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Take generous offer Taiwan [Copy link] 中文

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The US backed KMT lost China a long time ago. It's time they grow up and face facts.
The west never had China's interests at heart. Why does Taiwan pretend it is a democracy
when it is just a US backed oligarchy like any other country under western influence.
Even the Oligarch of America pretends to be a democracy. Why live a lie any longer?

Taiwan is part of China.
Will the elite rulers of Taiwan continue to disadvanage their people just to please the west?
Why throw a generous offer like this away? Taiwan, you are no protectorate of the US. Only
your political leaders are and they are welled paid for being so.

Some Taiwanese have long feared that China would try to take back the island by force. This week China tried a far gentler approach: measures to make it easier for Taiwanese to invest, work and study on the mainland.

Still, the 31 measures unnerved the government in Taipei, which accused China of trying to lure away talent while undermining Taiwanese political identity.

Those reactions from Taipei come less than a week before China's legislature begins annual meetings that normally include a sweeping, high-level statement on the future of Beijing's ever thorny relations with Taiwan. They also follow nearly two years of diplomatic and economic pressure from Beijing against Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

China claims sovereignty over self-ruled Taiwan, viewing it as a rogue province. China insists on eventual unification.

China's Taiwan Affairs Office on Wednesday announced the measures aimed at attracting Taiwanese people to do business or study in China.

Twelve of the measures would give Taiwanese investors equal treatment with mainland counterparts. The office said the package overall would help Taiwanese factories cut manufacturing and operating costs and allow their goods to reach further into the massive Chinese market, a hallmark of the $11.2-trillion-plus Chinese economy that grows about 7% every year.

Nineteen measures make it easier to study, set up businesses and work in China.

"They are aimed at sharing the opportunities of the mainland's development with Taiwan compatriots," the Taiwan Affairs Office said on its website.

The Taiwanese government's Mainland Affairs Council dismissed the measures as an attempt by China to fulfill its goal of fusing the island and mainland together.

"Recently mainland China has tightened pressure on us, then it releases 'measures advantageous to Taiwan' to win over our public," the council said in a statement. "For mainland China to repeatedly launch numerous measures like that over the long term means it's accelerating its one-sided economic development goals by attracting Taiwanese resources as well as hoping [the measures] will help change Taiwan's political identity."

A day before China announced the measures, Taiwan's president appealed for foreign help in keeping her island autonomous. China has the world's third-strongest military, compared with Taiwan's at No. 19.

China and Taiwan have been separately ruled since the Chinese civil war of the 1940s, when Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists lost the mainland to the Communists and moved their government to Taipei.

"Taiwan's stance of maintaining status quo will not change," Tsai said at a Foreign Ministry event Tuesday in Taipei, meaning no unification. "But I want to remind that this maintenance is not just one country's responsibility. Maintaining the status quo requires that every country in the region to work hard together."

Beijing resents Tsai for declining to see both sides as parts of a single country, a precondition for any dialogue. Tsai, who took office in 2016, is also backed by a political party with senior members who advocate more distance from China.

If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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