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Yet More Guttersniping
- a species with no shame

The poodle state used to call japanese products, "jap crap". They don't do that anymore because the evidence is overwhelming. Japanese products are of a high quality in design, engineering and manufacture. Poodleville's krapware is daft in design with minimal to no engineering and shoddily built.

They continue to claim Asians can't innovate as an excuse for why asian nations would want to plagiarise intellectual property. Zero evidence is supplied to support this spurious claim, just as they were lying when they claimed african Amerikans would be unable to pilot planes during WW2 (which they started in order to impose their fraudulent currency at Bretton Woods and just as they did at the Genoa Conference in 1922).

This is because Asians easily outperform them in the PISA tests even though it's conducted in English and blacks had a higher literacy rate DURING SLAVERY, which shouldn't be a surprise because the Anglos are barbaric enough to enslave people for 350 years (and continue to do so surreptitiously).

China's innovations just in the last few years have been FREAKIN' ASTOUNDING so they'll soon have to drop these lies too.

Musk Tuesday posted on Twitter an article from The Independent that reported how 1,500 Chinese workers joined three existing railways in nine hours in the city of Longyan, East China's Fujian Province. "China's progress in advanced infrastructure is more than 100 times faster than the US," he posted, adding that "we are even worse than that in California" and New York. With much soul-searching, he attributed the root cause of inefficient US infrastructure development to "an exponential growth in bureaucracy & a self-serving private sector consultant industry earning a % on project cost."

His tweets were liked by tens of thousands of followers. However, not all people think as he did. Under Musk's tweets some blustered that China's speed of this kind resulted from human rights violations and its peculiar political system that benefits the Communist Party of China (CPC) members and pushes laborers to work to death.

- Musk tweets arouse Sino-US system efficiency debate

In fact, corruption leads to less getting done not more, so you know their full of it and by "it" I mean excrement. Poodleville is an example of how nothing gets done because everyone knows everyone else is corrupt. They even have the motto, "only fools and horses work". When BMW bought the "English Patient", the Anglos whinged that Germans "live to work" whereas Anglos "worked to live".
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Who Has The Totalitarian Dictatorship?

There's been much BS about the lifting of term limits on China's presidency. But president Xi doesn't have any greater powers, he only has responsibility for the administration of China for a longer period. Like president Putin, China's central government has a high approval rating. They even admit that a benevolent dictatorship is the best form of government and that short terms encourage corruption. Anglo/Amerikan goons & thugs are notorious for accepting jobs with the crony corporations they showed favour to whilst in office.

Also FDR was president for life, serving a third term before being murdered.

Also, unlike the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, China's representatives are selected by votes, whereas the amerikan POTUS is ONLY selected by the Electoral College.
You're supposed to believe that thousands of delegates in China's parliament vote in a "rubber-stamp" process that serves no purpose like automatons.

The term limits are about as sensible as the Great Satan's debt ceiling which the amerikan goons & thugs have imposed on themselves and never failed to raise every time it is breached.

Similarly, the goons & thugs imposed on themselves the Taiwan Relations Act, which is in violation of the One China Principle the Great Satan has agreed to. According to the Great Satan constitution, it's external agreements take precedent over domestic laws. But the goons & thugs pick and choose whatever law they can find or simply violate them all as they do all the time, most recently with the illegal invasion of Syria.

In Poodleville they say whoever you vote for the government always gets in. The propaganda rags even complain that the "whitehall mandarins" see themselves as the government because they will outlast the figureheads chosen to front the government in the rigged elections: “You cannot underestimate how much they believe it’s their job to actually run the country and to resist the changes put forward by people they dismiss as ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ politicians,” Mr Blair apparently said, according to Mr Hilton, who was writing for Fox News.
. . .
Mr O’Donnell apparently responded to the proposals by saying: “Of course you don’t really mean all this government transparency stuff, do you?”

When he was told they were serious he reportedly replied: “Yes. Well, we’ll see about that.”

- David Cameron's former director of strategy says Tony Blair warned him about a ‘deep state’ conspiracy
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Yet More Anglo/Zionist Pathetic BS
- to hide their total worthlessness

The Anglo/zionist propaganda peddled the BS of the "industrial revolution" at the 2012 Olympics when they also wholesale cheated at every event too. Here they are repeating the lies.

