our own citizens.

ie. we have 100 M tonnes of useable liquid fuel from two sources peg and prices of vegetable and cereal markets.

Center No. 2
(b) Automotive technology - fuel efficiency has been forte of Europe and Japan who are most at risk from MOSLEM-HEBREW/CHRISTIAN battles.

The technology produced since has enriched our LIVES.
(i) Lighter weight cars.
Alloy engines - lighter, Use of composite materials - lighter cars.
(ii) Fuel efficiency by
Fuel injection, compression technology, use of nano coatings to enhanced fuel mix, use of  high speed steel in making better BEARINGS, lubricants that can improve fuel efficiency.
(iii) Materials that can be recycled and light weight.
(iv) Hybrid technologies to "STORE" unused "MOTIVE" power such as BATTERIES and recently in an article in Malaysia - HYDROGEN to be injected in the petrol + air mix.

...more to come

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..continue here

(3) Recycling center.
Many plastic, rubber are disposed of in landfills but this are basically hydrocarbons and can be used as fuels.

the recycling center location is best located in HIGH CONSUMPTION CITIES...this will reduce problems of landfill and even of need of poluting INCENERATORS PLANTS.

(a) Plastic can be converted.
(b) Wood chips be used to make CHIPBOARDS etc.
(c) Finding new siicons, wood, vegetable materials, glues to produce SUBSTRATES now used from petrochemical and plastics.

REMEMBER, media from America and even Europe cannot be fully trusted as THEY HAVE AN AGENDA!

For example, why use corn to produce plastics when we can use WOOD WASTE, PALM FRONDS...

dont let the HEBREWS edit YOUR SCIENTIFIC PAPERS!!!!!!!

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Reply #5 greendragon's post

Dragon master,

I am reading your posts here. It's very interesting. I was thinking what the world geopolitics would be if one day China find a solution - a new energy source independent of the black gold.

Can you help us imagin that?

Another way of conserving enegy is to go superconductors ! This materials virtually has zero resistance.

Cheers ! :)

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