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Cobra Kai - new Karate Kid series [Copy link] 中文

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I consume a lot of media from YouTube because it is free and it has a lot of old movies and TV shows that I like on there. Sometimes you can't find the movie you want to watch on YouTube for free because of copywrite laws but you often can. What people do a lot of the time is upload a video of a show or movie in a window - rather than the full screen - or the show or movie with the edges of the screen missing and YouTube often allows this. Even if you can't find the movie you want for free YouTube has an option to rent the movie for a small fee. I have never paid to watch a movie on YouTube because if I can't find the movie I want for free I just find a movie on there that is free but like I said it is not expensive to rent a movie on YouTube and I'm not against the idea of paying for a movie on the site - I just haven't gotten around to it yet because YouTube has so much free content to entertain me. I think it is great that you can rent pretty much any movie you are looking for on YouTube and at some stage I am sure I will rent some movies from them.

So I really like YouTube. I like that YouTube offers so much entertainment for free. I also like that basically any movie I can think of is available to rent on YouTube if I really want to watch it.

I do not watch a lot of YouTube content from peasants that have their own YouTube channel - mostly its just movies orntv shows that I like to watch on there - or another thing that I like to consume for free on YouTube is science fiction audio stories. I used to download these science fiction short stories from an old radio show called Mindwebs and you can find them different sites on the internet but I recently found that YouTube has all of these stories on there too along with many other speculative fiction short stories and books, so I live those too. But yeah I really can't stand actual people with YouTube channels for the most part and I wish they would all $%$% off to some community TV station or something.

So lately when I have been checking my YouTube suggestions I have been getting ads for a new web series called Kobra Kai which is a series that follows on from the Karate Kid movies. At first I ignored them even though I was slightly curious since I did like the Karate Kid movie, and to a laser extent Karate Kid 2 and 3. But everything that the CIA makes these days is gay and an attack on me so like I said I ignored the Cobra Kai ads at first. But it got the better of me so I clicked on on of the ads and I was shocked to find that Cobra Kai looks like it is going to be awesome.

Like I said - everything the CIA makes these days is gay and a liberal attack on me - an uneducated white working class male. The last Karate Kid movie had Will Smith's son as the Karate Kid for example. Making the Karate Kid black in modern times is just a liberal attack on me. The CIA hijack a loved movie franchise and then they make the characters black or female and then they callnit equality - as if I was some kind of racist or sexist for liking the original movie. The CIA does this with superhero movies and Star Wars, Ghostbusters etc - and it sucks because the CIA is being open about the fact that it hates me and sees me as its enemy. Being a white male is the worst thing in the world these days - especially if you are uneducated. White educated makes get a pass plus their lives aren't too bad anyway but an uneducated white male is the worst. As a white uneducated male you are wondering why the hell the CIA wants to make your life worse and why they want to make it clear that they are your enemy. Before the year 2000 or so the CIA pretended to be our friend. Before the year 2000 or so a white uneducated male could watch SNL or SNL movies and it was as if the CIA was making stuff to entertain you not attack you. But look at SNL now - it is just an unending liberal attack on white uneducated males. SNL was never this way in the 90s when it had Adam Sandler, David Spade, Chris Farley, Norm McDonald etc on it - all those guys were lime your buddies or something - but not now. Now SNL is our enemy. And its the same with pretty much everything the CIA makes these days. ( Yeah SNL is a CIA celebrity factory if you hadn't noticed. All SNL comedians are CIA. But notice how SNL can't produce a celebrity in modern times like they always could in the past now that all the show is is an attack on the majority of people that used to like it? ) Now back in 1994 when the female karate kid was made it didn't feel like a liberal attack and it really wasn't. They just made a Karate Kid movie with a girl as the Karate Kid and that was fine even though nobody watched it. It may have helped if the female Karate Kid was actually hot and not Hilary Swank - but anyway - in the 90s there was no liberal nastiness behind putting a female or black person in a lead role - even if it was in a loved franchise. I mean did anyone really want to see another Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio at that point? Of course not. So they tried making the Karate Kid a girl. Fine. There was never any liberal nastiness behind a female hero like Tank Girl in the 90s either. Liberalism and feminism in the 90s was never an attack on white males and white males never had a problem with it - and the majority of us don't now either - the problem is that in modern times we have become the enemy and bad people just because we are white males and the liberal media that the CIA keeps putting out are attacks on us that we could not ignore even if we tried. The feminist Ghostbusters for example. I don't even like Ghostbusters but for goodness sake - the CIA is going to tell us that the original Ghostbusters was sexist because the Ghostbusters were males? We were sexist to like it? As punishment we are getting a feminist female Ghostbusters that is made by a gay guy that hates us and liberal feminist $%$%s that hate us for being white males? What in the $%$%? Star Wars was sexist because Luke was a dude and not a chick? What the $%$%? The CIA are total $%$%s and its hard not to hope that a terrorist kills every last one of them. Honestly.