Europe and then the US only leapt ahead because of the Industrial Revolution, and – though this is more contentious – because western policies towards China and India may have slowed the transfer of western technology.
- This year, India will surpass the UK to be the fifth largest economy – but we shouldn’t worry too much

The poodle state has been repeatedly surpassed by nations in recent years, including France, Italy, India and Brazil. Perhaps that the poodle state now includes prostitution and illegal drugs in its GDP statistics is keeping the statistics from its Office for Notorious Statistics buoyant.

As China's premier, Li, has pointed out, GDP statistics are "man-made". This is why China can consume about half of the entire planet's base metals and produce more concrete than the Great Satan did throughout the 20th century in just three years as well as being history's greatest ever creditor, yet still have GDP numbers below that of the Great Satan which is history's worst ever debtor and serial defaulter. Whilst the Great Satan hasn't had a current account surplus since 1975, its poodle only had a surplus in 1982 due to N. Sea oil.

Neither did the so-called "Industrial Revolution" did not catapult the West ahead of China and India. The zionist Daily Telegraphic Nonsense showed a graph of how India's economy was collapsed in the 18th century when the Anglo infested and China's in the 19th. After all, like the former Yob Gear trio, being worthless krap means they can only vandalise cars and krudmobiles, rather than create wealth. This is why the Great Satan has been at war 220 out of the last 241 years and the poodle state every year since 1914, with the sole exception of 1968.

As for "western technology", that is most definitely not anglo/amerikan technology and they may have stolen a lead because they held China and India back, but China is clearly back with a vengeance. She's already a net exporter of technology, whilst no one wants amerikan technology as we know from the Wikileaks expose of the Great Satan berating Occupied Korea to buy their krappy drones.
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More Anglo/Zionist BS
- all they have is their lies

The steel industry swelled over the past decade to support a history-making Chinese construction boom. Once that tailed off, the country was left with a glut of half-idle, money-losing mills.
. . .
That means that while Trump has singled out China for criticism, his latest tariff hike is likely to hit U.S. allies Japan and South Korea harder.

- China shrinks steel industry slowly, drawing Western ire

Well, that's not true. The price of steel has been illegally manipulated by the anglo/zionist gangsters. Until recently, China's steel mills were running profitably.

Translation: if only the US would allow China to reverse-engineer its latest technological achievements,
- China Accuses US Of Fabricating Trade Data, Warns "Trade War Would Be A Disaster"

LOL! WHAT FREAKIN' ACHIEVEMENTS from history's worst ever debtor? Apple gets its technology from Samsung and sometimes even has to pay for it.

Meanwhile, for all the posturing and rhetoric, Trump actually appears to be right in his demands for "fair" trade treatment by Beijing, which has a documented history of lying about what it will do as opposed to what it actually does: as a confirmation, watch how CNBC's Eunice Yoon was "Harassed" By Police After Exposing China's "Dirty" Steel Secret.

Except that a propagandist from CNBC would be ejected, just as the Krappy News Network and the state-run BBC are, because they're proven liars.

Neither has China made legally binding promises to reduce her steel output which she is not obliged to do anyway. By contrast, the Amerikan infestation had written treaties with the native American which have been completely violated and disregarded.

Nationalistic BS abounds on Zero Hedge. They've previously compared China's total system debt to just the amerikan taxsucker debt and even then only the bit that's on the books. They also peddled the Qingdao collateral fraud. Yet reading their explanation of how the scam supposedly worked, it was clear they were describing a VAT fraud, except that they claimed the base metals were repeatedly sold at lower and lower prices, which would have meant the supposed fraudsters would have been losing money with each iteration. But then they also claimed there were WMD in Iraq and a male Amerikan faked a posting of a lesbian complaining about Syria's treatment of gays. It turned out the picture he supplied was of a woman in Scotland who complained and then it turned out the lesbian website was also hosted by an male Amerikan.

One amerikan commentator even noted that since there was no fallout from the alleged scam that it probably never happened. China's authorities investigated such fraud and found that throughout China the rate of such crimes were microscopic.

Also, with the opioid epidemic, where the Great Satan is obviously deliberately killing off its "surplus population" of privileged white males, they blamed China forselling fentanyl over the internet. But there again, they admit they could only link activities of a few people to China.
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Bigots and Guttersnipes

Well, it's not as though articles on Zero Hedge don't have Amerikans complaining that the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika ISN'T comparable to Sodom and Gamorrah.

