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Why is China still a developing country   [Copy link] 中文

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The South China Morning Post today reports that a gaggle of Chinese tourists were formally asked to ...

This reminds me of being in an elevator in China with a Chinese friend. A guy got on the elevator and started talking on his cell phone. He was so loud that his voice was reverberating off of the marble floors and walls. I looked at my friend and asked her, "How can the other person on that call understand a word he's saying? He's yelling." She said, "Oh, he's likely from the countryside and the person he's talking to is far away. He has to talk loud because the distance is so far. He doesn't understand the difference. One day he will understand that distance doesn't matter when you're talking on the phone." HA! HA! HA! HA! Now, I understand.

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Why is China still a developing country?

Because China doesn't conduct anti-human crimes as the West did and do, but for peaceful and mutually beneficial rising.

- The West colonise from Asia to North America, to Africa, to Australia.

- They commit anit-human crimes, trafficking the black as slaves, sucking out their natural resources, and using them as a cheap labour. This is the comment from another CD user whose moniker I have forgotten.

- With a farrago of lies. There are WMDs in Iraq.

Still? China's development is stunning. Without going to aggressive wars, resorting to lies, China is rising overnight with feeding up the people who were the most destitute in the world.

None of the other countries can compete with Zhongguo about that.

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Speaking a little louder is not even a foible.
But POTUS Trump pays up prostitute and cheats on his wife, as well as his racist and sexist remarks against people all the time. We wonder why American people fail to elect an honest person to serve the office?

-- Clinton lied.

---Bush lied.

- Nixson lied.

- Trump lied.

Oop, there are not honest politicans with scuples in the US.

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MichaelM Post time: 2018-6-10 06:49
I don't think it is the Japanese's responsibility to know that this is normal behavior back in tho ...

The Chinese tour operator is responsible for the conduct and behavior of the tour group. They should only bring those Chinese tourists to Chinese restaurants run by Chinese immigrants. That’s usually the modus operandi of Chinese tour operators.

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seneca Post time: 2018-6-10 10:46
To me it is not a big deal. I have grown calluses on my eardrums and my corneas. I don't notice ce ...

Chinese culture — which is 5,000 years old — revolves around family and food. That’s the social life of Chinese people in the same way that Westerners go to pubs and football games. Chinese people go to Chinese restaurants not just to eat and drink but to SOCIALIZE with each other. That’s why almost all social gatherings in China takes place in Chinese restaurants where they celebrate social events and festive occasions together. Westerners go to pubs and drink till they drop or else cheer their favorite football clubs to their hearts content. Are you going to say that Westerners are “undeveloped” due to their loud behavior in pubs and football stadiums?

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