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Greetings solicited for Spring Festival [Copy link] 中文

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it's all about China?

sounds like Greetings solicited for Booming China.

not much connection with Spring Festival

can I express my curiosity on this?
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The result will be published on the website of the four co-organizers and the winners will get a prize.

Could you be more specific about the nature of the prize?

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Here's mine:

To all of China:

Fear not the insults from those lesser ones that will always try to demonize you to try and obfuscate their own failures. They do it because they can do little else. China will succeed and that annoys those lesser ones because they see you succeeding without bending your knee.

Love your family, your friends and your nation even though the left-side of your brain is telling you that love is fleeting (catch the Joss Stone quote and win). Concentrate on what the right-side of your brain is telling you and wallow in happiness, love and hope; and allow the Dog - that ever-vigilant sentry - to protect you.

Enjoy the Year of the Dog and all that year will bring. Take the following quote about the Year of the Dog to heart (I can't remember where I read it, but I wasn't the originator):

The marital strains have summoned me
To hear your sorrows
Still your pain
I am the protector of Justice;
Equality - my sole friend.
My vision never blurred by cowardice,
My soul never chained.
Life without honor
Is life in vain.


In this coming year, there will be both happiness and dissent simultaneously. The auspices of the Dog Year will bring you harmony in your home, patriotism to one's country, and unwavering fealty to whatever cause you choose to support.

Be careful only in your willpower and the Dog's unbending sense of justice because it may lead to confrontation...and in such confrontation the weaker side will oft win.

Beware the idealism that will be a hallmark of this year as that idealism on all sides is what can cause so many disasters. Obviate the dangers by allowing the idealism of the Dog Year to be shared with your heart's causes and also idealism for charity and forgiveness.

The Dog is noble. The Dog believes in Equality and Justice. Do the same.

Remember throughout the year that this is the Year of the Fire Dog!

The Fire Dog Year brings with it passion that can too often be overdramatic. Be cautious.

You - and every other person in all countries of the world - will act defiant when forced into a corner and unfortunately there are those countries that will try and force China and Chinese people into a corner in this year as they always do. Always remember that there is a way out...and that is usually popularity! Contrary to what some want you to are popular and that popularity in this coming year can be both and advantage and a all depends on how you deal with it. Be Wise!

Fire will make all fierce - and threats will be made on many sides. Do not allow those threats to ignite your fierce nature. Deal with the threats in a calm and just way.

Do not allow your success to create a foolish self-assurance. Do not allow your ability in this year to attract many to your side, give rise to overconfidence.

Use the idealism, outrageous character, and faith of the Fire Dog to help you succeed in the most ambitious undertakings and to overcome obstacles that others will try and place in front of you.

In this Year of the Dog, allow the inherent unselfishness of Chinese people to blend with the nature of the Dog and be as bighearted as possible.

Watch carefully that the cynicism of the Dog Year does not lead you into stress over worries...RELAX!

Be very careful in how you manage money this year and do not gamble.

This will be very good year for many - not so good for some. The trials and tribulations of the Year of the Rooster will fade for many who allow the nature of the Dog Year to be kept in balance...for those that do not, the negative aspects of the Rooster Year will be enhanced and there will be continued violence in all places that were violent in the Year of the Rooster.

Zhu nimen:
Xinnian Kuaile;
Shenti Jiankang;
Wanshi Ruyi!

Wei dajia xingfu de jiating...GANBEI!

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I thought that you were a Scottish-Swedish Canadian. The original post suggested that this was for Chinese people - "are you a Chinese?" it said. Or do you consider yourself Chinese now?
"People are the water, the ruler is the boat; water can carry the boat, but it can also capsize it."

-- Li Shimin (2nd Tang Emperor, "Taizong")

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Home is where the heart is. Betcha haven't got the gist yet of where my heart is!

Edited because it was too mean!

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To asmanthink

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