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Rep. Alex Mooney, R-West Virginia, criticized the United States Mint for its "disappointing and concerning" lack of awareness or action on the growing problem of high-quality counterfeits of U.S. precious-metals coins entering the country from China and elsewhere.
- Congressman criticizes U.S. Mint for inaction on counterfeit precious metal coins

This is the already proven-as-BS propaganda stunt of claiming replica coins manufactured in China are "counterfeits", when in fact, it's Amerikans who are purchasing them as replicas for less than $10 for a 1oz "gold" coin, but then fraudulently selling them on eBay as genuine coins.

Very obviously, the incidence of Amerikans suing, or even just complaining to their Chinese supplier for selling them a fake coin is conspicuous by its absence.

The same cannot be said for Amerikan fraudsters: Fraud is not limited to counterfeit coins. Bars are also vulnerable. As reported by Business Insider in 2012 A Manhattan Jeweler Wound Up With Gold Bars Filled With Tungsten:

A gold dealer in Manhattan's Diamond District on 47th Street discovered last week that an evidently certified gold bar was in fact more than 75 percent Tungsten.

- The Olympic Gold Medals Are Mostly Silver Because Zeus Is So Poor

Remember, the Great Satan prosecuted Bernard von NotHaus for producing the Liberty Dollar: A jury found, among other things, that von NotHaus’ Liberty Dollar violated federal law against private coinage and was similar enough to American legal-tender coin that it constituted counterfeiting.
- Beyond Bernard von NotHaus

NotHaus only escaped 14 years of jail because to persecute someone who was only abiding by the Great Satan constitution would risk protests.

Remember too that they've prosecuted Abacus Bank, Navinder Sarao and Kim Dotcom all of whom have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. Yet they gave a JY maid trial by media and allowed "rutting ape" DSK to escape jail. They also deliberately filed the WRONG lawsuit against Jon Corzine, so that he too would escape jail. They also allowed the murderer of Vincent Chen to walk free because the bigot judge (an oxymoron) claimed the murderer was "not the sort" to go to jail.

They're also blaming China for the opiod crisis despite clear evidence that killing off privileged white males is Great Satan policy (which would explain why war criminal, The Donald, who targetted this same group, was selected by the Electoral College as POTUS to implement the scheme). The vast majority of cases are from prescription narcotics and the Great Satan's cannon-fodder were even guarding the poppy fields when the illegally infested Afghanistan, after the Taliban had banned production.

The guttersniping is similar to that seen during the 2012 Olympics, when the Anglo/zionist gangsters were about to cheat AND EVERYONE KNEW IT. So they started accusing chinese athletes of cheating with ZERO evidence to pre-empt complaints about their sad, little bastardry.

As ever, these gangsters are adopting the scurrilous Anglo motto: "admit nothing; deny everything; counter-accuse": After translating the 11 January BWChinese article from Chinese into English, I noticed that the last few paragraphs discussed Chinese gold being held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the inability of the Chinese to get this gold back.
. . .
“A BWC Chinese network report mentioned that the Federal Reserve had on several occasions rejected China’s request to ship back about 600 tonnes of gold reserves stored in underground vaults in the New York.

- US Gold Reserves, Of Immense Interest to Russia and China

It was under the adminstration of war criminal, serial violent rapist and paedophile, Billy Jefferson Clinton, that gold bars with a tungsten core were delivered to Germany.

In fact, China is the victim of Anglo/zionist gangsterism: "One Ton Gold Shipment Into Hong Kong Revealed To Contain Just Worthless Metal"

The Great Satan claims to have the World's largest gold reserves despite being history's worst ever debtor and serial defaulter. As Ron Paul says, the only reason not to audit the gold is because it isn't there. Instead, they've pulled the propaganda stunts of doing a sample audit and claiming the gold was even purer than they thought and bankster, Steve Munchkin visiting Fort Knox and claiming to have seen it. Poodleville performed a similar propaganda stunt with the poodle-queen visiting the Bank of Poodleville's gold vaults.
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The Constant Stream Of Anglo/Zionist BS
- to cover up their krappiness

With the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, war criminal, Auntie May, has claimed that it's "highly likely" Russia is responsible and then without even naming any suspects, she has ousted russian diplomats from the land the Anglos thieved: "This is a drama for British TV. It's a behaviour of Hitler when he blamed someone in burning of Reichstag."
. . .
When he was asked how the nerve agent came to Britain, Mr Milonov said: "This poison is 50 years old, it's not modern stuff. You can take this poison from any laboratory in Ukraine or other fake countries that are happy to help you."

