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PR mess for the Malaysian police. [Copy link] 中文

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Recently the Malaysian police is being caught in a massive PR mess.

This is due to
(1) 4 Chinese national given the regal treatment by the Malaysian police due to suspected of being "illegals" and involve in "Vice".

and now
(2) MMS circulated on normal police procedure of "undressing" and doing "ear squat". (normally undressing and ear squat..and in Singapore "anal" and "vaginal" search is done before placing a "suspect" into "central lockup".

But coming as it seems after a series of what seems to be "media ochestrated"...makes this a PR mess for the Malaysian police force.

The past incidents
(1) Chinese tourist especially females pin pointed by immigration officials.
(2) Borneo owned press and state authorities keep highlighting on Chinese illegals and vice operations.
(3) Riau press reporting an estimated 50,000 overstayers? It could be "legal workers", "marrying local nationals" or maybe "poor record keeping"? or just many "jump of the plane"..illegal workers.
(4) Uproar by the "tourist trade" entrepreneurs on the "missing Chinese tourist" estimated to be 28 million in 2005 of which 600,000 or so supposed to visit Malaysia?

The Rt. Hon Badawi is suppose to have directed an "Internal security minister" to apologize for the "4 Chinese nationals" who was given "regal treatment"....


What a strange week.

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Malaysian Police

You are right. The way Malaysian Police treat the Chinese are bad. For those who are interested you can read it at :

There are pictures to prove the incident.

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Ahhh! My suspicion is......

...quite a lot of factors is involved.

No.1 Singapore govt. does not want Malayan supercenter to compete with ochestrated with their traditional allies in Borneo to...."heat up the issues". In Singapore, Chinese nationals, or any nationals caught in vice, etc..are also given regal treatment..especially those who are a bit abusive.

In Singapore, we have regularly ..almost every week..some poor Malaysian motorist going to jail for 2-4 weeks...who are unable to settle the "gangster style fines"..about S$600...there were cases reported in the Chinese media not linked to the Hai Sans.

As usual before going to central lockup..we have strip downs and a rather unpleasant (so i heard) of having a policeman with plastic glove going through you various orifices to check for drugs, money, weapons etc.

2. Then the Riau rebels, those who are worried about excessive Chinese national illegals..some estimates that there are 200,000 to 300,000 in Singapore, same number in Thailand and at least 100,000 or more in Malaysia. (what with salaries in Singapore 20x, Malaya supercenter 10x and Bangkok 5x compare to rural or northern China)

they and the so called Riau up the momentum of the illegals in the Riau press.

(you notice Malaysian press is quite free and have many factions)

3. Then you have also a two triad in nightclubs, discoteque, bistro and another on VCD, bars.....that resulted in the framing and jailing of a Kuala Lumpur leader by a police officer sympathetic or ...something....(quite sensitive this part of the story)

4. We also have another group of Hup Sing and Metro Riau businessman who are upset at the lost of Chinese tourist business which is almost 10% of the total trade. This groups own hotels, travel agencies, restaurant and belong to the ruling clique in Put-Raja-Ya.

They own English press and went on a media challenge on validity.

and what of the Bureacracy...well, its a mess to be cleaned up by Rt. Hon. Badawi

Improvements suggestion
(1) Lockup check-up room should be clean, under video survellance and airconditioned without openings to allow outsider taking video or photos.

(2) Do proper check up and reduce profiling of visitors.

(3) Apologize to the Chinese government on the mess up "married chinese nationals"...afterall the Chinese citizens are actually part Malaysian now.

....the question..who started it all...i think it is JeeIwish Singapore!

ha ha ha


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Those images ….

remind me of the Abu Ghraib prison and how the US soldiers torture and humiliate the Iraqi prisoners of war; forcing them to strip naked, squat down and worse.  

I hope the Malaysian authorities will investigate the matter thoroughly and punish the culprits severely (unlike American who let off their culprits).

I also hope the Chinese can learn from this incident that the world outside China is not as free or as safe as it is in China.  The average Chinese, who have not travelled much, may think the worse about your own country because of **misinformation** the westerners often like to feed you with:  China’s authoritarian state, lack of freedom, censorship, and so on.  

All these are also ingredients very much present and practised in the West and states so called “democratic and free”, except that they are well hidden and covered up.

Yes (and remember), America NEVER dirty their backyard, they dirty others and then gloat at others’ losses (just like that supreme racist BASTARD above; he, a poor beggar, who parasites on China and the Chinese generosity only to gloat at her losses).  Don’t you know what shame is, hey you BASTARD up there?

Of course, Malaysia is a federal state, like America, a democracy.  Naïvely, the girls probably think it is safe to travel so long as they have the right passport and visa with them.   This is, however, far from true.

A couple of years back when I was in the capital city of Malaysia, I was warned by my Malaysian counterparts NEVER to walk alone in the night.  It is unsafe.  Their warning reminds me of some states of the USA and in UK where the blacks will be on night prowl to clobber up the white racists.

As to “police are an organ of power and authority”, well we have a UK case where a poor Brazilian was shot 7 times for dressing normally, walking normally except meeting the wrong law-enforcers, who, coincidentally happen to be all white.  Australia, I heard, is following suit.

That’s more or less the state of the so called “free world” outside China.

If you understand what HYPOCRISY means.

The next time you travel, always have with you a SOS number where you can call when in trouble, be it your country embassy contact number or someone at home who can help.  If you want to travel on your own, make sure you do your homework and find out more about the country you are travelling to.  Of course, unfortunate things do happen even if you were completely faultless ….


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Of course, I remember ….

someone complained about the richer Chinese …. some time ago when he was snubbed.  (Haha! great stuff!)

motives of the Chinese “tourists” abroad????

Let’s question the motives of Bush’s visit to China if not to “beg”.

And let’s question the motives of that Bastard’s stay in China.  It could just be illegal.

Yes, China should have strict immigration laws against illegal overstayers like the Bastard! and deport him immediately!  We will have plenty to write on that too.


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