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Brave Vietnam, brave N. Korea   [Copy link] 中文

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Great people defending their great homeland.

Now it is North Korea's turn to defend their homeland and save all Korean people from the tyranny
of western imperialism by ousting the western military bases from artifically created South Korea.

By HAU DINH -- the Associated Press

HUE, Vietnam –  As a 19-year-old scout and spy for the communist forces in South Vietnam, Hoang Thi No remembers the determination and spirit of her 11-member team of young women who took part in the audacious Tet Offensive that turned the tide of the Vietnam War 50 years ago.

"If we didn't fight the enemy, they would destroy us all," she said. "We were young and weren't afraid. ... Once we had a strong ideology, we could do anything."

Hoang Thi No.png

Her unit was known as the Perfume River Squad for the river that runs through Hue, Vietnam's cultural capital and third biggest city. Four of them died in the fighting that raged through the city for most of that February; two died later in the war.

Hoang Thi No 2.png

They were part of a mobilization of as many as 80,000 fighters — regular soldiers from Communist North Vietnam, guerrillas of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, known as Viet Cong, and village militia — who launched virtually simultaneous surprise attacks on more than 100 cities, towns and U.S. military bases in South Vietnam the early morning hours of Jan. 31, 1968.

Official U.S. statistics for a month of fighting put the death toll at more than 58,000 enemy combatants, 3,995 American soldiers and 4,954 allied South Vietnamese troops plus 14,300 civilians.

"Psychologically, the war turned against the Americans at that point," said Alan Dawson, at the time a 26-year-old U.S. Army journalist in South Vietnam. "That attack in the Tet Offensive was really the moment that the final outcome of the war was decided to the communist advantage."

After an initial period of chaos, U.S. and South Vietnamese forces rallied to overwhelm the communist attackers, largely through the use of superior firepower.

Had the offensive been nipped in the bud everywhere, it might have been more clearly recognized as a major military defeat for the communists. But the tenacious Vietnamese guerrillas in Hue held out for about a month, helped by the work of the Perfume River Squad.

"Our duties were to enter the city to get information of movements and important locations of the enemy," No said. "We also mobilized local people to support the revolutionary forces by stocking up food and digging secret trenches and tunnels, getting ready for the fight. When the offensive started, we guided our major forces to various top important locations to fight the U.S Army in Hue city."

On Wednesday, No joined her comrades in Hue in marking the anniversary of the offensive with speeches and patriotic songs.

No suffers from a thyroid condition that doctors attribute to contact with Agent Orange, the herbicide that U.S. warplanes sprayed over large parts of Vietnam to try to deprive the communist forces of jungle cover.

The veterans, mostly in their 70s and 80s and some wearing their combat medals, looked happy just to get together, chatting in the hallways before the formalities, laughing as they shared wartime stories and posed for group photos taken with their smartphones. The hall where they were meeting was about a kilometer (half a mile) from Hue's famous Citadel, scene of the fiercest fighting, whose walls are still pockmarked with bullet holes among the moss.

Communist military planners of the Tet Offensive had hoped their attacks would incite a popular uprising to upset the balance in what had become a very costly and increasingly conventional war since the escalation of the U.S. military presence in 1965.

They also believed that a show of strength would weaken American political will, which they were well aware was wilting under pressure from anti-war sentiment back home.

Seeking to maximize psychological impact, they targeted high-profile targets in Saigon, the South Vietnamese capital now called Ho Chi Minh City. They included the Presidential Palace, Tan Son Nhut air base and most dramatically the U.S. Embassy, where sappers penetrated the outer perimeter but were shot down before they could get to the main building.

Dawson said the Americans and South Vietnamese knew an attack was coming, but didn't understand the scope of it. "The Viet Cong, for example, smuggled weapons into Saigon by the thousands; rifles, grenades, that kind of thing, including even in mock funerals they had, and they got the weapons in coffins into Saigon."

U.S. Marines spearheaded an allied effort to clear the communists in bitter house-to-house fighting in which neither side paid much heed to the safety of civilians. Dramatic footage of the harrowing fighting dominated U.S. television coverage, with devastating political effect. In March, embattled U.S. President Lyndon Johnson announced he would not run for another term and put limitations on bombing as a prelude to peace talks.

The fighting dragged on for seven more years, fueling U.S. street protests and convulsing American politics, before the North prevailed and the last Americans evacuated in 1975.

If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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Despite North Korea is a Fake CIA State and Kim Jong Un & his missiles are reportedly CGI's, all this saber rattling in his direction is more Zionist sponsored aggression a la the campaigns against Iraq and Afghanistan, which were the product of false intelligence and the Israel inspired 911 Attacks.

Whoever owing allegiance to the United States levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death. 18 USC Ch. 115, §2381.

