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Why is myopia rising among Chinese kids? [Copy link] 中文

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i would not reccomend laser surgery as things can go wrong. A lens implant is the best option to cur ...

The question really is: why do so many Chinese develop shortsightedness from an early age on_ It is nothing to do with genes.

I once had about a hundred Tamil people in my charge, and only two of them wore eye glasses. Imagine: 98 people with good eyesight and no need to take any corrective measures. In China, though, one in three needs to wear spectacles from primary school-age on.

It is because of poor lifestyle choices. Too few hours spent outdoors, too many spent in poorly lit rooms. They think the brighter the light the better for their eyes. Or the light is too dim. In either case, the eyes get strained and ruined early. Eyes need good illumination with shades so that the eyes can constantly adapt.  

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BlondeAmber Post time: 2018-1-9 14:18
prevention would be better than cure - as with so many things

i worked outside all my life, but i got it...
if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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This article on myopia is quite a coincidence... I am a university English teacher and have been here five years now.  I have also done some extra teaching at high schools.  As a perceptive instructor I often make notes on problems faced by Chinese English students.  After five years I can now safely conclude that the #1 problem that needs immediate attention is poor eyesight.  What makes this so terrible is that this problem is in most cases an easy fix -- wear eyeglasses.  But through some fickle twist of fate these students don't wear glasses.  It's mind-boggling.  You might say, oh, they are likely poor. But no, these students all have cell phones and fashionable clothes.  And many come from families obviously above the norm for annual income (ie. they attend an expensive school).  The situation verges on the ridiculous, not just for the reasons I just mentioned, which already seem ridiculous, but listen to some of the situations I've seen in class: ... several students exchanging one pair of glasses as I write on the board (!); students squinting and pulling at the side of their eyes to use a kind of 'slit' vision (I am nearsighted and did this too when I was very young, it actually kind of works); one student begging another for their eyeglasses and almost fighting over them; one student copying from the board and another copies that student's notes.  And added issue is that students hate to admit they have a vision problem, they seem greatly embarrassed like it is some terrible social stigma.  Therefore they likely don't seek help in this matter.  Still, you think parents would see the symptoms.  But then maybe not.  In any case, this is all very serious -- how can you learn if you can't see properly! Teachers, friends, family and most of all parents must play closer attention to this serious issue of poor eyesight.  It only adds to the already enormous burden shouldered by Chinese students, and inhibits their sincere efforts to educate and improve themselves.  For students who are actually too poor to afford eyeglasses, an charitable organization should be formed to assist them. Please don't let this simple health issue go ignored.

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