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Will North Korea, Finally Destroy America?   [Copy link] 中文

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Boston101 Post time: 2017-9-25 21:44
Right now, the US and its allies have a more superior military and weapons thus would win. But make  ...

   Remember the fact that decades-old U.S. and Western sanctions caused over a million N. Koreans death in famine & starvation in the past already.

  It's all come down to the West's dependency on China & DPRK's Rare Earth Minerals.

  Fifteen years ago, it was Iraq, and Saddam, and WMD (weapon of mass destruction); and the real motive was - OIL.

Today, it is DPRK, and Kim, and nuclear weapon; and the real motive is - RARE EARTH METALS.

    Read the following thread for more on hidden truth.

The world is full of wolves wearing a sheep's mask and playing victims.

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I think yes, it can. If US are so stupid to worsen the situation.

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Yes when all North Koreans apply for asylum in USA !
Round Up is good for developing the mind

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RottenRobbie Post time: 2018-1-13 06:51
Remember the fact that decades-old U.S. and Western sanctions caused over a million N. Korea ...
"USA & their Anglo allies, and their looted Territories, stretching from Arctic to Antarctica, from N. America to Australia, and isn't it a bit too many? I'm just curious, that's all!  

May be, just may be, that's the reason why they need over 20,000 nuclear arsenals in their possession; I'm just wondering, that's all!

Uncle Sam & their Anglo allies also maintains nearly 800 military bases through the whole wide world, in more than 70 countries & territories abroad. Isn't it a bit too many? I'm just curious, that's all."


    Thanks to Imperialist Capitalist West,

today -

  42 people in 2017 had wealth equivalent to the world's poorest 3.7 billion people.

  [the world's population is now 7.2 billion.]

The world's richest 1% own more wealth than the rest of the global population combined.

  82% of the global wealth generated last year went to just 1% of the world's population.

  The three richest Americans have the same amount of wealth as the poorest half of the U.S. population.

  In other words, three richest Americans has same amount of wealth as 162 million Americans.

  [The current U.S. population is 325 millions.]

      (source - '3 richest own as much wealth as half of U.S.' article, USA TODAY, January 22, 2018)

It all come down to much thanks to Uncle Sam,The West and their gospel of preaching and defending the old goat Capitalism by all means and at all costs;

- with 4400 nuclear arsenals & 800 military bases world wide among others ...,

- while isolating, boycotting and terrorizing people's democratic republic nations worldwide at the same time.

   Generally speaking,

  - Capitalist Western nations prioritize on behalf of the interest of The Wealthy first and foremost;

  - while People's Democratic Republic nations prioritize on behalf of the interest of The People in general first.

     Well said, so will China challenge U.S.A in military?   

    Will North Korea Finally Destroy America?     

In era of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (George Orwell)

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* Remember, 500 years ago, there were an estimated around 5 to 6 million indigenous natives living in North America alone. Today, there is over 2 millions left.
   On the other hand, about 200 years ago, around 3 million Germans came to USA, and today there are around 65 millions. About 150 years ago, around 2 million Irish came to USA, and today there are around 40 millions.

  * Mega genocide, followed by mega pillage & plunder, sin after sin after sin after ...,

Native American population  in continent of America 500 yrs ago - 10 to 15 millions

European  population in Europe  around that time - 20 millions

Native people today  - 15 to 20 million

Europeans today ( in new world + Europe)  -  1 BILLIONS .   

  * Indigenous Natives Ain't No Chicken Little: These are people who built great civilizations such as Mayan, Inca and Aztec Empires on their own beloved mother land, and all from the scratch, since they had been cut out from the rest of the world for 20,000 years or so. They ain't no chicken little. All they need is their land and resources back, their population back, and their future back.
  * No doubt, there's centuries' of systematic promotion and demotion, between newcomers and the indigenous, on their own beloved motherland, period.

  * The indigenous natives, the rightful owner of the land, their very own beloved motherland, need to have to restore their dignity, their identity, their land, their population and their future. After all, it's their land, period. They also need to catch up with 500 years of loss time that they had endured and suffered through.

      All these statemente are true indeed, and here's my question.

     Europeans' notorious Slavery has long been over, and so is equally notorious century-old Colonialism worldwide, which has gone already and Colonial masters had all but gone home.

Why on earth is Colonization of indigenous native's lands worldwide*

          by Europeans still exist to this today? "            

        [* stretching from North America to South America, from Siberia/Far-East to Australia/NZ.]   

The world is full of wolves wearing a sheep's mask and playing victims.

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Boston101 Post time: 2018-1-11 04:23
The US doesn't want war and North Korea realizes that; so they have been rattling their saber for  ...

  Will China challenge US in military?

  Who's really militarizing South China Sea?

  Why does Australia step into the South China Sea?

  Who's next on the dinner table of Anglo?                  

    Here's the hidden truth.

  The vast gigantic resource-rich continent just a few hundred miles from Indonesia has been not just a single blessing, not even just a double or triple blessings, but a multiple blessings for the Anglo invaders for centuries. Their 25 million population inhabit within 50 miles radius of Australia's 20,000 miles coastal lines, so the abundant inner outback is all theirs to mine, to pillage and plunder. Moreover, Australia is the largest source of Uranium and Plutonium minings, the essential ingredients to make nuclear bombs. Got it!?

    Moreover, Australia, a giant continent in Asia Pacific region, only a couple hundred miles away from Indonesia & South-East Asia; I always wonder how come there's no Asian-Pacific Islanders in that vast land inhabiting when Anglo pirates sailed from their jolly old England, some 20,000 miles away, and looted in late 18th century?   That doesn't make sense to us, since you can find Asian-Pacific Islanders historically inhabiting in Pacific such as in New Zealand, Guam, Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji and Hawaii. Obviously something is not right here! You are dead right on that! How come such a numbers of small and tiny Pacific islands farther away in Asia-Pacific region has Asia-Pacific islanders inhabiting; and yet this large land mass so-called Australia which is much closer with 20,000 miles of inhabitable coastal lines has virtually no Asian Pacific islanders is just so mind boggling to me. It's just God's honest truth.  

     While they are keeping mum on the latest discovery, the blessing of a jaw dropping a staggering $20 trillion worth of shale oil reserve sitting on the so-called Australia continent that they looted in Asia-Pacific region from people of Asia Pacific; they are putting a fight among nations & people of Asia Pacific region through this South China Sea drama.

     So why is Uncle Sam, the gang leader of Anglo brothers, so adamantly exploring in space such as Mars? The planet composed of rocks and dusts, and hardly any ideal place for human inhibition? They have sent robots for decades, and planning to send men & heavy machines soon.

    The answer is that they are so adamantly exploring and seeking out there in such planet like Mars for 'Uranium & Plutonium' (the essential ingredients to make nuclear arsenals), because Mars as a red planet is geologically similar to that of Australia's red inner outback.

    So the mighty West, 'Forever the jury the judge and the policeman of the world', and self-acclaimed protector of human rights, has any law at all for dealing with past & present crimes such as Slavery, Colonialism and permanently looting others' land by the continent?  

My final thought : Beware of Snake Oil Salesmen! No wonder the Friends & Allies of the West are pressured to buy billions & billions dollars worth of these military-industrial products every five years, just to keep this industry alive & thrive, only to become obsolete, and scrap metals in a couple decades later and then what, pressured them to buy another newer products again, and this whole cycle repeat over and over while they keep this worldwide dramas of conflict & crisis alive & reincarnate, back and forth.   


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   So will DPRK finally destroy USA?

asia pacific.jpg

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