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China, USA should be natural allies [Copy link] 中文

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Well said, arthur!

Where has it ever been demonstrated that democrazy is so much better than a one-party system?

Who writes this nonsense about democrazy is the only good system of government? -- Professor iluv2fish!

And who has been shooting all the darts at whom?

iluv2fish, did you ever check out: "WTF mate"  ? Look it up on yer browser -- check out the Chinese flag ... DOH!

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You can say that again, arthor!

we are not planning any attack on Taiwan to quicken territorial integration; we are not fools to ruin our own brothers and sisters there.  --- YES! You're right!

I am just back from Taiwan. People there are all polite and moderate. What I saw there were completely different from what I have learned from the violent movies about the island. Taiwanese are keener to Chinese traditions, which you can get proof from the decorations in stores and restaurants. They are all in Chinese traditional designs and colors. It is no doubt that we are one big family, the mainland and the island. Nobody can deny that. We are using the same language. You can hear Putonghua everywhere. When I was in a taxi, the standard Putonghua by the host on the radio program made me feel that I am in BJ!

I asked lots of people about their ideas of the development of Taiwan. Taiwan people are frank about their political opinions. No one said he liked the idea of an independent Taiwan. We are one big family -- everybody told me that again and again. The person who insists on "one China, one Taiwan" is treated as a traitor in the island.

One China policy is correct. It's just a matter of time.

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USA , China form an alliance?

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China, USA natural allies?/

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There is nothing to solve, Mr. Freeman...

Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaya, Thailand, Vietnam is the "prancing lions"  in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM form of civilization.

We use "domestic competition" to get the "Yang erections" while the mainland is the mother that nurtures and protect "Ying comforting"....

American meddling in KOrea, Taiwan, T-I-B-E-T, Mongolia, Persia, Tartar are just "nuisance" in these "BUFFER STATES" that keeps the FRINGE from having terrorist intent.

We know, you know because you study our history as we have study your history.....Singapore is a nuisance state..that's all.

and we study history with the 3rd eye...not with 1 or just 2 eyes...



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Stake-holder relationship

I attended a news conference at the american ambassy in Beijing this evening and listened to Mr Zoellick espousing to a crowd of the press his famous theory of China-America "stake-holder" relationship.

His descriptions are something like this:  China and U.S are "stake-holders" and beneficiaries of the world's economic and political system. So closer cooperation bwteen the two to maintain the world system "security" is a shared goal of the two.  Both China and America face a few challenges of keeping growth and security, now. So it is imperative and important for the two to stay at the "same boat" and sail through.

Amazing explanation!

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