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Dog or human, which side are you?   [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2017-9-7 20:34
When a dog bites a human being the human being had provoked him.

I was bitten when I was just 1 ...

A man who drunkenly slept through a sustained, fatal attack by the family’s terrier on his three-week-old son has been jailed for 21 months.

Reggie Young’s mother, Maria Blacklin, screamed in horror when she came home to find the baby barely alive, with partner Ryan Young and Lakeland-cross Tricky asleep.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that the attack by the foot-tall dog could easily have been stopped, but the father did not wake up and the mauling may have lasted up to 20 minutes.

Young later told police he had drunk eight cans of Foster’s lager, and a taxi driver came forward to say he had been asked to deliver eight more to the address in Falkland Road, Sunderland, on the evening in June 2015.

Miss Blacklin’s grandmother had died that day and she had gone out to console her family, leaving her partner, a roofer, to look after Reggie, who was in a bouncer in the lounge.

The court heard that the dog was kept in the garden and normally only allowed in the kitchen, but there were no concerns over its temperament around children; it was not a fighting dog or used in vermin control.

Miss Blacklin returned home after 4am to what Judge Tim Gittens said was a scene of “Gothic horror”, with her newborn on the floor in a pool of blood.

Reggie was blue but still breathing and paramedics were called but he could not be saved.

Young later told police: “I would not say I was drunk, more tired.”

Shaun Dodds, prosecuting, said: “The officers who arrived described the defendant as appearing drunk.”

He refused to give a breath test and the amount he had drunk was not clear.

Inquiries suggested the baby fell or was dragged from the bouncer and was mauled by the terrier, which had not been introduced to the newborn and may have been driven to attack by Reggie’s “unco-ordinated” movements.

Mr Dodds said: “Had the defendant not been asleep in drink, he would have been able to stop the attack.”

Young, who admitted being the owner of dog that resulted in the death while dangerously out of control at a previous hearing, wept loudly throughout the proceedings.

Young carried his son’s coffin ahead of his funeral service, Caroline Goodwin QC, defending, said.

“He is absolutely devastated,” she said.

“Nothing he can do can turn back the clock and bring back his own child. It was all the more harrowing for the family when he carried his child’s coffin before the service.

“It has been a long two years, this is a life sentence for this man.

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1584austin Post time: 2017-9-9 06:14
A man who drunkenly slept through a sustained, fatal attack by the family’s terrier on his three- ...

Alcohol and dog ownership don't go well together. But that is more a typical problem in Britain than in China. I also regret to say that I have seen many drug addicts who could hardly take care of themselves walking with dogs in public. I pity those dogs and others may pity the drug addicts.

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refrain the pets random behavior

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What kind of imbesil has a dog and lives in a city? And lets the dog walk around without a rope. Send the dog to Yulin.

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pnp Post time: 2017-9-6 12:40
Agreed, the mother's instinct is to protect her child from a huge dog; she cant be expected to make ...

Both parties are to blame. The dog owner for failing to have her pet on a leash, and for attempting to take it into a public shopping mall, and the parents for kicking the dog, instead of picking the child up, out of the dog's reach. Dogs are extremely intelligent animals, and generally will not attack an infant. Either of the human kind, or the animal kind. They recognize that infants are defenseless. The parents need to educate themselves on typical dog behaviour, and the owner needs to learn to use a leash.
Stupid people are like Glowsticks. You want to snap them in half and shake the crap out of them until they see the light.
I love sarcasm. It's like punching someone in the head ... only with words

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pnp Post time: 2017-9-8 14:13
What you did then does not represent the Chinese victims of dog bites; many were bitten without pr ...

Chinese are not as knowledgeable about pets as most foreigners are. Widespread pet ownership is still a relatively new phenomenon in China. Owning a pet dog is still considered to be a "status symbol". People do not know how to train their dogs to not bite. They don't know how to train them, period. Chinese people's idea of training a dog not to bite,is to put a muzzle on the dog. Unfortunately, they don't even know how to do that right. Most of the time, the muzzle is so tight the dog can't breathe. I've even seen people beat their dog because the thing urinated or defecated on the floor. It did that because the owner ignored the signs that the dog was giving him/her, that it had to go outside. It wasn't the dog's fault.Dogs have smaller digestive systems than people. Food goes through them a lot faster than it does through us. They have to be trained to "hold it" until they can be let out.

When it comes to children, most dogs are very protective of these miniature versions of its Master. Children don't annoy big dogs enough (most of the time) to warrant being bitten.  Small dogs are a different story. A child isn't going to hurt a big dog by pulling on its tail or its ears. They can however, hurt a small dog very easily. By small dogs, I mean Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, etc.

I've said this before, in a similar thread. Dogs are "pack" animals. They see their owners as a pack, and themselves as part of that pack. The dominant human is the pack alpha. Dogs are loyal to their alpha, and will obey him/her. When they beg at the dinner table, they are not actually begging for food. They are waiting for the alpha to give them something to eat. If a member of their pack is upset, or sad, they will try to console that member. If two members of their pack are fighting, they will try to break them up. If a baby joins the pack, they will treat it like their own, and try to keep it from harm. Dogs are very intelligent creatures, with a very wide range of emotions and feelings. I most western households, a dog is more than a pet ... it is a member of the family. If that was my dog, and those people had started kicking it, they'd both be needing trauma surgery ... and not because the dog bit them.

If the Chinese want to lower these incidents of pets biting people, and people kicking and abusing pets, then they have to learn how to be responsible pet owners, and also learn how to treat other people's pets.
Stupid people are like Glowsticks. You want to snap them in half and shake the crap out of them until they see the light.
I love sarcasm. It's like punching someone in the head ... only with words

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The more I know humans, the more I like my dog.

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