Officially the war against Afghanistan was legally justified under the above statute, and in response to the claim the Taliban Government of that country had granted safe haven to Osama bin Laden who denied guilt, who was blamed for fomenting the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Despite the Taliban had said if evidence were forthcoming they would facilitate his extradition, which fell on deaf ears in Washington, bombs and rockets commenced raining down on that country before the clock struck 12:00 midnite in NY on the day of the attacks. Jews did 911.

In superb irony that the Celebrating Jews of 911, the ones were kickin' up their heels filming the destruction of the WTC Towers, wherein thousands of Americans in the upper levels died trapped behind locked fire doors..

While NYPD helicopter pilots with trained rooftop rescue teams at their disposal circled overhead, have been granted safe haven since day 1 in Brisbane Australia .. surely renders Australia liable for the same warlike treatment.

The Vietnam war was as choreographed as the first and second world wars, as the American Civil War and the campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte and Oliver Cromwell, history records Zionists financed those warlords both of whom were sold out in the end to serve their own needs.

Zionist atrocity perped against the Palestinian, Egyptian and Lebanese people at the height of the VN war in 1967 & 1968 went unreported while VN war news hogged the headlines.

Ho Chi Minh was a willing player in the near elimination of the VC infrastructure in the Southern provinces of Annam and Cochin in the 1968 Tet Offensive, while the Northerners from Tonkin herinafter the NVA or North Vietnamese Army refused to deploy the forces they had at their disposal.

Who later claimed to have won the war, who only used their main combat tank and infantry units at the end against the ARVN or Army of the Republic of Vietnam, the South Vietnamese conscripts who were left holding the kitty after the Yankees had Gone Home.

The Australian base at Nui Dat was over looked by a jungle covered hill with a number of summits and saddles called Nui Dinh, it would have been small beer to locate mortar tubes and artillery to give the Australians the full Dien Ben Phu treatment, the year I was there from November 1969 not one enemy round came over the wire.

NVA units failed to intercept Australian platoons that sallied forth from Nui Dat from 1965 until 1972, whence the kill ratio of approximately 1,000 "enemy" dead per battalion, meant the three infantry battalions in situ accounted for a total of around 24,000 South Vietnamese dead ..

If the enemy - that's this babe's ppl - had deployed their forces when the Australian battalions were being changed over and HMAS Sydney was anchored in Vung Tau Harbor, like it was up to three times per year for seven yrs, they would have sunk the ship and inflicted thousands of casualties which would have spelled the end of Australia's commitment to the war .. they never lifted a finger or fired a shot.

Australia's Defense Minister had in 1967 spurned the advice of a Sandhurst trained Colonel with the Australian Engineers, and allowed some twenty thousand M16 Jumping Jack land mines, to be laid across an eleven kilometer swathe of some of the best farming and grazing land in Phuoc Tuy province.

The mines were laid in daylight by the Australians allegedly to be located and removed by the Viet Cong after dusk, who allegedly relaid them to cause 57% of Australia's 508 fatalities in Vietnam. The Colonel was removed from his post in Vietnam, where after he took his case directly to the Australian Parliament, and was left standing alone in the rain outside of Parliament House in Canberra ..

Edit: A soldier with the Australian Engineers who had been flown home from Vietnam under arrest in July 1969, asserted Engineers from 1 Australian Task Force at Nui Dat were continuing to lay mines, even after the government had ordered the cessation of mine laying ops, and those self same mines were blowing other Australians to pieces.

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I am glad Hoang Thi No can today testify to the world on what happened in those days half a century ago. The U.S.A. got booted out of Indochina eventually.

What then is Mrs No's view on Chinese aggression against Vietnam? We all know that China has relentlly tried to clobber Vietnam, to bully it, to put it in a lower station and to encroach upon it.

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So, while Vietnam was fighting a war for its independence, what was N Korea's ultimate goal when the conflict between it and S Korea started? It was not about winning its independence - because the U.S. Americans had helped Koreans win it from Japan.

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image-1243395-860_poster_16x9-eydl-1243395 execution of Vietcong .jpg

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I just posted a picture that has become an icon of anti-war photography: the killing of Nguyen Van Lem by a S Vietnamese general.

The picture has been seen by hundreds of millions of people. It will never leave your memory once you have beheld it.

What few people realise is that the man shot to death in public in Saigon was a Vietcong who had murdered some of the general's relatives.

The war was brutal not just because the U.S.A. got involved; it was brutal because it was a war and both sides were brutal.

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seneca Post time: 2018-2-1 20:46
So, while Vietnam was fighting a war for its independence, what was N Korea's ultimate goal when the ...

The Soviets and China helped North Korea, not the US.
If the US helped both North and South Korea what was it doing fighting in the Korean war?

North Korea has always wanted independence for ALL Koreans including the puppet state of South Korea
which is being held hostage by the western imperialist US.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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