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China begins to better serve migrant workers [Copy link] 中文

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The State Council, China's cabinet, has started overhaul of measures to protect the rights and interests of migrant workers.

The items under review include employment, entrepreneurship, labor rights, urban public services and permanent urban residence status, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Six teams have been dispatched to Anhui, Chongqing, Fujian, Gansu,Guangdong and Liaoning.

The inspection is divided into two phases -- self-inspection and field supervision. Local governments must rectify problems found during the inspection.

To expand urbanization, the cabinet announced last year that 100 million migrants will be settled in cities by 2020.

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     this policy will cause the high price of the house. to be honest, 100 million migrants will settle down in the urban area and the house price will never be slowdown.
life is colorful with you.

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China has reached the point of all expanding societies-the first wave of foreign workers to continue the process in some efficient way.

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tonysong2000 Post time: 2017-11-5 19:48
this policy will cause the high price of the house. to be honest, 100 million migrants will set ...

Personally I think that urban citizens have two choices.

Either they allow (or demand) to pay much more taxes so that the central government can finance urbanizing remote regions and create jobs for migrant workers in their hometowns, or they accept to pay higher prices for apartments as the millions of migrant workers settle to big cities.

Anything else would be really unfair and cause social unstability that the government does not want. So in my opinion the urban residents have to accept cost increases.


Considering that many urban families already own apartments (sometimes multiple), the elder generation is aging, and the past birth controls allowed to have just 1 child, I think that many families will soon have two or more apartments to pass on to just 1 child.

I think that Chinese have too long overlooked the value of renting apartment instead of buing it - especially given that apartment buyers do not get to own the land their apartment sits on anyway (unlike in many other countries).

What I think the government should do, is to introduce policies to increase renting activity over purchasing property. For example taxation of rental income could be reduced, and long term rental could be considered just as good as owning property for acquiring urban residence permit.

What such policies could do, is that the families who own multiple apartments could use the slower but steady rental income to finance children's (often two now) education or whatever, and the migrants who want to settle in city would not necessarily have to buy apartment to get residence permit - instead they could use their savings for things like bringing their children to the city with them.

Such policies would address multiple issues and problems arising from past population controls, while also managing the housing bubble. Numeric parameters like taxation of rental income or rent terms required for urban residence permit could be adjusted as frequently as changes in local situation in each city demand.

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seneca Post time: 2017-11-6 07:29
Renting a dwelling place in China is not a sound proposition. The tenants are not safe from the us ...
the usurious intentions of landlords. You only get conracts with a fixed expiry date, not indefinite ones. Whenever the contract expires the tenant will be faced with exorbitant rate hikes.

You are describing the situation now, and I am proposing changes to the system that could alter the current situation, including those problems that you mentioned.

For example tax exemptions to rental income could require indefinite (or at least very long) rental contracts, and with limits on annual rate hikes. If landlords don't follow those regulations they would pay heftier taxes.

At the same time the supervision of rental income taxation could be tightened - where I live, it seems completely optional to pay taxes for that income.

This idea of yours only fuels speculation

The comment I replied to, mentioned the possibility of 100 million migrant workers settling down in cities and having to buy property to get the urban residence permit.

In this scenario, floor for speculation is there no matter what you do.

But if income from such speculation would come in rental income over number of years (and with limited rate hikes) instead of quick wins from property sales and unlimited increase in property values, then at least the speculators looking for short term gains would stay out.

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I was hurt by BJ.

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