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Trump: 'We're like a Third World nation'   [Copy link] 中文

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Dee:r sfphoto wrote:

I am only stating the facts here: that in the 10 years from 2007 to 2017 China has built more HSR lines than Western Europe and East Asia COMBINED

And to what extent is this "on topic", may I ask? It is off topic. It is what China always does: bragging. The purpose obviously is to shame the Usanians into feeling inferior.

But my post never praised the U.S.A. for its choice of airplane and car travel. I actually deplore it. I think only the Europeans are clever. They have even railway stations at airports. There. China still needs to learn.

However, China is extending its H.S.R. network mainly in order to boost its significantly flagging economy. It would not be able to achieve a 6.7% growth of its economy without investing in infrastructure.

Future generations may curse today's rulers for committing their savings to repaying your banks.

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It amazes me how much you have to twist to give you posts the diabolical meanings that you have ch ...

Geez, you still don't get it. The reason why the coastal cities in China are overcrowded, congested, polluted, etc is because of the lack of mass transit and the reliance on the automobile as the means of transportation. And that's why China decided to build up its mass rail transit systems starting in the 2000s consisting of high-speed rail, subways, light rail, bus rapid transit, etc. Now with the HSR network in place, more and more industries, workers, businesses, investments, etc. are pouring into the inland provinces, away from the overcrowded, congested, polluted coastal cities.

You're right though that China had to fast track it's infrastructure investments after the global financial crisis of 2008. That's when China decided to finally move away from its export-oriented manufacturing industries to technology and services industries serving its domestic market. HSR is just one component of the restructuring of China's economy away from coastal cities to inland provinces. Other components of the new Internet+ strategy include fiber-optic broadband networks, 4G/5G wireless, alternative energy, smart grid, electric vehicles, industrial automation, cloud computing, e-commerce, biotech, environmental technology, fintech, etc.

Anyway, that's enough economics to bore you. But I still believe that China did a good job in building the largest and fastest high-speed rail network in the world, whose social, economic and environmental benefits will last for years to come. President Trump himself says so. Whether the USA will build HSR is up to the Trump Administration not China to decide.

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