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Donald Trump has Saved the World from the Ashkenazi [Copy link] 中文

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It is as if Jesus Christ magically altered reality to give humanity one last chance by magically making Donald Trump win the election.

Trump will now save the world from the misanthropic policies of the Ashkenazi.  Trump will:

1) Destroy the Ashkenazi media empire and replace it with a new media that supports the interests of Gentiles

2) Trump will destroy the Ashkenazi control of international banking by removing them from power.

3) Trump will destroy the biggest supporters of Ashkenazi power: Africans and Hispanics, by cutting off all their welfare services, causing them to die on the streets of America and thus not being able to vote for Democrats, the party owned by the Ashkenazi.

4) Trump will close the borders to any further non-White immigrants, ensuring that Democrats don't get any more votes.

5) Trump will allow all American citizens to own any military weapon they want, ensuring that they have weapons to defend themselves from the Ashkenazi.

6) Trump will destroy the international Ashkenazi Army, NATO, and bring all of the troops home to support White interests, not Ashkenazi interests.

7) Trump will create more jobs and wealth for Whites so they can have the financial means to defend themselves from the Ashkenazi.

8) Trump will wipe out the private military of the Ashkenazi: ISIS.

9) Trump will ally with the second most powerful anti-Ashkenazi nation in the world - Russia.  Russia has been trying for decades to imprison the Ashkenazi for carrying out the Bolshevik Revolution genocide against thirty million Russian men, women, children, and babies - the real Holocaust.

10) Trump will form allies with other anti-Ashkenazi leaders in the world such as Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, and Marie le Pen, resulting in the Ashkenazi being removed from power in the entire West.

11) Trump will crush the Ashkenazi owned Hollywood and provide the economic resources to allow Whites to build their own Hollywood that will promote White interests, not Ashkenazi ones.

12) Trump will stop all the illegal affirmative action for Ashkenazi in America's universities, especially the Ivy League universities.   

13) Trump will shut down all the Ashkenazi organizations in America such as the SPLC, the ADL, the AIPAC, and so forth.  These organizations serve to discourage Gentile interests and instead promote Ashkenazi interests.  America is supposed to serve the interests of all Americans, not just Ashkenazi interests.

And much more!   Let's hope that Trump declares himself Emperor of the USA and stays in power for the rest of his life!

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Trump is scary.

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Believe it or not, it's true.

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Liononthehunt Post time: 2018-2-21 23:16
You are way worse than him.

Here is how the West destroy the evil Chinese government:

First economically isolate them, causing their economy to collapse and sending all of China right back to the rice fields.  Any nation that trades with China will be charged with terrorism and immediately invaded and have their government replaced.

Second, military invasion, doing a regime change.  

The end result will have two good results: world will become safe, and the Chinese people will become free.

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Believe it or not, it's true.

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