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KOREAN PEACE TREATY - Ugly Frog or Handsome Prince? [Copy link] 中文

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You will never know until you close your eyes and kiss it on the forehead.

So far, everyone talks about Peace but treats it like an ugly frog, never intended to be kissed.

And yet, they secretly seek to find the handsome prince who has been croaking to their ears all night long, never to be listened to.

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The US method is one of impatient talk-down alpha-aggression with view to inflicting maximum and inescapable pain on those which repulse its will.

Like this, even the handsomest frog will turn toady.

There are two ways you can get a martial state to denuclearize. One is to nuke it first but at risk it has nukes hidden to return the compliment. The military option is no option and therefore must be the lastest of the last resorts.

Two is to give it a reason not to nuclearize further. And the only reason these days is to engage with it in a positive way to build up its economy so that its people can enjoy a higher standard of living thereby creating in them a need to maintain their new lifestyle which means not losing it by fighting.

And when that happens, the regime you secretly want to change will be changing itself since it has no longer any reason to be harsh on its own peoples in order to protect its state responsibility because by then with all the trade and dialogue going on in full swing, nobody will see anybody as a threat or enemy and therefore the responsibility of offense and defense will just take a backseat.  In the very process of that sublimated transformation, any ogre of a regime will transform itself to be more engaging, convivial, even more appreciative of fine brandies and basketball.

You don't need to kiss a frog to uncork peace. You just need be sane about matters and issues.

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This post was edited by markwu at 2017-9-23 17:56

Trump's total blockade of NK cuts the lifeline umbilical cord of its people and has been presided on the assumption they will get restive enough to overthrow Kim. But Kim holds sway over NK's military and the peoples have been too used to not do what they will consider their own unthinkable.

So Trump's total blockade will not achieve its objective but will instead supply the very detonator which will blow up the conflict when Kim and his people in desperation may be forced to strike preemptively on SK if only for food and fuel of SK and on J if only to dish it punishment for indirectly colonizing their Korea to this day.

Somehow one figures the US side would have accounted for this which means only one thing:

Trump is strangling NK to coax it into desperate response in order to inveigle his congress to give the go-ahead to obliterate NK as a show of solidarity with its allies.

Darwin returns yet again.

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I think you can take over this thread, as the censorship is getting pretty heavy here.

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