So when I watched the Cobra Kai ad I was shocked to see that the hero - or anti-hero is the bully from the original Karate Kid - Johnny. A bully as the hero. I can't believe it. Of course another aspect of modern CIA liberalism is that we cannot say a bad word about someone or we are a bully or a 'troll' or a 'hater' and we deserve to die. Just look around at the bubbling liberal hatred for bullies and trolls in modern times - they want to murder us all. Now I was never really much of a bully but you could probably say that I am a 'troll' or a 'hater' according to the modern liberal definition. So yeah anyway in the Cobra Kai ad I watched it looks as though the bully Johnny - who is down and out by the looks of things while Daniel - the hero from the original film owns a successful car dealership - opens up a new Cobra Kai karate school and becomes the sensei of ....hmm - well a gay kid that is getting bullied at school. Maybe I didn't think this through too well. Anyway - in the ad Johnny says to this gay kid something like - "Cobra Kai is a fighting style that your pansy generation desperately needs". And its refreshing because young people these days are a bunch of pansies. It looks as though Daniel is kind of a jerk and the show is sympathetic to down and out middle aged former highschool bully Johnny. Coming from the CIA this is incredible. Sympathy for a bully? That is white - not wealthy and down and out in middle age? I can't believe it. Is the CIA actually acknowledging that bullies are people too? And the gay kid isn't even black or a chick!

Anyway - maybe the CIA is trying to trick me but Cobra Kia looks like it will be really good from the ads I watched. So to watch this YouTube web series you have to pay for YouTube Red which is $10 a week. On top of YouTube Red content you also get some other features like not having to watch ads at the start of YouTube videos and you can save videos and watch them offline for a certain amount of time. Now everyone has heard of Netflicks but few seem to know much about YouTube Red. The US corporate media never seems to shut the $%$% up about YouTube trying to make money from streaming music - the CIA is obsessed with making a profit from streaming music services - but YouTube Red is almost never mentioned. and how many of you are aware of YouTube Live TV? YouTube does not do a very good job at all as far as promoting its paid services in my opinion which seems odd since the CIA is behind it and the CIA controls western corporate media.

I like YouTube and I'm considering paying for YouTube Red. I think the best thing is for there to be only one platform that gives you access to all media and I think that YouTube is best to act as the platform. The only thing really stopping me paying for YouTube services is the fact that I know the CIA hates me and that they put all of their effort into attacking me and making my life as bad as possible for some reason. What in the $%$% did I ever do to the CIA anyway? I have no idea.

So YouTube is good and it can be the major entertainment media platform of the west. I say $%$% Netflicks. In my opinion the Chinese Government should set up something similar to YouTube which I'm sure they already have but incorporate paid streaming services into it like YouTube are doing right now and produce original content for it - have movies to rent and an option to watch live/cable TV through it. And then maybe in the future the CIA platform can merge with the Chinese platform to create the best combination.

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