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Why do not I believe that Western democracy system is good for all countries?   [Copy link] 中文

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Democracy, When open and fair, is the least objectionable form of government.
For all of China's rec ...

"Bad leaders get voted out by the people..."

Sorry, you forgot, bad people are indeed voted in; that is evident all over the democratic world; just look at the number corrupt leaders who have gone to jail, most recently the former ROK president, and the previous one who jumped to his death when investigators closed in.  And bad people promise freebies to get elected, and once elected they dip their dirty fingers into the State coffers.
India, the world's largest democracy is riddled with corruption, so are many African countries, including but not limited to, Zimbabwe.  Even developed countries have their fair share,  like France, Italy(Belusconni), Israel( past PM, and current one under investigation), etc etc.
Democracy is not as pretty as many paint it to be; what's important is not the political system but good governance!  
I fully subscribe to the saying of the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping who said, "Doesn't matter if it's a white cat or a black cat, as long as it catches mice, it is a good cat"!

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Believe it or not, it's true.

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A good example of Western-style "democracy" system is in the Philippines. They have freedom of speech, assembly and of the press; they have elections ALL THE TIME where they elect actors, models, oligarchs, gangsters, warlords, landlords and their scions to be their politicians. So my question is: how are they doing?

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actually i could hardly see the link between definition of real democracy and the facts you are talking about. perhaps what you want to express is a state which is in chaos could not be defined as democratic. however, you keep your eyes shut to the key point of what the real democracy is. what is democracy? you could say the western is aggrogant and biased, and you could say we accomplished a lot during these years. but those have nothing to do with real democracy. as a matter of fact, the real democracy is about the right of human being people could enjoy and the freedom they could have under laws but without any extra restraints forced by the gov. in another word, whether people could enjoy their rights and freedom and also the ultimate happiness should be the only criteria for definition of democracy. i have also been to many countries which are in chaos. but the people there enjoy their lives and happy to be the citizens without any shame for the chaos. why? because only real democracy could keep people calm down when the nation is in hardship. democracy gives them hope which assure them better lives. what you are talking about is far away from democracy.

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Democracy and rule of law are two different things.

This is why democracy appears to fail in Philippines, Zimbabwe, or India - viewers cannot separate the two, and think that democracy has failed when in fact rule of law fails - if it even exists.

Even China, however undemocratic, can implement good rule of law if it wants to.

Of course someone could argue that democracy must automatically mean rule of law, and failing rule of law equals failing democracy. Indeed, democracy does not mean a lot if there is no rule of law - but then again neither does any other system.

China too can be criticized for lot, but much of it is not necesssarily due to dfferent political system, but due to lack of rule of law. Not that I agree with some of China's laws, but one can of course wonder, why with strong government control of every aspect of society, it has not been done decades ago.

Personally I think that the purest and simplest form of democracy is that laws are made democratically - a separate question is how to best make those laws implemented.

If the laws themselves are made by democratically elected representatives, or even directly and voted by the people (as has been case with some decisions in Switzlerland I believe), then (to me) it doesn't necessarily matter what kind of dictatorship or police state you have to implement them, as long as they fully are.

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The remanants of democracy's demise can be found in Iceland, Lichtenstein and the like. The reality is there is no democracy or capitalism-both are long since dead. Brave new world, baby!

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