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Is cotton picking racist? Or just in USA? [Copy link] 中文

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I was scrolling through google news the other day and I came across a news item about how the Oklahoma City Thunder play-by-play announcer has been suspended for saying that Russell Westbrook was"out of his cotton picking mind." The story is another example of how USA is out of its cotton picking mind. In USA it is racist for a black kid to wear a T-shirt with a monkey on it because apparently Americans used to call black Americans monkeys even though there is nothing racist whatsoever about a T-shirt with a monkey on it - unless the shirt is on a black American kid apparently. In USA you can say that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys if you are talking about a stupid black person but if you are talking about a stupid black person then you are being racist even though you are not. The term cotton picking refers to something being difficult - it has nothing to do with racism - but since Americans used to use black slaves to pick cotton they are hysterical about anything linking a black person to picking cotton so if you say that a black American is out of his cotton picking mind in USA then the Americans think it is racist.

What's the origin of the phrase 'Cotton-picking'?
It can come as as little surprise that the term 'cotton-picking' originated in the southern states of the USA, where it is usually pronounced cotton-pickin'. It began life in the late 1700s and differs from the 19th century Dixie term, 'cottonpicker', in that the latter was derogatory and racist, whereas 'cotton-picking' referred directly to the difficulty and harshness of gathering the crop. Manual cotton picking was tough work. The southern expression 'cutting in high cotton', which means 'have it easy', refers to the relatively easy task of cutting cotton without having to bend down.


See - there is nothing racist about the phrase 'cotton picking' whatsoever - 'cotton picking' just means something that is difficult. It is difficult to pick cotton. The play-by-play announcer did not have any racist intent when he said that Russell Westbrook was out of his cotton picking mind - he said it after Westbrook racked up his ninth assist in the second quarter. Nine assists is considered very good for an entire game so to get nine assists in just two quarters is quite difficult and that is why the announcer said that Westbrook was out of his cotton picking mind. There was nothing racist about what the announcer said at all. But since USA has a past of black slavery and a collective guilt complex about it this guy had to be suspended because even though well know that tbeguy is not racist and did not intend to be racist and was in fact not racist in any way shape or form - he made the mistake of saying cotton picking in the same sentence as a black guy.

Now if this announcer had of said that Russell Westbrook is a cotton picker then this would be racist because cotton picker is a derogatory term that racist Americans have used to insult black Americans - unless Russell Westbrook did in factpick cotton in the off season or something it would be racist to call him a cotton picker. But to say that he is out of his cotton picking mind after racking up his ninth assist in the second quarter is not a racist attack - it is a compliment.

What next? Will it be racist to show a black American on TV eating a watermelon? Back in the days of American black slavery the slave owners would often give their black slaves a patch of land to grow food for themselves and the black slaves would often grow watermelons. So does that make watermelons racist? Or are watermelons only racist if a black American has something to do with them? Can a black American kid wear a T-shirt with a picture of a watermelon on it? Or would this set of a so-called Twitter storm? Can a black American be used in a commercial to sell a watermelon or would this be racist too?

American society is utterly ludicrous die to its collective guilt complex that it has due to its racist past that includes the slavery of blacks. The American so-called Founding Father's were even slave owners that owned black people. How on earth can this racist nation with its racist history act as the leader state of the global community? The fact is that the hysteria and overreaction caused by the American nations collective guilt complex over its slave owning past is racism in itself and this American liberal racism prevents the global community from moving forward and leaving racism behind us. With USA as leader state telling us that everything is racist even when it isn't - and telling us that society will always be racist - there is no way we can move forward. Of course the Americans can never escape their evil racist history and that is why it should not only not be the global communities leader state - in my opinion USA should not even exist. USA should be destroyed as a nation and a new multicultural North American super state should be created. American liberalism is not the solution - it is just part of the problem. American liberalism promotes victimization in the so-called black communities and liberal affirmative action devalues the accomplishments of black people across the globe. Liberal Americanism ensures that we will never move to a colour blind global community and that is why racist liberal America must be rejected.

And if the phrase cotton picking is so racist in guilt ridden USA then does this mean that Warner Bros Bugs Bunny cartoons that feature Yosemite Sam are racist? Are Texas Tech going to have to change their team mascot now? Raider Red is Yosemite Sam isn't he?


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