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"gap between haves and growing" [Copy link] 中文

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Closing gap between haves and Fu 1...

Closing gap between haves and have-nots

By Fu Jing (China Daily)

Updated: 2005-12-17 07:12

A new report is urging the Chinese Government to focus on giving migrant workers and farmers a fair chance since the gap between the haves and have-nots has already become a threat toward the country's social harmony.

A set of policy suggestions to close the gap between them and other social groups in China was found in the China National Human Development Report 2005 released on Friday, which was commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The government should take actions to ensure the punctual payment of salaries, provision of shelter, access to education for children, social security entitlements and union membership, the report said.

"Achieving development with greater equity and ensuring that all people, including the disadvantaged groups, have equal opportunities and a decent life free from poverty should be the future focus of China's future development plans," said Khalid Malik, UN Resident Co-ordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in China, in an interview with China Daily.

UNDP China expected the report, with the theme of "Towards Development with Equity," to become a major reference for the policy makers of the Chinese Government, which has been busy drafting its 11th Five-year (2006-10) Economic and Social Development Plan.

China has been trying to find a balance between efficiency and equality in income distribution. As the country's economy took off, however, priority was given to efficiency, and a huge number of farmers, migrants and even some urban labourers at the lower rungs of the social ladder have been economically affected, according to the report.

Even in the relatively developed Pearl River Delta in South China's Guangdong Province, a migrant worker earns only around 700 yuan (US$85) per month. In Chinese rural areas, about 30 million people still live in poverty and 60 million live close to the national poverty line with an annual income of 637 yuan (US$79).

The report said that it's of great importance to promote fairness in income distribution as a way to curb unstable factors that could endanger social stability and public security.

China's Gini coefficient an internationally accepted measurement of income equality was estimated by some research organizations at 0.45 this year. The "alarm boundary" stands at 0.4. The coefficient was 0.30 in 1982 and 0.45 in 2002. Among the 131 countries in the UNDP's updated survey, only 31 countries are in a worse situation than China in terms of equality in income distribution.

"We need to look at the problems and come up with constructive suggestions," said Lu Mai, secretary-general of the China Development Research Foundation. "It is high time for the government to target balanced social development as a major policy target as China is trying to quadruple its economy by 2020."

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Mr. Fish....we are tackling our problems...

..even if we only have 0.5% of our male adult population in our poor or not so poor desparadoes...

compare that to the United States...some 1.5 - 2% of adult male population in many desparadoes...

and to think in America..the law is lenient to the criminals.....

only loving pupil and second in the ranking....

rest of the BRITISH CLUB is quite similar to China's figures...

so...we have DONE VERY WELL, thank you on social JUSTICE!!!!!!


Green Dragon

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Reply #1 iluv2fish's post

Yes Miss Fish

China recognise the GAP long ago and actions taken since then!!!
Even beggars has a place to pool resources but not on the streets!!!
Who can help people with low karma???
Only the higher ones!!!

Glad that you recognise too!!!

How do one go about in the USA???
Still we see people lived under the bridges or elsewhere!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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How many beggars (homeless plus) are there in the states now?

[[ How do one go about in the USA???
Still we see people lived under the bridges or elsewhere!  ]]  


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It is fair you ask this question... let me share a story with you.

I had a friend and we hung around together. We went to parties, concerts, out for weekends
of fun. He was not a close friend, but I always saw him around.

As the years passed and my partying days got less I went to work and work and
know what I mean. I was trying to get ahead.

Then one day, on my way to get a bus, I seemed some homeless people drinking some
beer and much to my suprise was my old buddy. He offered me some beer (I was going to
work ) and asked for money. He said he would pay me back but I knew he wouldn't. I gave
him some money anyway.

After a short conversation he just came out and said he did not want to be a slave to the
masters and get a job. It puzzeled me as he was a bright, energetic, intelligent person.
He had cashed out on life.

Under the bridges you will find these people here in America. Some are not all there
upstairs, some are lazy, and some wnat to be "totally free".

We have many programs here in America if you are down on your luck. In fact any of these
people can get free food, free shelter and free medical attention if they obey the rules.
Many do not want to follow the rules.

When I speak about the ever widening gap in China, I was not talking about the homeless
but about the average "Joe". Does China take care of their homeless and down on thier
luck people like we do in the USA?

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New scheme helps city's homeless
By Qiu Quanlin (China Daily)
Updated: 2005-06-16 05:48

GUANGZHOU: Homeless people in Guangdong Province's capital are now being given help on the streets instead of having to go and find it for themselves.

New measures that took effect earlier this year mean outreach workers find homeless people themselves and send them to the shelter.

The workers are from Guangzhou Aid Station for Homeless People, under the Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau.

Under the new scheme, workers at the shelter frequently goes onto the streets to identify homeless people and persuade them to receive help at the station.

A 63-year-old homeless woman, surnamed Wang, who has been roaming about the city's streets for a number of years, is one of those who have been helped.

She was taken to the aid station after workers explained the shelter policy to her.

"Roaming about the streets is very hard for an older person," she said.

Wang once considered seeking help from the shelter, but she could not find ite because there were no proper signs to direct her there.

Guangzhou introduced the Measures on Aid and Management of Urban Vagrants and Beggars in 2003, the year when the government-funded the shelter were established in the city.

In addition, the city established a relief and protection centre for street children in 2003.

Before implementation of the measures, the public were reminded just how needed they were by an incident in the city in 2003.

Sun Zhigang, a 27-year-old graphic designer from Hubei Province, was mistaken for a vagrant and detained as he did not have his temporary residency card or identification card with him.

He was then beaten to death by inmates while at a repatriation centre several days later.

This case helped accelerate the launch of the new aid measures for urban vagrants and beggars.

Under the new measures, homeless people are not being forced to go to the shelter.

"More effort is needed to allow assistance to reach the needy more quickly and efficiently," said Li Weijie, director of the local civil affairs bureau.

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Reply #5 iluv2fish's post

Laziness is a big problem in humans!!!

Certain exercises will help eliminate the laziness!!!
Like bowing and praying!!!

But how to bring the horse to the water???

Yes Ms Fish - I see your posts getting better!!! Friendlier!!!
I wonder on your former style? Do you ever have have problem with your "man" if you blurted such words out??? Eg " Slant eyes"

i heard there are also old folks homes in China where the elderly are talen care off. You know with "one child", It is hard for the elderly separated by distance 'cos need to work elsewhere to earn a living!!!
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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