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Is Australia a safe place for Chinese students? [Copy link] 中文

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ceciliazhang Post time: 2017-10-31 10:32
That begs the question: Why do I hear the rising number of racists in Australia that hit the headl ...

Your question begs my reply: a) You do not know Australia and how China is exploiting even the most insignificant incident to capitalise on it. b) Many Chinese students in Australia do not know how to adapt to a host country other than their own. They come with ideological baggage which they hold to be The Truth. When for example a professor goes to the trouble of translating instructions from English into CHINESE, then some Chinese complain that they consider this as RACIST beause the instructions make it look as if Chinese students disobeyed relevant rules more than others.

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sfphoto Post time: 2017-10-31 07:44
Yes as long as you have the money.

Not much different to the Chinese government attitude to foreign investors and by extension their foreign staff.

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Chinese...wake up please. Seneca is a gas lighting you. He is lying to you. He is deflecting the blame. He is blatant racist white person. It is so obvious. I will show you some studies. Stop being fooled by these racist hateful liars. They 100% are racists. This is not disputable. Stop being so naive.

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Racism in Australia: Ethnic Chinese 'face more discrimination than Aborigines'... with up to 90% claiming they are treated differently because they are Asian

Young Chinese-Australian's facing shocking rates of racial discrimination

Mandarin-speaking teenagers recorded highest rates of discrimination

Almost one third of 22,000 Chinese-Australians aged 15 to 19 surveyed by Mission Australia said they had experienced unfair treatment or discrimination based on race.

people often think just because you look Asian that you don't speak English and that makes it OK to treat you worse.

'We are facing unacceptably high levels of discrimination in Australia,' Ms Yeomans [Mission Australia CEO] said.

'They see this play out in applying for jobs and opportunities beyond school.'

Ms Yeomans said that findings from the survey that she found most eye-opening were young people identifying mental health as one of the top three issues facing Australia.

Racism in Australia - Ethnic Chinese 'face more discrimination than Aborigines'

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So racist and violent that a new anti-domestic violence law was created because a white male brutally beat his Japanese wife to death.

Saori's Law: a push to reduce domestic violence

The tragedy of a Perth mother who was punched to death and left in her home with her children undiscovered for weeks has spurred a push for a 20-year penalty for lethal domestic violence in Western Australia.

The law refers to the December 2010 case of Saori Jones, 31, a Japanese-Australian woman punched by her partner, Bradley Wayne Jones, 34, in front of their two toddlers and left to decompose in their suburban Perth bedroom,

Saori's Law - a push to reduce domestic violence

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Racist, anti-Asian rant on Sydney train caught on camera - ABC News


Racist, anti-Asian rant on Sydney train caught on camera

The moment a woman racially abused an Asian passenger on a Sydney train has been caught on camera, as stunned commuters watched on during a
minute-long rant.

"I feel bad I couldn't help the girl but I am also Asian and I was worried I would also be attacked if I stepped in," they said.

"I hope the video can make people aware of this issue and stop racism in Australia.

"There were about 15 people on the carriage but no one did anything."

the incident was sparked after the alleged victim noticed the abuser littering, and asked her to clean up the mess.

Australia's racial discrimination commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane said incidents like this were more common than you might think.

He described the video as "the tip of an iceberg" and argued most incidents of racial abuse were not caught on camera.

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Racist ‘kill Chinese' graffiti emerges at the University of Sydney.
HORRIBLE graffiti and posters found in Australian universities are causing controversy on Chinese social media.

It comes after racist posters written in Mandarin also appeared Monash and Melbourne universities last month. The text on those posters said Chinese people would be deported if they entered the buildings.

University of Sydney - Racist ‘kill Chinese’ graffiti appears in toilets

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