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我编了一篇文章《天地肥皂泡》,有时间者帮我修改,不甚感激!!! [Copy link] 中文

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天地肥皂泡The soapsuds for Earth & Sky

                                                               ------大地的自白 The earth’s confession

一个在天One in the sky

一个在地One on the earth


十万八千里There are thousands of miles afar

地望着天The earth stared at the sky

天望着地The sky stared at the earth

可望而不可及Within sight but beyond reach

地想着天The earth missed the sky

天想着地The sky missed the earth

心有灵犀Minds acted upon minds

脉脉含情With goo goo eyes

心心相汇Minds met minds

深情厚谊Deep love and friendship

渴望至极Were dead thirsty one

地对天说The earth said to the sky

天听地说The sky listened to the earth

要是If only

一起吃饭We could dine together

多么甜蜜How honeyed

要是If only

一起睡觉We could go to sack in together

多么温馨How warm

要是If only

一起散步We could promenade together

多么浪漫How romantic

要是If only

一起读书We could do reading together

多么芬芳How fragrant

要是If only

一起奋斗We could strive together

多么幸福How happy

肺腑之言Heart-to-heart talking

飞入天堂flied into the heaven

天悄临地The sky came to the the earth gently

原本以为 It thought

合二为一 Two of us in one heart

永不分离 Would never part

地表心意After the earth’s confession

大相径庭It was divergent widely

无声无息Dead silently


何方神圣Where do you come from

胆敢私闯How dare you privately barge into

人间圣地The Holy land of Human world

还不回去Please go away

你来何意What are you going to do

真不知趣Nothing interesting really

我忙自己I am too busy

无时陪你 to be your company

访叔赏海 to visit my uncle and sightsee the sea

与友相聚 and to get together with friends

哪里有你 No thee

可以参与 Are allowed to

你来何意What are you going to do

真不知趣Nothing interesting really

休想No way

与我亲吻To kiss me

休想No way

与我拥抱To embrace me

休想No way

与我共枕To go to bed with me

休想No way

一起生活To lead a life with me

休想No way

一起奋斗To go thick and thin with me

痴心妄想Just a fancy

一切没你And no way

看你模样You look

叮当叮当So lonely

未曾恋爱Without love

就已失恋You have been lovesick

早知如此If you know this

何必当初Shouldn’t you have done it

何必当真Why take it so seriously

何必相信So trustworthily

何必在意So attentively

何必痴情So infatuatedly

地说完话The earth finished talking

天听完话The sky finished listening

为何上天Why did the sky

会看错人Take the wrong person

为何大地How came the earth

没有真情Were not faithful

(注:本故事纯属虚构,如有雷同,实属巧合Notes: This story and all the characters in it are fictitious; any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental.)

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=.= 切腹中........

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都没人帮我修改??? 英语和汉语 都可以!!!


不论是语言还是逻辑  还是..........等等

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If only
We could dine together
How honeyed

How sweet

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Where do you come from   -----"shengshen" is missing
How dare you privately barge into---"trespass" refer to barge into a place without permission
The Holy land of Human world  ---mundane world
Please go away --The Chinese is in scolding tone, and 'please' is kinda polite.

My version:

Where are Your Excellency from?
How dare you trespass on
the holy mundane world
Don't you go back

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One in the sky
One on the earth
There are thousands of miles afar

I. The dialogue is between personified the earth and the sky, instead of anyone or anything is in the sky or on the earth. The two lines are telling where the two locate in.
II. The third line is missing

The sky is above
The earth is beneath
Between the sky and the earth
there're thousands of miles away

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