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American political situation - a summary! Please correct me - American forumites [Copy link] 中文

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In the United States, the situation somewhat mirrors the New Middle Kingdom situation. Let's look at American Tongs and Hongs.

Basically the Tongs and Hongs consist of

Democratic party
(1) Irish people - this are mostly refugees like our Hakka Chinese running away from famine. Unlike the Hakka who dominates military structure, the Irish used the Police are quite unlike our own Jeewish chinese.

The greatest leaders are the KENNEDY FAMILY. They have their fair share of assasinations, goyelling.

Their greatest Hong is the FORD MOTOR COMPANY, the 2nd largest car company in the world.

Generally their greatest enemy are Jeewish people. The Ford Snr. started the "International Jeewish" book and a whole lot of Jeeewish shits to fight against the nemesis in the Democratic party. Many shits occur in the MOB wars between JEEWISH and Irish especially in key New York - Boston stripe supercenter....stuff that will make "Taishi incident" laughable.

(2) The French. The greatest Hong is the DuPont De Nemours Co.This company owns Delaware state. Louisiana is another stronghold of the Frenchies. At its peak, the greatest motor company named GENERAL MOTORs, and the oil company CONOCO belongs to that company.

This has been target of much predation due to its great wealth and size. The Jeewish finally manage to "destroy the company" using legislation, split the company and finally its final a very decadent livestyle was charged with murder of his "gold medal olympic" trainer at his estate...this allowed the takeover by a Jeewish liquor company and now split to by swallowed by other Jeewish owners.

The Frenchies are PISSED OFF big time especially in Quebec and France.

(3) The Jeewish people. This are big big media and banking leaders. They owned the schools, bureacracy drop into their hands as a result...they are only held back by the American Anglo groups......These group is very aggressive like our Fujien compatriots in ASEAN. And yes the same problem.....about 1 massacre every 60 years...basically mountain people and refugees due to their own excesses.

more to come......

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The Republican party...and the Anglo

Generally speaking the strongest group in America is the

(4) Anglo people. This are the descendence of English, and generally speaking the Germans....heck German don't care two tocks about the English ha ha ha

This is the biggest group..about 60% of the Americans are white. Of this 60%, about 50% are Anglo stock.

The own the largest Hongs, WATSON, GATES, ROCKERFELLA, CARLYE, HEWLETT...etc. etc. They run the military-industrial complex and keep their own institutions..this is the so called "Rich White Boys".

(5) The other brownish whites - 7%...Greeks, Italians, Baltics, Polish....many of these ends up as "white trash"......i am not totally sure of these though?

(6) Hispanics - 15%..mostly serfs. They have been relegated in many business and have not much say. Some say, the Hispanics could be 20% of the American population due to high birth rate but it is mostly illegal immigration at rates of 0.2% annually! The GNP share now is US$800 billion..almost same as the Asian Americans...only if they can organize!

(7) Blacks - 12%...initially slaves and now are mostly serfs. However they run many run down cities and buroughs including the Washington D.C.

(8) Asian Americans. this is mostly middle class, professional, skilled and run small and medium size business. Their average income is almost the same or more than average Anglo. This group numbering some 5% of which 4% has mostly chinese blood has been a "model community" for blacks, hispanics, white trash to "improve themselves".

In fact many Asian Americans has manage to "win districts" on support of Hispanics, Blacks and white trash......the hope of America lays in this group...who will be spreading the "sermon of self improvement"

(9) Red Indians..a small group of landowners and rich because of presence of "Casinos".


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very interesting...

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You are exactly right about identity politics.

While your descriptions may be politically incorrect, your theory that people vote based on their identity over their economic situation is accurate.  You may want to expand your definitions by including sex and sexual orientation -- women comprise a large segment of voters and tend to vote Democratic by an identifiable margin.  Gays and lesbians activists usually vote Democratic, but all of these identifiable groups also have activists in the Republican Party.

No Democrat has won the presidency without winning at least one state of the old confederacy (the south).  Even John Kennedy won Texas in 1960, 45 years ago.

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While your labels may be politically incorrect, I also find it interesting that there are people who will dogmatically stick to ideology even against their own self-interest.  I know some poor Republicans who vote Republican no matter what.  Debts, deficits, Iraq debacle, and anything else, it doesn't matter because they seem to be programmed like automatons by the right wing echo machine.  When you bring up facts, they cannot deal with it since their programmers don’t have answers.  So the MO is just to obfuscate, ignore, and repeat the same right wing garbage, hoping there are people stupid enough to believe something if they hear, see, or read it enough times.  Problems is, these fools are really just fooling themselves since the facts have no party biases, party affiliations, and no party-line rhetoric.  

At a recent fundraiser, I had the misfortunate to sit at a table with several right wing nuts.  One guy said Saddam was responsible for Oklahoma City bombing and the first World Trade Center bombing and that’s why US invaded.  I asked, ”What factual evidence do you have of that?”  I could see the flummoxed look on his face and he struggled to give a halfhearted answer.  Deep down, I think even he realized what a factually false statement that was, but he must still perpetuate the same right wing fact less garbage that his programmers put into him.  I think I must have surprised him because he was not accustomed to someone challenging him with the facts.  

The most surprising thing was this right wing automaton was truly oblivious to world matters, and would vote for right wing issues, against his self-interest.  Perhaps the right wing echo machine has it right when they appeal to some automatons that are too stupid to realize they are supporting issues that ultimately hurt themselves.

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Correction to the political analysis presented so far...

My first thought when I read this so-called description of the American political 'situation' was... What kind of drugs are you taking?  To make these generalizations based on race or nationality is worse than politically incorrect.  It is flat out wrong, and indicates a poor understanding of the United States, its political system and its people.

The primary difference between the Democratic and Republican parties is ideology.  The Democrats wish to redistribute wealth by taking more money from those who have it and giving it to low income groups.  Low income groups are typically minorities and illegal immigrants, but span across all races, creeds and colors.  [By the way, a majority of Jewish voters support Democratic candidates.]  The Democratic party wishes to increase the size of all levels of government, and its ability to control the lives of the individual.  The Republican party support less government and the controls it imposes on business operations.   Republicans generally want the individual and companies to keep more of the money they earn.  They believe the individual should be responsible for their own successes or failures.
Over the last decade, the two sides are beginning to merge, so it is difficult to distinguish a true Conservative or Liberal from the other.  But it is incorrect to say that all members of one race, religious belief or national heritage support one party over the other.  Sometimes an issue becomes so important, that an American will cross over and vote for a candidate from the other party.  The one issue that will always cause this cross over is an individual's or family's financial situation.  If the economy is strong, and a person is feeling confident about their position and future, the current leader (or leader's party) will do well in elections.  If the economy is bad or many are pessimistic about the future, many incumbents will lose in the elections.

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