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23 Places to Escape the Winter [Copy link] 中文

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12. Cape Town, South Africa (Credit: Andrew Pittaway/Gallo Images/Getty Images)


November is the best time to visit Cape Town, South African. There’s more than 8 hours of sunshine a day, the weather is warm, and school holidays have not yet started, so beaches and other attractions like Table Mountain, Cape Point and Boulders Beach's endangered African penguin colony, won’t yet be crowded. In November, there’s also a chance of spotting some of the last late-season whales off the coast. This aerial view of Llandudno is a prominent landmark overlooking the harbour at Hout Bay. An unusual feature is that sand has been blown up it by the wind, causing a dune-like feature. This has been popular with local residents to surf down it on polished boards or sheets.

View of the Cape of Good Hope from Cape Point near Cape Town, South Africa with red aloe flowers in foreground. (Credit: Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket viaGetty Images)


13. Kenya (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)  


November is a great time to experience a crowd-free Kenya safari. As good as the Masai Mara is in it's prime months, from August to October, the reserve is choc-o-bloc in terms of visitors. Here, an elephant walks across the open plains of the Masai Mara National Reserve in Talek, Kenya. The east African country covers around 580,000 square kilometers and is synonymous with the safari, boasting some of the finest natural parks and wildlife conservancies on the continent with potential for seeing many species of wildlife including the Big Five: the Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros and Cape Buffalo.  

(Credit: Fortitude Press/Barcroft Media/Getty Images)


The Mara's resident wildlife, which does not move with the herds of migrating wildebeest and zebra, is naturally beautiful and awe-inspiring, year-round. Constant Mara dwellers include elephants, big cats, and giraffe. November is a diverse and rewarding time to book your next safari in Kenya. Here you can see a few cheetahs in the Massai Mara National Reserve.
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14. Croatia (Photo by Matej Divizna/Getty Images)


Croatia is pretty much warm until the end of November, and then it turns into a winter-eqsue wonderland. September rounds off the peak tourism season in Croatia and is a great month for a great visit to the country, where you’ll get a genuine Croatia experience. The sun is out, the beaches have died down a bit and the visitors are down to party. Croatia's national parks are open year round, though they do get rather cold in January-March. Here tourists enjoy sunny day as water falls down from the Big Waterfall (Veliki Slap) at Plitvice Lakes National Park. Plitvice Lakes National Park is Croatia's largest national park and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a popular tourist destination for its waterfalls and turquoise coloured lakes.

(Credit: Janita Webeler/McPhoto/ullstein bild viaGetty Images)


Another clear picture of the national park in Croatia. Picturesque, naturally.

15. Canary Island, Spain (Credit: Bildagentur-online/UIG viaGetty Images)


Okay, mainland Spain isn’t hot all year round (although it’s usually warmer than here). If you want guaranteed Spanish heat you need to head to the Canary Islands. The lowest average temperature is 68 degrees, but the island has an average temperature of 88 degrees. This is a perfect shot of Black beach at El Golfo, in the southwest of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain.

(Photo by Christian Marquardt/Getty Images)


People walk on a small path next to a black lava beach of Puerto de la Cruz in the dead of winter-- February 23, 2016 -- in Tenerife, Spain. Tenerife with its capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the home of Span's highest mountain Pico del Teide (3718m) is the largest and most populous island of the seven Canary Islands. Because of its warm climate and various volcanic landscapes, Tenerife is with about five million tourists the most important, all year long holiday destination in Spain.
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16. Miami, Florida, USA (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images)


Whether you opt to lounge at the Waldorf Towers Hotel art deco architecture on Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA, stroll down Collins Avenue, or relax on the beach, Miami is always a great destination to escape the winter chills.

(Credit: Hoberman Collection/Getty Images)  


See what we mean? It's warm in Florida all year round.

17. San Diego, California, USA (Credit: Stephen Ehlers/Getty Images)


If you like surfing the sunny coast of San Diego, October is one of the most ideal months to visit California. Tourism has quieted down and the entire state gets something called an “Indian Summer” where weather heats up. San Diego is known for its cliffs and beaches, and, of course, the zoo.

(Credit: Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images)


La Jolla Shores beach in La Jolla, CA, brings in families, surfers, sea kayakers and all other sports enthusiasts. With perfect beach weather all year round, this is the ideal winter or fall getaway.
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18. San Miguel De Allende, Mexico (Credit: Education Images/UIG viaGetty Images)


Just south of California, Mexico too boasts a pleasant winter climate in its less mountainous areas. San Miguel De Allende is a perfect place for a getaway that won't break the bank and will provide beautiful natural surroundings and cultural experiences. In this photo, dancers perform in the Jardin or Central Square during The Annual Folk Dance Festival, San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

(Credit: Gale Beery/Getty Images)


This colonial town draws visitors for its charming hotels and beautiful architecture, and it’s beginning to attract international restaurateurs as well. Celebrated Mexican chef Enrique Olvera opened a restaurant there, Moxi, and it’s also seeing openings such as a bustling food hall and interesting bars. November is a great time to visit, as when the weather isn’t unbearably hot, and is breezy enough for long days wandering the streets. Plus, there are still remnant from the town's iconic Day of the Dead celebrations.

19. Curaçao (Credit: Berg Altena/Getty Images)


Hurricanes tend to bypass Curaçao, so you won't get blown away if you visit between May and November (unlike some less fortunate Caribbean isles). Rain showers tend to occur at night, so that won’t stop you from gloriously lazy beach days and exciting water sports activities by daylight.

(Credit: Markus Matzel/ullstein bild viaGetty Images)


I mean, look at this beachside resort, the Avila Beach Hotel. How could you pass this up between November and March? Netherlands Antills, Curaçao, Willemstad.
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20. Atacama Desert, Chile (Credit: DeAgostini/Getty Images)


A trip to Chile is utterly incomplete without a visit to the Atacama Desert. Located in the central northern part of the country, far away from light pollution, the desert is the perfect spot for stargazing. It also has stunning geological formations, and is home to quite a few top hotels. The desert gets terribly hot from January to March, making November one of the best times to go.

(Credit: DeAgostini/Getty Images)


Rock formations in the Valley of the Moon at sunset, just before the most opportune star gazing in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

21. Jose Ignacio, Uruguay (Credit: William Gustavo Moreira/ Flickr)


Every November, Jose Ignacio, a sleepy village known for its fishing community, is transformed as travellers and vacationers alike flock to Uruguay. The warmth of Jose Ignacio allows for the perfect beach bumming holiday, spending days in the sun and evenings eating fresh seafood and grilled meats.

22. Galapagos Islands


Black-headed gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus or Larus ridibundus), Laridae, Galapagos Islands (UNESCO World Heritage List, 1978), Ecuador. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

(Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)


Blue-footed boobies (Sula nebouxii), Sulidae, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
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23. Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires stands out as Argentina’s epicenter of cosmopolitan allure on a continent of rainforest and mountains – brimming with culture and cool in the museums of Puerto Madero, the bars of Palermo, the parrilla eateries of San Telmo and Recoleta, and the urban mystique of Boca, and the Colon Theater, shown here. Colon Theater is one of more important landmark of historical and culture in Buenos Aires, right destination for many tourists in town. (Credit: Rebecca Mello)

(Credit: Education Images/UIG viaGetty Images)


Buenos Aires Argentina La Boca colorful street and buildings for tourists with shops and restaurants in bright primary colors. These avenues are perfect to stroll down.

(Credit: Arterra/UIG viaGetty Images)


Casa Rosada and the Piramide de Mayo on the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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