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Gas attack in US [Copy link] 中文

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182. Sandwich

when I went to Galt Market every Tuesday then, I used to buy my lunch a day before from a Vietnamese food store. The customers were Asian people because the food was traditional Asian style. So it caught my eye when I saw a white man in sandwich cabinet whom was talking with sales ladies. The white man left right away when he saw me coming in. I felt it was unusual because he left without buying anything.

I told the sales ladies I want three sandwiches. The sales ladies looked flurried, turned their sights away and walked away to take care other customers whom came later. I was left alone for a few minutes. It was a deliberate negligence, I was angry. Then another saleslady just coming from other room picked my order. She took three already made sandwiches from a saving cabinet for me. It was unusual because they always made it on order. (customer could choose different meat and vegetables) The odd things puzzled me. It seemed they got these sandwiches particularly prepared for me.

Next day, after a busy morning, I was hungry. Looking at the sandwiches, I recalled the strange scene the day before and beef soup event. Did they put some poison in sandwich? I tried a small bite, taste is normal, than another bite.... I finished a sandwich, threw away the other two and waited for something to happen. Nothing happened.

It was contradict to my suspicion of poisoning. The above two events puzzled me for sometime. What happened exactly?

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In July, I smelled an odour. I went to kitchen, my father in law told me he was boiling Chinese medicine. Someone advised him to do so to cure his coughing. Almost at sametime, someone else gave my wife a juice prescription, said it was good for health. So my wife bought a juice machine and almost drank "health juice" everyday in July. I refused to drink it, because some vegetable were from "free food". It was from lady V. Like G-lady, V introduces customers to travel company to earn commission if they buy tickets. V also is a volunteer in welfare organization. These free food were from the organization she worked. I seldom touch these food. Because of my particular situation, I'm afraid of poison.

In early August, my father in law became very sick. He couldn't eat anything, even couldn't drink milk. Then my wife got sick too. She had a severe diarrhoea for one week. . The symptom looked like it was cancer.Because it took place at the time I suffered from internet attack, I worried that they were poisoned by eating material which caused cancer. Though my wife and her father insisted it was a coincidence, they abandoned Chinese medicine and "health juice".

This month doctors found there are tumours in my father in law's lung and esophagus. The report of if it is cancer or not will come these days. My wife still brings home the "free food" everyweek. The refrigerator is full. She has to put them on the floor. I never touch them. She hasn't touch them since she got sick in early August. Seeing her throwing the rotten vegetable into garbage can, I wonder why she knew nobody wants it but still keep on bringing it home. Maybe that's a mission someone assigned to her. She even dares not refuse the questionable food and speak out her suspicion. (What she can say is "it's coincidence") When the government label this one "enemy combatant" and that one "terrorist", I found the biggest terrorist is among themselves.

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168. Swift response (10/6/03)

In last message I talked about "free food" which was put on the floor. I posted the message on 10/1, next day, the cabbage, onion, pepper were all moved away. Was there material which would cause cancer in it? or was it too unusual a view that vegetable to be laid on floor? I don't know. The vegetable moved away were not found in garbage can. So my wife must have taken it to somewhere else. The swift and unusual treatment of "free food" ensured me that it was an action to eliminate evidence.

When B told about his story in New York, he said first to me, "I know you'll link it to Feds again, but I think it's coincidence." They have suspicion but dare not say anything. B always said, "I've done nothing wrong, there is no reason they hurt me." But because they know my story, and could be witness against Feds, (I think Feds had contacted all my relatives and acquaintance for information and cooperation). For Feds' own safty, they'll eliminate potential witness against them. Just like Malvo and Muhammad, they might think they worked for Feds, never thought of being framed as snipers. Or like Kennedy's family. To prevent JFK's brothers to be elected as US President, they assassinated Robert Kennedy and propagated a scandal to stop Edward Kennedy to join president campaign. And the early death of Jacklin Kennedy and accidental death of their son, Kennedy Jr. , were all methods to prevent any possible investigation in the future.