- BBC Today programme cuts off Russian MP interview after he compares UK to Hitler

"Russiagate" has already been proven as absurd.

Like president Putin, China's central government has an over 80% approval rating. The same cannot be said of anglo/amerikan unelected despots.

And despite the poodle state NEVER HAVING HAD term limits for their despots selected in sham elections where the electoral judge said it would "shame a banana republic" and that the postal vote envelopes with bright purple stripes "may as well have had 'steal me' written on them", they've attacked the lifting of China's term limits: Protest posters spotted in UK, US and Hong Kong
. . .
The phrase "not my President" has been used during protests in the US against Donald Trump.

The posters initially appeared in several universities across the US after a Twitter account, @StopXiJinping, posted links encouraging people to download the posters.

- Xi Jinping ‘not my President’ posters appear in universities outside China

So, like the "Occupy Wall St." protests which the Anglo/zionist gangsters transposed to Hong Kong as "Occupy Central", they've transposed their own protests against Trump to China.

By STARK contrast, chinese stewdents in the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Auztralia have protested the anglo/zionist propaganda peddled in their corrupt yooniversities, where they labelled Taiwan and Tibet as separate nations: Last year, four incidents involving Chinese students in Australian universities gained national notoriety. One lecturer used a map showing China-claimed territory as belonging to India. Another referred to Taiwan as an independent country and was secretly recorded in a confrontation with Chinese students. A third posted a warning not to cheat, written in English and Chinese. And a fourth used a test question suggesting that Chinese officials are only truthful when “drunk or careless”. News of the incidents spread on social media, were picked up by Chinese state media and yielded fierce backlashes against the lecturers – three of whom issued apologies; the fourth was suspended by his university.
- How Chinese overseas students are learning harsh life lessons

And those harsh life lessons are that we live on a planet infested with scurrilous Anglo/zionist, lying, thieving, illegal immigrant gangsters.

Previously, they had a lesbian website where a supposedly syrian lesbian complained of her treatment. This was before the Great Satan illegally fomented a war in Syria. It turned out the woman was living in Scotland and protested the use of her photo. The "lesbian" was an amerikan male as was the website's owner.

The poodle state has long had an astro-turf "Free Tibet" propaganda group despite anyone knowing the history of Tibet, knowing China was the victim in the 10th century. On a visit to the poodle state, China's president was met with this fake protest group, but even the state-run BBC aired shots of genuine Chinese protesting that the fake protesters weren't even Chinese. One shot showed an Asian girl, hiding her face behind her banner.
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This post was edited by gork at 2018-3-17 10:56

Lies About Russia

In the so-called "West" you could be forgiven for thinking that video cameras in Russia used to be only in black & white and that poverty was everywhere. Remember that old b&w video of war criminal, Nixon, suggesting to Nikita Kruschev that Russia didn't have refrigerators?

The actual statistics tell a completely different story: Washington’s war on Russia has a long history dating back at least 100 years to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Despite the fact that the US was engaged in a war with Germany at the time (WW1), Washington and its allies sent 150,000 men from 15 nations to intervene on behalf of the “Whites” hoping to staunch the spread of communism into Europe. In the words of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the goal was “to strangle the Bolshevik baby in its crib.”
. . .
Economist Joseph Stiglitz followed events closely in Russia at the time and summed it up like this:

“In Russia, the people were told that capitalism was going to bring new, unprecedented prosperity. In fact, it brought unprecedented poverty,
. . .
Russia used to have one of the good school systems in the world; the technical level of education was very high.
. . .
The number of people in poverty in Russia, for instance, increased from 2 percent to… somewhere between 40 and 50 percent, with more than one out of two children living in families below poverty.
. . .
It brought Gucci bags, Mercedes, the fruits of capitalism to a few….But you had a shrinking (economy). The GDP in Russia fell by 40 percent.
. . .
In some (parts) of the former Soviet Union, the GDP, the national income, fell by over 70 percent.
. . .
So, as long as Russia remained open to the West’s political maneuvering and wholesale thievery, every thing was hunky-dory. But as soon as Vladimir Putin got his bearings (during his second term as President) and started reassembling the broken state, then western elites became very concerned and denounced Putin as an “autocrat” and a “KGB thug.”

- Washington's Century-Long War on Russia

That's because it wasn't capitalism but fascism and feudalism! Like Steve Bannon's recent attempt to appeal to the white-supremacists in Russia, the Great Satan was appealing to the oligarchs to rape the russian people in order to enrich themselves.
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