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Why do not I believe that Western democracy system is good for all countries?   [Copy link] 中文

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I thought thatDissolution of the Soviet Union would bring rich and liberty to Russian, but Iam wrong. Russia was fading fast, at the same time, the Western country group didnot welcome Russian.

That is probably the only point on which I partially agree with you: we did let Mikhael Gorbachev down. I feel ashamed of this.

But we should have extended a stronger helping hand to the struggling Russia, and we didn't. The Germans would have been warm for it, the French to some extent too, but Britain and especially the U.S.A. took advantage of a Russia on its knees and kicked it in the bum. What did this do? Russians are now dangerously nationalistic. We have had the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula, and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Russia also is threatening the Baltic states.

But what has this to do with "democracy" or its shortcomings?

The West - mainly the U.S.A. - was opposed to a strong Russia because of historic reasons: Russia has always been a meddler and a big rival to every European power.

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I think that your topics have little to do with pros and cons of democracy.

It is not like western democracies were built overnight, or even decades - they are result of long evolution. Many European democracies were preceded by civil wars, and for example post WW2 Spain went to dictatorship for many years before moving to democracy.

In your example cases, where you assume that the respective countries attempted to turn into democracies overnight, that evolution has not even started.

Russia for example, is far from democracy - if anything, it is following the same pattern as Spain under Putin's leadership. It is quite likely that the real democratic developments in Russia will take place only after Putin is gone.

Also in Arab countries the stage is in the civil wars and conflicts that need to be solved.

In my opinion even in west, democracy has rarely helped to solve conflicts like that - democracy is not solution to solve conflicts, but to prevent them in future.

Perhaps that's what's failing in Arab world and elsewhere.

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No. 6:

Fourth ofall, the New York Times and other Western media, no matter how much China'sachievements, they can see China's evil. Improvement of China is greatdevelopment of the mankind history since the industrial revolution.
I do notthink that China's political system is perfect, but I think Western arrogancemakes them turn a blind eye to China's achievements.

I think this is a highly nationalistic, chauvinistic view of yours. We are getting used to reading such attacks on us and are growing armor on our skin.

Why do you only read the New York Times? If you read Schopenhauer, Sartre and Nietzsche in your younger days (though I for one do not understand why you did read these authors in the first place in a country such as China...) then you should have a much broader mind to the international media and sample other outlets. I am sure you can find plenty of articles that are full of praise for the Chinese "achievements". Every week, for example, I accidentally stumble over articles by "Next Big Future", which are all excessively optimistic and deal with "Chinese achievements".

Personally I feel that if people expect others to praise them for their "achievements", these people lack modesty. A glimpse at any Chinese media outlet proves my point: the Chinese government-owned media are full of praise for their rulers (and even fuller with bleak and bad news about the West).  

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But you still need to explain to yourself why the standard of living of even poor people in the democratic West is higher than that of even average people in non-democratic countries. Check 1. Per capita GDP. 2. GINI coefficients 3. Infant mortality rates for various countries in Wikipedia.
Standard of Living = Per capita CGP divided by GINI divided by Infant mortality.
My problem is simple: I just know better than everyone-else!

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Ted180 Post time: 2017-11-1 12:08
But you still need to explain to yourself why the standard of living of even poor people in the demo ...

The west has become sort of a homogeneous entity with so-called democracy being a universally accepted polity after hundreds of years of interactions among yourselves in political, economical, and military arenas. It doesn't necessarily mean democracy is the paragon of a perfect political option, a one-size-fit-all approach to all political and developmental reality.
Look at India, the largest democracy in the world, the Philippines that is exactly modeled after the US politically, and a bunch of countries in South America, where democracy fails spectacularly in governing the countries. The economical chaos, the social unrest, the cruel treatment of the underprivelleged all speak to the untoward consequences of being under the west's thumb and going for something the west extols.
The relatively high standard of living you appear to have been complacent about could hardly be attributed to the western democracy, and it won't stick forever.
Believe it or not, it's true.

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I don't believe in one size fits all!  Western style democracy does not work, and is not suitable for many countries; and those which have tried it have ended in dismal state.  
If China had gone down that same path, we won't be seeing the China of today, with the world's second largest economy, or the world's largest economy based on purchasing power parity, with rapidly rising income, exporting high tech stuff, and high speed trains and rail sytems, etc. the envy of many countries, both developed and developing!

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Democracy, When open and fair, is the least objectionable form of government.
For all of China's recent great achievements, it still lacks much of what makes Western society better. First and foremost is the right to disagree with Government decisions and to speak openly about it or about poor leadership. Bad leaders get voted out by the people and in this way it is like Darwin's theory of evolution. what does not work is weeded out and what does work stays in leadership longer. As decided by the people, all the people, not a select group with special privileges.  
A free press is a pillar of such freedom of speech. Pointing a spotlight at good and bad things and keeping politicians, companies and individuals as honest as any system can.
There are a great many differences but in communist China it seems it has less faith in its people to be able to make choices and discuss issues no matter the topic, in freedom.
True democratic nations allow this and via courts, enforce its legitimacy.

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