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Hmm, N/K did not invade other Countries...
Uncle Sam seem to be doing it on regular base.
They call it 'Regime change. Perhaps the world should talk to the Regimechanger to mind their owners boarders...That would take guts, wouldn't it,

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Trump in Florida had accepted Beijing's invitation of a state visit.

As autumn arrives, now is the best time to take up the invitation and for Trump at his lowest point of his presidency to turn it around with a masterstroke in reversal of his fortunes.

Say he comes a-visiting to Beijing and stays at the state residence i had mentioned before. It was the same place stayed by Nixon and Kissinger the last monumentally important time.

On the morning of the second day of the week-long schedule, the NK chief appears from the vermilion chamber (i know there isn't one but humor me). All three pairs of eyes sit down at the small round table (i know exactly which one). And draw up a peace with dignity agreement drafted the evening before by no less a personage than abcfirst. As with all Chinese documents, it's just one-page and in english to satisfy the IQ level of the US congress.

That out of the way, both of them join the host at a sumptuous dinner followed by a socialist opera, the finest on this planet bar none.

Affairs settled, the morning after features a tour of all five shopping malls in Beijing including Hongqiao behind which building there is an annexe where the US president can get some nice toys for his granddaughter on the groundfloor and a leather-bound notebook for his son-in-law on the firstfloor. In the main building he buys a fine watch for himself on the ground floor, a priceless pearl necklace for his wife on the fourth floor, and a stunning qipao for his daughter on the third floor. As an international deal-maker and luxury cognoscenti, he grins ear to ear at the fine workmanship what more the puny prices. Meanwhile the NK chief buys a pair of air-sole walk shoes on the first floor.

After that the entourage proceeds to Wangfujing and walk the thoroughfare. Hundreds of tourists from all over the world applauds their presence. There they go to the firstfloor of the large medicine shop where the US president gets a roll of medicated plaster from the second shelf behind the glass pane for his knee joints to take care of those pains from playing golf. The NK chief takes the opportunity to wax about the efficacy of NKorean traditional medicine heretofore unknown to the outside world but for the economic sanctions which however have been procedurally removed effective the evening before simultaneous with the stoppage of all military drills on the one side of the thirty-eighth parallel, thus saving the planet from an excessive carbon footprint of diesel wastage.

All the while throughout the schedule, the best of the western media goes wild. They scowl at the tight security while elbowing one another to video the tour of the century in the capital of the Middle Kingdom, beamed to seven billion pairs of expecting eyes throughout the world as people drop whatever they are doing to stay glued to their screens. World productivity in that week drops a hefty three hundred percent, the OECD and WB would later report.

On the morning of the final leg before they take their flights respectively to thousands thronging with fresh autumnal flowers (China can), both say thanks to their host in a most unique way. They visit the Square, stood at its centre, turn towards the picture, then turn towards the mausoleum. The sun shines through the clouds. Those two pictures flash across the globe.

When Trump finally returns to Washington, he is given a hero's welcome the likes of which has not been seen since Superman saved the world.  On the dot the first opening hour in wall street sees the DJIA skyrocket to 30,000. Americans cry tears of joy. Even Bannon eats his latest newsletter piece by piece, and Lighthizer finally sees the light.

Meanwhile as a footnote to the pathos of history, one pompous european China-bashing windbag but with China wife is out of his flamebaiter job and is last seen sweeping cat poo on the streets; even stray dogs avoid him for all the stench he carries.

the end.

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Trump is a weakened president, with the threat of impeachment hanging over his head for a dozen different reasons, and therefore, can not conclude any peace treaty, or even change his foreign policy.  The same happened to Nixon after his breakthrough China visit.  He was put through the grinder, and neither he nor Ford (skipping Agnew who resigned under a cloud) were able to follow through with the official recognition of the PRC.   The weakened presidency of Nixon had nothing to do with his will power or his diplomatic skills.  It had to do with the fact that foreign policy, contrary to the constitution's intent, is no longer an exclusive prerogative of the President.  Carter shocked everybody when he recognized the PRC, and was roundly criticized by both parties who then passed the Taiwan Relations Act which basically superseded the Executive branch in setting the nation's foreign policy.  Russia and North Korea are no different.  They are not talking to the wrong person.  There is no person whom they can really talk to, not that Kim is eager to talk to anybody given his progress in nuclear development.  To have enough congressional support for his diplomatic efforts, Trump would need someone like Jeb Bush in the Republican Party, and someone like Bill Richardson in the Democratic Party, to go with him to Beijing.  Of course, Mike Pence will have to come along too to show support.  

Trump's basic negotiating weakness is that he has no credible alternative to regime change or war, and that being so, Kim will always choose war to regime change.

Trump has to create that ability and credibility to propose peace.  And if he goes to Beijing without peace as his bargaining chip, he does not have any hand to speak of.  Whatever threat he hopes to bring to bear on Kim, military or economic, can be met with a doubling down response, which is his usual strategy also.  Without the ability to put peace on the table, we can predict with 100% certainty that he will leave Beijing with the table twice as crowded with military and economic options, all of which not only increase the chance of a violent outcome, but also the equally disastrous outcome of forcing China and Russia to side with North Korea, once they realize they are being forced to take all the risks of a rupture with NK, without any commensurate reward.  In short, if Trump cannot cobble up a mandate for peace, then he would be a lot better off threatening North Korea directly, instead of including China and Russia in his penumbra of economic threats.

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abcfirst Post time: 2017-9-5 13:24
Trump is a weakened president, with the threat of impeachment hanging over his head for a dozen diff ...

re; In short, if Trump cannot cobble up a mandate for peace, then he would be a lot better off threatening North Korea directly, instead of including China and Russia in his penumbra of economic threats.

The North and South will be fully capable to mind their own affairs...

Problem is DumDum refuses to pack his gear and go home...
The West got ALL dirty underwear and is afraid to be exposed...
A punch of schoolkids would handle this affair within a fortnight

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