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Does skipping dinner help in losing weight? [Copy link] 中文

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Traditional Chinese health-keeping phylosophy tell us that one should not eat after noon.
Even today, skipping dinner seems to be a popular choice for those who eant to control their weight. I do have seveal friends who lost kilos from cutting the last meal of their diet.

But why do you want to starve? Why do you not want to eat? If you eat right then there's no need to skip your dinner.

Why do you want lose weight? Instead why don't you lose fats?

If you aim for weight loss, you'll end up losing muscles as muscles are denser than fats. Fats are lose flabby tissue which Is like an extra baggage on your shoulder which you carry everyday, everywhere making you tired and lathargic. If you want to lose weight then you should lose it in terms of fats. Say 10 pounds of Fats lost.

What to do to reduce Fat%?

Every individual is differnt and so is their BMR. The plan which I give will be real quick for one but will be slow for someone. Some steps are given below.

  • WEIGHT TRAINING AND CARDIO SIMULTANEOUS DAYS: weight training has to be there. Unless there's no breakdown of muscles, there won't be any anabolism and supercompensation no extra calorie will be used. Also when your muscles breakdown they repair themselves for a greater stress ahead with the help of nutrition increasing your BMR and EPOC (Excess Post-Exercsie Oxygen Consumption) and increasing the After-Burn effect. Cardio is necessary to increase the cardiac muscles of your heart so that blood and oxygen can reach to all the parts of your body.
  • INTENSITY OF WORKOUT:A beginner should lift weight so much that he can do 15–20 reps. An intermediate should lift such a weight so that he can do only 15–20 reps. An advanced person should lift such a weight so that he can only do 7–10 reps. A super advanced person should such a weight so that he can do only 4–7 reps.
  • NUTRITION:What to eat is the biggest problem. It also depends if you're a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Super Advanced also it depends on your body type, that whether you're Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph. Still what you should eat is in a fat loss diet is HIGH FAT (same as your protein intake), MODERATE PROTEIN ( 2 x your LBM) VERY LOW CARBS (<30gms).

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I have yet to meet a Chinese female with a rational and educated attitude towards her body.

There are the young who say doing exercise is "bad" because it builds MUSCLE of all things, and that they do not want (they might look stronger than their boyfriends).

Then there are those obsessed about food, calories and numbers of meals a day. Again: they are usually clueless but stubborn.

But to posit that you can skip one of three daily meals takes the icing on the cake of stupidity.

Either they eat twice as much during their two other meals, or they develop serious and worrying health symptoms such as weakness, low sugar in their blood streams and heart failures.

Why is it so difficu7lt to accept that a regimen of physical exercises in conjunction with a decent diet is the best guarantee to keep a healthy and slim body?

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The BMI (Body Mass Index) Test, is perhaps one of the WORST indicators of body fat percentage ever invented.It uses body height to body weight to indicate a ratio, or percentage, of body fat. Bodybuilders with high muscle mass routinely get flagged as overweight after taking a BMI test.
Stupid people are like Glowsticks. You want to snap them in half and shake the crap out of them until they see the light.
I love sarcasm. It's like punching someone in the head ... only with words

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