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Title: Fanatical Christian west [Print this page]

Author: robert237    Time: 2018-2-28 17:00:32     Title: Fanatical Christian west

If this isn't government sponsored religion I don't know what is.
Big business religion is part and parcel to the Oligarchy of America.
This is as fantical a gesture as anything dealt out by the extremists of Islam.

Graham, wary of politics in life, gets Capitol salute
Associated Press LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press 3 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — He felt stung by the politics that helped define his life — and resolved to keep a distance. But in death, the Rev. Billy Graham is getting a rare tribute from the nation's top political leaders under Capitol Rotunda.

President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are expected Wednesday to remember "America's pastor," who died a week earlier at age 99. Some 30 family members will accompany Graham's casket to Washington, where he befriended presidents of both parties and counseled others over seven decades.

Graham is lying in honor beneath the iconic dome Wednesday and Thursday, before a funeral Friday near his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. "If there is any American whose life and life's work deserves to be honored by laying in honor in the U.S. Capitol, it's Billy Graham," Ryan said.

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