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Why are Chinese people patriotic?   [Copy link] 中文

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Ted180 Post time: 2017-10-5 21:41
Encouraging "patriotism" is the game elites play to keep the "commoners" minds off the shortcomings  ...

Yes, all nations 'encourage'  patriotism in their citizens, but China takes the cake for being the best of the lot!

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Ted180 Post time: 2017-10-5 21:41
Encouraging "patriotism" is the game elites play to keep the "commoners" minds off the shortcomings  ...

Agree.  It also entails conjuring up an "enemy" and instilling fear in the people that only the government can save and protect them from.
You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. — Bob Dylan

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If patriotism is bad, what is love for one's country? There is no need to "conjure" up an enemy for patriotism to exist. Patriotism comes from the heart of the people. There people who are patriotic and there people who are not patriotic in any country. Patriotism is not about politics but about people's appreciation and love for their country. I wish people would stay away from politics and their political agenda.

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pnp Post time: 2017-10-4 12:54
They are brainwashed from young!  They don't know anything else besides blindly praising their nat ...

Not true...Chinese people aren't brainwashed to love China....they are brainwashed to think the CPC saved them. They are brainwashed to think all outsiders are enemies, but that's true of all communist systems. Today it is not as bad as 30 years ago, however. There is no love in the communist system, only hate. Any patriotism would thus be based on hate of outsiders, rather than love for China.

Today Chinese people in general see a lot of faults with China and even their government. Perhaps you talk about the online Chinese nationalists, but these people cannot represent China, because they are just a minority. ...They all lie a lot, but I would say many of them in real life are good people who don't know any better.

It's hard to discuss anything with all Asians, not just Chinese. It's just cultural. If Asians were raised like how the westerners were raised, they would be able to discuss issues with you all the same. I know it, because I was trained to talk by western teachers. It's not because they don't have ideas, but it's because they were never encouraged to talk, so they can't do it spontaneously. It is cultural.

If the OP was talking about Chinese nationals, I would say most of them are not patriotic. If many of them could leave China, they all would. Can people who wish to leave a country be patriotic? No, it's actually a fake display of patriotism, because they are stuck where they are, so they pretend love. People aren't really proud of China, though they say they are. If they were, it would show in daily interactions, and they would not need to say or show anything on TV.

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pnp Post time: 2017-10-4 12:24
Got to agree with you on this one, those Chinese working and living overseas are not "overseas Chi ...

lol thats very cute.

i don't know where chinese people learn their english, look: netizens, forumites,

it used to be really embarrassing, but i've learned to ignore them. the chinese dream is embarrassing as's just another copycat of the american dream. why are they following american footsteps when they hate the USA.

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pnp Post time: 2017-10-6 10:48
Yes, all nations 'encourage'  patriotism in their citizens, but China takes the cake for being the ...

None of the Chinese I know in real life are patriotic. They are either neutral or desperately wanting to leave China or happy they have left. Some of those who recently left still do love China and show it, but I hardly hear any sentiments of love of the country from Chinese living in China. Those fake displays of patriotism are too shallow for anyone to believe to be real. They are a result of some pent up emotion, not true patriotism.

The Danish like to wave their flag everywhere. Why? Because of their small population and the fact that they have lost every war in their history. These displays of patriotism are thus not genuine, but they are a result of some other strong emotion. It's the same with China.

Just my two cents.

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pnp Post time: 2017-10-4 12:40
The OP is making one huge assumption, that the Chinese are patriotic. In fact they are not as patrio ...

Chinese are just kissing up to people they think have authority over them. Haven't you noticed how mainland Chinese moving abroad start kissing up to the foreign countries? lol I sure have.

It's not real love. It's survival strategy. Chinese are practical. It's one reason for China's rise. They figured out communism doesn't work, so they changed and adapted, to survive. The political ideology can be kept, but they don't care, and they will wiggle and waggle to survive. It's the Chinese desire for prosperity that pushed China to where it is today. Now that they are no longer starving, it will be interesting to see if they will ever get bored of lusting after money, and figure out that spirituality is more important.

The next logical stage should be returning to spirituality. First stage, nothing. Second stage, try wealth. Doesn't work. Third stage, spirituality. Chinese are practical and smart, but sometimes in the wrong way. I believe they will get there eventually though.

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