My father in law has had a X-Ray examination when he had eating problem. Doctors said they found nothing wrong from X-Ray picture. When he was unable to drink in early August, (he was better after he stopped drink Chinese Medicine and "health juice") we arranged him for a stomach mirror inspection. It was on 9/8. Doctor found there was a tumour in his esophagus. But Lab report said it was not a cancer. Doctor is an expert, to his experience he said it looks like a cancer and he doubted lab's report. He asked for a second thorough examination on 9/28. Lab's report is still negative on cancer but doctor found more tumour in lung of My father in law. He is now staying in hospital for further examination.

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187. Drinking water (12/11/03)

We used to buy drinking water from coin operated water machine stood outside the super market. Sometime in late 2000(?), my wife told me to buy water from a store. She bought a member card there, so when I went to buy water, I only have to tell the staff the name of my wife and needed not to pay. (She bought a membership card there) It was a drinking water store newly opened in shopping center.

In my house, my father in law drank tea which using boiling tap water. My wife rarely drank at home or she drank with boiling water too. Only my daughter and I drank the cold water bought from machine. Sometime at that period my daughter started to drink bottle water. I noticed this because bottle water is much expensive than the water bought from water store. When I saw my wife bought case of bottle water, I thought she was too spoil our daughter to waste money. But I said nothing about it. How could I knew this meant something else?

Then I had a pain in arm bone. As the pain became more frequently happened, I worried. I recalled a news story. Quite a lot of people lived in a city of Japan got a strange illness - bone ache. At last they found it was because their drinking water was polluted by a chemical compound of mercury(forgot the name). Linked this story, the newly opened water store, and I becoming the only person who drank the water from that store. I realized where the problem came from. I stopped drink the water from that store. The pain in bone did not disappeared right away. It faded gradually as time pasted and at last, no more.

It's easy to switch the water supply from normal tank to poisoned water tank. What happened when there were other people buying water at the same time? There is a row of water tap there. I think they don't care. Because each time the dose is small and won't cause immediate problem.

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The type of gas attack you're talking about is called 'indigestion".

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She left with the door open so I close the door for her. To my surprise, she came back home and left the door opened again

I suggest you pack your bags and runaway as fast as you can, don't even say goodbye

Human lives mean little when those in the WEST see a bigger gain through war

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188. Increase the poison dose

I did most kitchen work at home. Every night, there used to be four of us: my daughter, my wife, her father and I had supper together. Since this July, when my wife introduced "health juice", less and less people had supper together, and after my father in law was sick in early August, I was the only one took meal on table.

I noticed my daughter almost didn't eat at home since July. July was summer vacation. Everyday near noon, there always were call from her classmates, she went out until after super. When the school season began, she had special program which required her to stay in school until On week-ends, my wife often took her eat outside. My wife, since then, used to come back after My father in law couldn't eat normally since early August.

I suspected one source of poison came from the "free food". (see "167. The frame case is going on (9/26)"), even I tried not to touch it, I couldn't avoid it all the time. Because there were so much: from bread, cereal, can food, to fresh vegetable like cabbage, onion, mushroom .... and fruit. Frankly I didn't feel any unwell if I ate these food. Probably poison dose was light because more people fed on it. The "free food" supply stopped after I posted message #167.

Another source probably came from "gift food". My wife used to bring home candy, cake, cookie, said it was gift from customers. But in this July, the "moon cake" she brought home was different. (A Chinese cookie for "Moon Festival") I was indisposed after testing a piece of it. Obviously Feds increased poison dose. We shared one piece of moon cake. Nobody touched the rest since. There were four pieces of cake in one tin box. The rest three and another tin remained on dining table for five months untouched. A few days ago they disappeared after I talked about poison.

When I have meals alone at home these days, I felt indisposed. The symptoms are: 1. coughing which may start right away after meal and could last for several hours. 2. Indispose feeling in liver area. 3. Itch at joint area of arm and elbow. ( from lymph?) 4. Red urine. Urine colour is deep yellow like red. ( blood inside?) These may be from different poison because I observed them by separate testing of food.

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