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Should All Brown and Black People in America Get Sterilized? [Copy link] 中文

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I am a third-world Brown man, my race and nation has a median IQ in the eighties. But unlike most others in my race, I was born with weird genes, so I have the ability to be objective about reality in an almost autistic way. I have studied the human species from a strictly emotionally detached scientific perspective. I understand that ethics/morality is purely subjective. Humans have an innate proclivity to form laws and rules of behavior to facilitate individual/group reproductive success, but there is some flexibility in what the specifics of those laws and rules should be, depending on the current environment.

So, I can’t say President Trump is immoral in absolute terms: if I make this claim, it would just be a personal subjective opinion.

So, I get the impression that it may be true that Trump is a Caucasian Nationalist and wants to empower Caucasians in America. He seems to be making any excuses he can to deport non-Caucasians from America in ma$$ quantities. And I get the feeling that soon he will start making excuses to ma$$ deport legal citizens of America that are Black and Brown. So, he might sign an executive order that denaturalizes Brown and Black people if they do a crime or use welfare. So, even if Black and Brown people were born in America, or became citizens after immigreting, Trump will still strip them of their citizenship if they do a crime or use welfare. But, he will not apply the same standard for Caucasians; he will not strip Caucasians of their citizenship and kick them out for doing a crime or using welfare.

I can’t prove that Trump will do the above, but based on his patterns of behavior, I thing he may do this.

I can’t say Trump is right or wrong in absolute terms for doing this. I guess I can just follow some abstract moral principle and make an opinion. But, I suppose Trump is looking at things from a Darwinist point of view: all other races fight exclusively for their own race and racial reproductive interests. All Brown and Black nations don’t allow ethnic foreigners to live there and take over. And in America, all the Brown and Black races only fight for the well-being of their own race. Brown and Black people in America only donate money to charities for their own respective race.

So, perhaps Trump is thinking that he feels it’s morally okay for Caucasians to start fighting exclusively for their own race and securing a nation exclusively for Caucasians. Caucasians are a competent people and may very well succeed in making America 100% Caucasian again by using any method required to get the job done, even ma$$ denaturalization and deportation.

Since the Caucasians are going to win, I am here to beg President Trump to bestow kindness and mercy on the Brown and Black people of America and accept a compromise. Here is my suggestion: if all the Brown and Black people in America agree to get permanently sterilized, give up their right to vote and own firearms, change their legal status from “Citizen” to “Permanent Guest,” and agree to not do any crime, will you allow us Brown and Black people to finish out the rest of our lives in America? We are already here in the USA and don’t want to go back to the third world nations our respective races reside in. For example, my third world Brown country is absolute cultural and genitic garbage. I was born in America and would like to die here as well.

We Brown and Black people are at the mercy of President Donald Trump and the Caucasian race. We are on our knees, begging for mercy.

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I agree with you that ethnic diversity is not compatible with eugenics/transhumanism. And it pleases me that nowhere in my posts did I advocate for diversity, which if I did would be an act of misanthropy towards the Caucasians.

I support the Caucasians' decision to stop any further non-Caucasian immigretion into their nations. My OP was simply about making a beg for an act of mercy from the Caucasians and President Trump towards the non-Caucasians who already live in the USA, an act of mercy where the Caucasians would agree to a compromise where if we non-Caucasians living in America agree to get permanently sterilized, give up our right to vote and own firearms, change our legal status from “Citizen” to “Permanent Guest,” and agree to not do any crime, then we would be allowed to finish our natural lives in America and receive some welfare so we don't slowly and painfully die on the streets of America from starvation, diseases, and a lack of protection from the natural environment. As you know, we non-Caucasians have low IQ genes and psychopathology genes. Without some welfare, we would all painfully die.

But, my above beg would not harm the American Caucasian eugenics/transhumanism goal. Since we non-Caucasians would no longer be reproducing in America, we will no longer be diluting your Caucasian gene pool, and after we complete our natural lives and die, America will be 100% Caucasian again. And we would no longer be voting against your interests. And we would no longer be doing crime that harms Caucasians; any non-Caucasian who breaks his agreement can instantly be either euthanized or kicked out of America, whichever option the Caucasians choose.

By the way, I know that in the above text, I use the words “We all non-Caucasians,” but I understand that IQ and personality distributions follow a bell curve, so there are of course a small amount of people in every non-Caucasian race that has high IQs and good personality profiles, so I am only referring to averages. And I know that East-Asians also have relatively good genes on average. When I am talking about non-Caucasians in America having bad genes, I am generally referring to the more problematic groups such as Africans, Hispanics, the races that make up the Muslim people, South-East Asians, and so forth.

President Donald Trump may not be reading this Reddit forum, but perhaps his two most influential private sector advocates are: Steve Bannon and Jim Hoft. Dear Mr. Bannon and Hoft, can you please suggest my proposal to President Trump? I beg you. I am on my knees.

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Hail Trump and the white peoples!   Let us brown, black, and Israeli-Americans get sterilized as an act of honor for the whites and mr. trump.

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